A Day in the Life, House Auction Success!

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hello and welcome to come down and rei dash tv dot come
and you are watching the flipping -A Day in the Life, House Auction Success!
i and my parents
milk it
and this is one of the things they have a life series we have a whole option
today that i've had it out
has said that he would have to go
it's appropriate we started advertising we go we have an option to buy this
means what i
what they are about to
normal myself for about two eighty to ninety percent average hourly wages are
cylinders and foreclosure so it's the best offer weekend isn't good enough we
can try the short sale route the second that there would get a raise that want
to do
anyplace else
we get a little bit closer alshawwa pretty harsh criticism of the size of
the house looks like a little bit more about what's happening
d and we're going to sell a house today
what we're doing with this tells me that watching
the guys that i have other actions with all the marketing if you want to sell a
house fast like this in five or six days you gotta do some serious margaret
we have between a hundred and two hundred and assign opt for the previous
sunday within six or seven newspapers talking about the auction
about a closer look at all over fifteen fifty a hundred emphasize what up last
sunday telling about the auction this weekend
then friday night we have another batch of bad inside since we also have the has
writing in today's paper now the auction started yesterday and so they are sent
we're having an open house until nine to five o'clock
saturday and sunday zoos are trying to get the week before
we have a website up w_w_w_ dot alburn auctioned at st albany new york admin
main st seattle and w_w_w_ dot albert hall should not have you can check that
out which gives a lot of information about the auctions video there it's all
about the house with pictures of the house we have all the bidding rules
are signs ads and all those newspapers drive into the website that also give
the real phone number of of one of my guys but before we get forty or fifty
calls me a lot of people of the house yesterday three oh three brazil
traditionally here to get more goods on sunday the new set of a lot of people
look at it saturday comebacks and they've been tonight we're going to do a
round robin auction
where we start calling for some talk about that little bit later after that
after the auction of the way home from the picture
marketing marketing margaret would really have four five people were
trading status standing as a major intersections driving to the rights of
the house and i also sent emails to forty or fifty realtors so we've really
cool part dot i won't work because i don't forget the somersaults
ex convicts mysterious jack self will let you know what's going on out so i
think i want to get out by the house and we get the size and placement
medical offices next time
underfunded probably for about half a second
instant edward bennett
this is saying that they had signs up on the street baby signs
have signs up for instance into the house and
this is everyone does not have several business days sends on them
really hoping to use those signs on those supporters said because they get
attention and some of the lots of people driving through neighborhoods the proper
we have six of those signs and different quarters directing people to the house
over not only that we advertise it all the newspapers and sent out letters and
all that were also threaten people towards the house
we'll go from what color enforcement they told us that we couldn't have signs
in the ground
serve long
but he said we could put them on cars cris carter priroda robberies so
do what you guys don't
so here's the house itself
people in there right now
here's our society to see for about a mile down the street
which is good
then so far so good we've got came up to nine thirty in the studio half of the
day here
at the weather cooperates women
gore cited
bill and offer of weather
here i a m
and inside the house now
taking a look around we got a break in the action
this is scott
healer project managers
figure bothers her
there was a ruler
scott is also a mortgage broker so we offer that to someone people come
through the house
if they don't have lending in place we can handle that
so we got that set up here
and i think i mentioned before we've got a little bit and show you over here
as people come in
they can bed
here's our building she with just a bit coming over the phone somebody who was
here yesterday
than places that they can't they can only be over the phone if they come in
the house
and visit once
missus clinton close to the are now we got an hour to have left that we always
find that the last few minutes we gotta rush of people
which is another phone called calling to find out what the taboos
alkane polluted update talk about
is this is all getting worse is around brian option
people through the house
i would like to ensure that all articulate is only three others for five
ten point lead station area
next monday
supposedly fallibility of scattered
unsolved cases
mortgage brokers will page two three four about nuestro said i was like this
if they weren't engaged in a minute
how did you spend that time
adoption works
casserole overload spent the whole allowed a little bit come out
which is a little bit missiles justice members
we wasn't challenges for our making
offers a house moving overseas really because of their goals come out
home run
immediately firefighters last sunday
you're listening to me and i want his services so different strategies some
people i want to hide it first
to try to scare people out of it all our people like that with the white house
minority leader
alice's house toward a balanced federal standards for them
two seventy five three hundred and also
bengal different abatements just happening those of the world
initial has to be changed entitles the owner sunday night
it ourselves and i will be the first call in the radio
uh... saluti
him and the way home
used to be delivered
we ended up with general evans
published by a little bit how the rather watch for tonight
i'm going to bed
at about seven three seven seven thirty in the star quality for the hard their
round robine house auction
missing congratulations you an idea
with the heidi
i think it's two forty eight
you've got a bit of two forty eight that would you like to raise your hand
what we call the rest the participants
arbiter person on the site either yes i want to raise
porno awareness of the incident where it is not always been a rough tumble at
sports analysts say
five business days would you want
wander back today
endlessly was going to happen is there going on
inhibitor dropout if they did it raises the pot
the job of the dropout and then uh...
go through the list of all the first person that we have a similarly were the
first person before and it was two forty eight
one hundred dollars to six weeks or whatever and i think i have no idea
where we'll be at mars
and uh... what was like the best soap
delivers the highest banter
will go into a contract tomorrow to put in the bidding rules they have two
thousand dollars down to a country of the next day or so
was very promising
he was more quality and quantity sometimes locked in a lot of people but
it's kind of hard to get in the middle
going to have a lot of people but i would say seventy five percent of the
bosnian towns ltd
worksite coming off a little better begin in the office
fund-raising calls
like a set of other cold it's so easy and so far they can we do is take their
into overhead epperson co-authors last night at the auction
we are not what i did being around two hundred sixty thousand
which really was missed
is we want to provide more we thought we get more but this is a sign of times
when the market is any case we did buy right
the only those who fit the
the good news for this season for closure
his second mortgage for around twenty five thousand that we know we can get
down to a few thousand eighty five five slash yahoo knows everything about ready
to serve all the papers they don't lose and everything so we'll get that back
commercial seal the first week
seller call i mean
solar call up march company this morning on the day first first around two thirty
in his first love
he's been discussing a deed in lieu of foreclosure very just gives the
hospitals that are going to hold foreclosure process
said this morning while we've been willing to do pretty good deal of people
find somebody who by this house will sell a discount we don't want the house
so worried about my today we have about four people an envelope with your
business meeting thirty five and two sixty
we're going to get this thing down we're going back off of second pretty much all
get us out of about two thirty and then we're going to get that june thirty
videos twenty others penalties interest in back payments
so roosevelt intensely and running and at some of our yourself
in a little more who cares yankees were enough on paying about one ninety were
open one eighty two hundred for the house somewhere in there
we're going to get out of sixty for the house yesterday was a good day for some
people yesterday we were a good year if you're still sitting on the fence uber
fall off in the direction of learns business
yes chemicals can buy anywhere else greta's the fabulous we work real hard
to do that drupal
and like i said we're going to make fifty seven thousand bucks
when the dust settles thanks for watching i'm that this is w_w_w_ dot
sorry i dash tv dot com iso flip or try to show our flip it right
gender-neutral right through
thanks for watching A Day in the Life, House Auction Success!