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GRACE HELBIG: Hello, you beautiful, cupcake humans.
And welcome to MyDamnChannel LIVE!
I'm Daily Grace, and it's Monday here on
MyDamnChannel LIVE.
And we have ten, sweet, wonderful,
memorable minutes together.
First and foremost, have you subscribed to
MyDamnChannel yet?
Why not?
Because it makes me sad when you don't subscribe.
It makes my heart hurt, more than it
already hurts sometimes.
Because I haven't been working out.
I should do that more-- get my heart rate back up.
Anyway, let's start off today's show with my favorite
comment from last Monday's show!
Let's take a look at the one that I chose.
It's from FizzySiany90 which sounds like a
version of bath salts.
And it says, Grace, I'm missing the Queen's jubilee
concert to watch MyDamnChannel LIVE instead.
I may be risking having my British citizenship taken away
from me for my lack of respect for the monarchy, but it's
worth the risk.
You bet it's worth the risk!
Suck it, Queen.
No, sorry.
my grandmother's from England.
I just offended a whole side of the family that I don't
know very well.
So I'm glad that you put your priorities in order, and that
I take precedence over the Queen.
My mom would be really happy about that, I
think, on some level.
Also, what is the jubilee?
It just celebrates the Queen?
It seemed like it went on for a really long time, and it was
a lot of people in the streets just taking
pictures of the Queen.
But I can't I can't fault it, because we celebrate Cinco de
Mayo and we just drink margaritas all day and
consider it a holiday.
We got a lot of weird stuff going on here.
Valentine's Day?
What's that nonsense?
A giant rabbit comes in and puts chicken eggs in your
house for kids to find?
Total nonsense.
Anyway, guys, as you know, I'm here in Los Angeles,
I'm not in New York because I'm here shooting episodes of
MyMusic with the Fine brothers.
So the live show is pared down a little bit.
I'm just going to touch this area.
Have you guys ever seen Louis CK when he does stand up?
Sometimes he just touches places on the wall to find
grounding and footing.
So I'm just going to do that really quick.
It works.
This feels nice.
Do you like my dress?
I dressed up for you guys today.
Look at this.
This is from a designer named Knitted Dove.
And I showed you, if you watched my blog today, I
showed you all the dresses she got for me for
MyMusic to play Idol.
And I'm wearing one today.
This dress is great for a live streaming show, or a funeral,
or some sort of mall event.
You know, sometimes they have events in the mall you go to,
you get dressed up for.
Was that just a South Jersey thing?
Let's look at some of your tweets from today, guys.
I asked you tweet at me with the hashtag mydamnchannellive.
And now I'm going to respond to them and answer some of
your questions.
OK, I'm using my iPad.
Whoa, the future is right now, in the present!
The first one is from Katie Reed.
And you spell your last name with three e's, which--
Three's Company, cool.
It says, who is your favorite Spice Girl?
Oh, man.
OK, we were just talking about this on set the other day,
about the Spice Girls.
And how, when you think back on them, none of them can
really sing, and none of them can really dance.
So it's just like a group of party girls, running around
and making noises like zig-a-ziga-ahh.
Which influenced me as a child.
In fifth grade, me and a bunch of my friends lip sang If You
Want to Be My Lover as our final music class
How that was an assignment for a music
class, I'll never know.
But we passed somehow.
But I think my favorite Spice Girl is Sporty Spice.
Because she's kind of super white trash.
She just wears sports bras and Adidas pants around all day.
And then she'll just get up on a table and do a backflip, out
of nowhere.
White trash to stand on a dinner
table and do a backflip.
Love it.
And she wears super high ponytails, and just struts
around not really dancing, looking like she's going to
punch someone in the face.
I love it.
I love it!
She looks like every girl I went to high school, which is
really bringing back a lot of memories.
Next tweet!
This is from Paul Dionise.
That's a fun last name, I think.
Grace, what sounds do giraffes make?
OK, this is kind of interesting,
because me, as a human--
I feel like I can relate a lot to a giraffe.
I think sometimes I feel like a human giraffe.
I have long legs, a short torso, and a long neck, and I
like to eat plants a lot.
So this is the noise I think giraffes make.

Did you like that?
That's the noise that giraffes make.
Have you ever been to Toys"R"Us?
Geoffrey says it all the time.

OK, that cracked me up, just picturing
giraffes making that noise.
Next tweet is from inghamsarahhh, with three h's
at the end.
I love using more than one of the same letter.
OK, what was your all-time favorite
part about high school?
Oh, goodness gracious.
What was my favorite part about high school?
High school was kind of--
it was fine.
My favorite part about high school.
My favorite part about high school.
My favorite part about high school.
Oh, my favorite part about high school was what I would
eat for lunch every day.
I would eat--
and I thought it was great--
I would eat an M&M cookie and a bag of Funyuns for lunch
every single day.
We had this thing in our cafeteria called the Snack
Shack, that you could go to.
And it sold chips, and candy, and ice cream,
and all this stuff.
And my mom would give me lunch money every day.
And I wouldn't buy regular lunch.
I would go and buy, every single day, a soft M&M cookie
and a bag of Funyuns.

