Gönülçelen )) Episode 9 - Part 9/9 [English Subtitles]

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Everyone here is now living a dream. But when music stops and daylight shines; real life starts. It is a battle
3 or 5 drunks sober up once they see the huge bill Servants clean up and lights are turned off
But someone will be left alone. There will be vultures around him. A person who has nowhere to go...
Someone with makeup and nail polish. A skinny woman She usually looks at everyone
Asking for help with her eyes. Her eyes will say: "Take me somewhere safe I'm at the edge of a cliff"
If you don't help her that day, she'll fall off that cliff and be the toy of some drunkards who think they're human
Then you'll take that person home. She'll be safe for one night. At least she'll sleep in a warm bed that night..
Look Gülnaz, those types of nights never come to an end and those skinny women will never finish either
You see I can't leave them there or they'll never give up searching for a safe place to go
So tell me what can I do?
You're such a good man Cobra You look like a jerk but you actually have a soft heart
You have feelings
(Davut catches Kadir and takes him to the bar)
Did you like this?
Like what?
The music, it is number one in Europe now Virgin Productions
They know what to put on the market Last year Latin was in. but now…
Where are you going?
Is this a complicated question? Just 4 words Where are you going?
To Kumkapi
KUMKAPI ! Then I've another question but it's only made up of only 1 word. WHY?
Hasret told me her father was ill And she was staying with him at home
I just want to see for myself if she's having fun instead in Kumkapi
Who do you want to see? Your student who's lying to you?
Or the woman you're in love with and can't even stay away from her even for 1 night
No reply from you..
I would rather listen to music
Sit down
Calm down ok.
I shouldn't be here my dad will cause a scene
He can't do anything. What do you want them to sing?
Tell them to sing these songs. I will give them money..
I'm going to chop off his other foot in a minute Is he keeping kadir next to him by force?
He can't do anything to him here
We'll finish the show and you can do whatever you want to him when we get back to the neighborhood
Yes sir. I need police here. There will be trouble at any moment.
Play the song properly. My son kadir wants to hear..
Calm down
Play it for him
There's a fight inside. Go call the police or something
What’s going on here?
Please ! Stop.. Hang on.. Stop..
Hasret !..
Stay back !..
The police is here
What are you doing? I've nothing to do with this? Officer, can we talk?
I'm the manager
Mr. Murat, what’s going on? Can you explain please?