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bjbj Today on access DNR, The State Names a trail after a Maryland legend, a first of
it s kind land donation, and think your kid has talent? Show us & they can win a savings
bond worth 200 bucks! Hi. I m josh davidsburg This is Access DNR. Your source for all the
news here in the department of natural resources. If you like what you re seeing give us a thumbs
up below and let us know. First off in DNR news- Program Open Space received a first
of its kind donation. Former Anne Arundel County Executive Bob Pascal and Reineche Fuchs
inc. are donating 950 acres in Talbot county to Program Open Space as a conservation easement.
That means this land will never be developed- conserved for future generations. We won t
have to worry about polluted stormwater runoff from new construction. This is historic, because
the donor is allowing for us the public-- to enjoy this land. We ll be able to kayak,
hunt & hike and other such outdoor activities. I ve included a link below. Maryland is naming
a fishing trail after world famous, Maryland fishing icon Lefty Kreh The trail is going
to run through the Gunpowder South trail. This is a nationally recognized blue-ribbon
catch & release trout stream. Kreh helped spread flyfishing worldwide, wrote several
books on the subject and created his own fishing technique called Lefty s deceiver. Tom Brokaw
called Kreh the embodiment of the greatest generation. Got your own fishing technique
you want to share? Write it in the comments below. I ve included a link below for more
information on the new Lefty Kreh fishing trail. Think your kid has talent? Is he or
she an artist, poet or the next Marty Scorsese? Of course your kid is the most talented kid
around- everyone s is put it to the test! DNR is holding the Color Maryland green contest.
Enter your kid s artwork, poetry or video about Maryland s great outdoors or natural
resources and they could win a $200 savings bond. I ve got a link below. s cold out. Perfect
time for fishing? Here s a video on the hottest cold weather outdoor activity- INSERT PACKAGE
SCRIPT Sheets of ice may cover parts of the Chesapeake Bay, but it s got to be thick to
stop the avid angler, especially on the hunt for yellow perch. I wasn t paying attention,
I got two. Probably eleven and a half, twelve inches. Are you guys catching them now or
what? A question answered simply, yes. This by far is absolutely the best yellow perch
fishing we ve had out here in years. Captain Mike Benchmen runs a fishing charter out of
Perry Hall, Maryland; he specializes in yellow perch. Here s a nice perch. Well, it s a great
fish like I said because anybody can catch perch; you don t need you know a $100,000
boat, you can catch them from the shoreline or some access up there in the Susquehanna
River. His customers point out that the fish are the best salesman. Good eating, it s going
to be a good night of fish and chips. s not fair. Like I said you layer up, keep warm.
It s not bad; it s good fishing. Every day is a good day on the water but this is exceptional.
But that wasn t the case into recently. m 42 years old and the yellow perch were pretty
much wiped out before I was able to start fishing for yellow perch. There s another
one. Yellow perch in Maryland is a great example of a successful management story. s Fisheries
director, Tom O Connell, grew up eating yellow perch in Upstate, New York; he made yellow
perch a priority when he was promoted to director. And there was a great example of how you can
utilize a process to achieve an endpoint, for which all stakeholders are relatively
pleased with. Not an easy task, O Connell and his team had to create a balance management
plan. s not a complicated process: science determines the sustainable harvest, work with
the stakeholders to develop their goals, put together management options that help achieve
those goals. In this case, stakeholders are both recreational anglers and commercial watermen.
From the commercial side, there were some initial growing pains because one of our plan
requirements was increase accountability and enforceability with the commercial fishery.
DNR started requiring watermen to tag their fish, call in their catches, and move to a
quota base system, closing the season when the limit of fish were caught. As long as
we manage it and we keep an eye on what we re catching, what we re keeping and what the
stock truly is, I think we can continue this history and continue its comeback kind of
like the striped bass. Tony Conrad is a commercial waterman who braves the cold and ice for yellow
perch. A lot of people don t know about it because it hasn t been available and it s
one of our local resources that we need to really focus on. DNR and the Department of
Agriculture are working to change that. In fact, watermen have seen a 50-100% increase
in the value of their catch. By getting this fish in restaurants and getting consumers
to try it at a restaurant will increase the likelihood of them buying it when they see
it at a grocery store in the seafood section. Grocery stores like Whole Foods. Conrad and
DNR took Whole Food s seafood coordinator, Kevin McDade, out to see where his fish came
from. We always try to translate that to our customers that they understand exactly what
these guys do every day and how hard of a job it is of what they do every single day,
coming outside in 30 degree weather to pull up nets. From the Chesapeake Bay and local
waters, through the local watermen, directly to the local grocery story, all a part of
a sustainable green market benefitting everyone involved, especially the customer. s probably
one of the best eating fish; I put it right up there with the flounder or rockfish with
the texture and the taste. re looking in there to get in our customers mouths. It s a fish
that they haven t really had before and it s great tasting little fish and we think we
are going to do really well with it. So whether Marylanders are fishing for dinner, fishing
for work or fishing for a good deal at the grocery store yellow perch has become a great
local catch. And that s what we do. I m josh Davidsburg, like what you saw, don t forget
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stay smart, stay green. Have a better catch phrase? Let me know in the comments below.
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