Clearing success story - Chemistry Student, Maadhav

Uploaded by UniversityOfBradford on 16.08.2012

My name is Maadhav Khutari I’m studying Chemistry at the University of Bradford. I
came through a process called clearing and basically just called up the uni straight
away after I got my results and they gave me a list of options of alternative courses
I could choose from and I never considered Bradford university at the time actually it
was a bit daunting really but I thought hey let’s give it a go could do with a bit of
spontaneous and it just turned out to be the best choice of my life it just worked out
quite nice afterwards went for a pint with my friends and it was reasonable. I’m from
Liverpool a small place called warton village where the Beatles are from but obviously coming
from Liverpool to Bradford is a totally different change the people are amazing the food is
brilliant there’s a lot to do surprisingly just a good campus university, so after I
went through clearing it was a couple of days before I got conformation so I was a bit nervous
so you keep calling up the university and they keep saying be patient just log on to
ucas track and eventually there conformation will come up. I came to clearing open day
obviously you’re a bit nervous coming to Bradford for the first time, I’ve never
seen the university before in my life obviously I’ve come with my dad and it was actually
an amazing experience. Enjoyed it sorted out my accommodation there and then. Clearing
I think until getting into university was about 3 weeks and it’s not long to get your
stuff in check your student finance, all the stuff you want to take to University, When
you come to University you find that three’s a whole network of staff that are prepared
to help you out and it’s a huge amount of help that they give. When you first call up
you get put through to the clearing helpline which is where a bunch of students and staff
are processing your details and once that’s done you get pit through to your department
and you’ll speak to the tutors who then go in depth of what they want to talk about,
what course you’re studying if you’re capable of doing it and they’ll give you
an offer at the end of it. If you speak to the tutors and lecturers straight away you
understand what kind of course you’re going to get on because they’ll talk it through
with you and then you’re going to understand if they are the kind of people that you’ll
like to be teaching you because first impressions are obviously quite important. I’ve been
through clearing myself and I thought it would be good to help out students that are going
through the tough times themselves. I think personally the experience I went through because
it was so good I’d like to deliver that to all the student’s I talk to essentially
I would help them
get to university that’s my main aim.