Hashtag USA--
that is the worst diet of all time.
And then I played sports after school.
When you're young, you're invincible.
You're 1,000% invincible.
Also, Funyuns are delicious and awful.
I haven't had those in years.
They're fake onion rings as chips.
Who conceptualized this product?
Let's take onion rings, a food that's horrible for you, and
make it worse for you, and give it to kids!
And it was great.
Every single day.
M&M cookie and Funyuns.
So, I'm a role model for health, basically.
Next tweet is from Bethany Jayne, and then a line.
That's a cool Twitter name, you have an underscore at the
end of your name.
Ohh, a sneak attack.
OK, what's your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
This will be a hard question for you.
Ha ha.
Ha ha ha!
Everyone thinks I'm an alcoholic.
That's fun.
No, I enjoy the occasional adult beverage
from time to time.
But my favorite non-alcoholic drink?
This is how I think, when I think.
Oh, so I just got out here.
I drink soy milk with my coffee a lot.
I drink vanilla soy milk.
I'm just going to work out my arms really quickly while I'm
doing this.
I went to Target and bought soy milk, because
you can do that now.
Target just doesn't sell accessories and clothing and
hair things and stuff for your house.
It sells food.
So I bought soy milk from Target.
And then they had very vanilla soy milk.
Not just vanilla soy milk.
Very vanilla soy milk.
Vanilla wasn't enough.
We need more vanilla in this soy milk!
And it's so good.
It's like liquid candy.
This is the girl that ate an M&M cookie every day for
lunch, now starts her day off with very vanilla soy milk,
which is just like melted vanilla ice cream in a carton.
And I pour it into my coffee.
And it's delicious.
Picture of health.
The picture of health.
Like my dress?
Knitted Dove.
Are you subscribed yet?
OK, next tweet is from rawins418.
I don't know what rawins is.
That sounds like a snack food that old people buy.
Ever run into someone from high school
who's seen your videos?
How did that go?

Have I run into someone from high school
that's seen my videos?
I haven't run in, physically--
I don't run a lot in my normal life.
But I haven't run into anyone.
But I've gotten messages over Facebook from people saying
they've seen my videos or they've seen something.
And it's always pretty cool.
It usually goes like this.
Oh, I have a message in my Facebook inbox.

Oh, that's nice.
That's usually the experience that happens.
Internally, there's more going on.
But that's the outward experience of what's happening
when someone says that.
Which is very, very nice.
It's cool.
It's cool that the internet can reach people that I used
to sit in a cafeteria with and eat M&M
cookies and Funyuns everyday.
OK, next tweet is from GemzerD.

OK, cool name.
How do I tell my friends I hate them?
OK, you seem fun.
First of all, you seem like you're
probably a great friend.
So, if you hate your friends, that usually means that
they're probably not your friends.
So I don't know what it is that you might hate about
them, but I don't think you need to tell them
that you hate them.
That seems like the wrong thing to do in a situation.
So I think if you hate your friends--
one, maybe it's not your friends,
GemzerD, maybe it's you.
Oh god, this got too real.
Too real, too real.
I should be charging you for this therapy session.
So I think you need to stop hanging out with them.
Get in your car, go to the store, buy yourself some
Funyuns, bring it back to your house, go on Tumblr, take a
picture of yourself with the Funyuns, filter it, put it up
on Tumblr, say, I don't need nobody, hashtag FUNyuns, and
then call it a day.
Because really, at the end of the day, who needs friends
when you have Funyuns?
Guys, this went so fast, again!
Oh, maybe we have time for one more tweet?
Oh, we do have time for one more tweet!
Just wanted you to see the back of the dress.
It's got buttons.
What world is this?
That's crazy.
Just makes it more complicated to wear!
Knitted Dove.
Subscribe to mydamnchannel.com.
I mean, YouTube.
You know it, you're not dumb.
Or maybe you are.
In which case, I'm giving you too much credit.
Who knows.
What a world.
This is from samgw94.
I would like to hear about your prom.
That is my question.
Prom was not a huge thing for me.
But here's a funny story about prom.
I went to the mall--
yep, the mall--
to get my hair and makeup done for prom.
For prom.
And I got my hair done at a JC Penney salon, because JC
Penney's had a hair salon in the store.
Yeah, can you believe it?
It's like buying soy milk at a Target.
It's crazy.
Then, I went across from JC Penney's to Macy's, to get my
makeup done at the makeup counter there.
And I'd never done that before.
I thought I was so adult and I was so mature, and I was being
such a feminine woman.
And then I sat down, and the girl that did my makeup had
clown face makeup on her face--
like, sexy clown.
And I realized, halfway through it, that this was not
a good idea, to get my makeup done by this woman.
And she was like, do you like silver?
And I was like, yeah?
And then, I got my makeup done, and I looked at it--
she put silver eyeshadow all over the top of my eyes, and
some underneath of my eyes.
You know when you have your car-- it gets hot and you put
that silver thing on your windshield to deflect the sun?
I had two of those sitting across my eyelids the whole
time, until the point that I cried.
I broke down, had a girl moment.
I was like, I'm so ugly, why did she to do this to me?
And in hindsight, I look back--
I look like the most stereotypical version of a
Jersey girl I could have ever imagined.
And I went home, and I took all my makeup off, and I redid
it, and then I went to prom.
What a story, guys!
The moral of the story is to go buy Funyuns for yourself.
That's it for this episode of MyDamnChannel LIVE!
Thank you so much for joining me.
You can check me out every other day of the week at
Don't forget to subscribe to this channel, so that you know
when the live show is happening.
Go now.
Why wait?

You get it.
I'll see you guys Monday!
Until then, hi Beth!
Oh, I hit a TV.