Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Defend a Punch in Mixed Martial Arts

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.01.2008

ED WEDDING: So now I'm going to show--Mychal's going to show some basic defense for my straight-line
punches, which is my jab-cross, jab, cross, if you remember that, okay? He's going to
parry my punches, okay? A parry, all a parry is a deflection; he's just redirecting a straight
line, okay? So one, two, just like that, one, two, just like that, one two, he's parrying,
okay? Now I'm going to throw my hooks, left hook and a right hook, he's going to cover
now, okay? Left hook cover here, right hook he covers on the other side, all he's doing
is raising his arm up, his hand is coming over his temple, just like that, okay? Your
second option would be to weave under or duck under. So if I throw my left hook, he's gonna--like
a U with his head like the letter U, okay, I'm going to throw my right hook, he's going
to come on the other side, okay. Again, weave, weave, good. If I hit the body shots, he's
going to roll with the punches, he's just going to roll, and the other side, roll. Okay,
one more time, roll and roll. If I punch him straight to the body, he's going to parry
with his elbows, parry, parry, parry, just redirecting a straight line, parry, parry.
Okay, so we put itall together, he's just going to react, he doesn't know what I'm going
to do, I'm just going to go slow. Yes, good, yes, uh-hum, nice, see that? Yeah, he's slipping,
weaving, okay, parrying, now he's doing every move that we just showed, okay, putting everything