The Cheat Report (Part 1/7)

Uploaded by dpschenk on 07.05.2009

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Germany, third of August. 1.20 pm.
A place like any other.
That is how it seems.
Yet what the sleeping inhabitants do not know about, is,
that deep underneath them something monstrous is going on.
Because what just started with OGC and Bunnyhop,
that has reached long ago a dimension far beyond imagination.
This is the Cheat Report
and on this way we will deal with the latest developments of modern Cheating in eSports
as well as talking about its causes and its countermeasures,
in order to make clear to all freshmen and veterans,
how alarming the Cheatsituation is by now.
On this point we would like to give a quick overview of the most popular Cheats.
Wallhacks are the most known of all Cheats.
They make it possible to see opponent player through the wall
in order to eliminate them in advance.
Aimbots as well are popular just like Wallhacks, yet more noticeable.
They are helps which aim the crosshair automatically on the opponent player.
The Cheater only has to fire.
Even more noticeable are Attributcheats,
which make the Cheater being invisible, unbeatable or supernaturally fast.
With Ressourcecheats the list of popular Cheats is being completed.
Endless amounts of money, endless amounts of ammunition, all kinds of equipment -
and the Cheater is prepared for any eventuality.
So far to the overview.
Before we continue, we go way back to the very beginning of the history of Cheating.
History or: Tradition Of A Weakness
Cheating is being part of humanity from its earliest stages.
At the beginning still being all awkward, becoming over the centuries more and more refined.
On this cave painting of the late stone age,
Cheaters can still openly present themselves:
via kick in the leg to victory.
You can doubt that they had to expect any consequences.
After that, tracks of Cheating disappear for many centuries.
The earliest notes of modern times are to be found in Greece.
During the Trojan siege, under the leading of Agamemnon,
the Greeks came up with the first betaversion of a Trojan horse.
The harmless appearing horse cracked the Mainport with its 30 manroutines
and was with these underhanded methods responsible for the downfall of Troja.
Frightening about this part of history is also the fact,
that nobody would have recognised this big general as a Cheater.
A Phenomenon, which also in modern age is full of explosiveness.
On this, the History of Cheating is being constantly intertwined with the history of mankind.
We find Cheaters in the most variable versions
which took a very bound and important place in human society.
As Druids, magicians or schamans
they tried to compensate their inadequacy with supernatural skills.
Wallhacks, which shall make temporal barriers transparent
or Invincible Modes, switching hosts into unbeatables,
surely are based only on the pre-programming of their heads.
Yet it worked and got presented openly,
which brought lots of respect to all the Cheaters.
They were using the immaturity of humanity,
to keep on cheating generously.
The turning point took place in the age of enlightenment.
The famous moment, which marks the end of public Cheating
took place when Galileo Gal1lei
tried to prove Cheaters guilty of highest class of cheating.
Although they could turn it all around by simply being ignorant,
Cheating more and more retired from public life,
and got finally recognised as what it actually is.
They started to being chased,
which certainly had its roots in witch-hunting centuries ago,
but now being really aimed at.
Cheaters became outlaws.
It is hard to track down their paths after being wiped out of society.
Yet it seems to be clear to all historians,
that from the 17th century on they ended up in America and in the south-east of Asia
under the protection of other victims of persecution.
The world-wide spreading has been started.
The more progressing the Technology,
the more refined became Cheating itself,
and although public contempt had consequences regarding their self-esteem
an underground has been established.
The burgeoning eSport
opened the doors for Cheaters into a new era of anonymous cheating.
The year 2000 with the arising of first Protohacks
and the XQZ-Cheat
marks the symbolic hour of birth of modern eSport Cheating.
From then on Cheaters had the platform as well as the technical possibilities,
in order to indulge their ominous day’s work without any difficulty.
Although the Tendency got recognised on time by observers,
first attempts of clearing up were fruitless.
The Cheater is our enemy
He hacks and lies and sabotages incessantly and only for one purpose -
The systematic destroying of our holiest values.
Honesty, fairness and strength of character shall go down
in his greasy morass of meanness and selfishness.
We can´t let that happen.
We have to call a halt to the cheater.
The cheater is the evil, and the evil is cheating.
Stopp cheating. Now.
Videos like these could attract attention only for a short time.
Insiders claim, the Community has not been prepared back then.
Others say, the director simply was too old.
The Cheaterscene expanded simultaneously to the growing eSport and put down deep roots.
Although many players believed
that Cheaters were nothing but ghosts in an anonymous network,
only created to spoil,
a frightening physical community developed behind the IP-Netmasks.
After Cheaters have been scattered over centuries, vegetating without any unit form,
eSport gave them finally the possibility to swell to a unit front.
A front within easy reach,
where passing would mean though - looking behind the facades.
The Cheat Report disclosures.