Wegmans Pan-Seared Prosciutto Wrapped Cod

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 24.10.2011

Hey guys, Chef Mark here.
Today, I'm gonna show you our take
on a classic Italian dish, a saltimbocca.
But with this time, I'm gonna use some seafood with it
instead of a chicken.
Let's get, if I can, Bill,
maybe four six-ounce portions of the cod?
- Comin' right up. - All right, perfect.
Let's get a sauce with this,
and I'm actually gonna use one of these sauces here,
and you'll find 'em in the seafood department
alongside this bouillabaisse sauce, which I love,
so you should try that, but the roasted sweet pepper sauce
is gonna go great with this.
Gonna go great with the prosciutto and the sage,
which we're gonna wrap that with.
It's gonna be perfect.
So, cod, you ready?
Got it, all right, let's go get the next stuff.
Next thing you're gonna need to grab here is our prosciutto.
Right here is our Italian Classics All Natural Prosciutto,
thinly sliced,
and that's important when we go to wrap this cod.
It'll make a nice crisp crunch.
The last thing we're gonna grab here is our sage.
It's a classic accompaniment along with our prosciutto for our dish.
It's a fairly intensely flavored herb,
so we don't need a lot of it, which is good for us.
Comes in a nice cute little package here,
so let's go cook this thing.
All right, let's put this pan seared prosciutto wrapped cod together.
I've got all my mise en place together,
it's everything I need to complete the recipe ready to go.
Couple sage leaves here.
We're gonna do two pieces of cod today.
So we're gonna start out with this prosciutto.
So when you get your prosciutto, what I like you to do
is you pull it out, keep it on the paper here,
'cause it's gonna help you to pull it off in one nice piece,
and that's gonna actually help us to wrap this nice together.
So I'm gonna take two pieces of this...
and pull that off,
and let's lay 'em right there on our cutting board,
and the next thing I do is I'm gonna take my piece of...
...sage, place that down,
and we're gonna take our cod
and place that directly on top of that piece of sage,
about a third of the way up, because the next thing I'm gonna do,
I'm gonna take this edge and lift it over.
Leave the paper on so that when I peel this back
and move this over to the top,
it stays super nice,
because this prosciutto's cut very thinly,
so by the time I pull this off,
it comes up in a very nice neat little package just like this.
So we'll do another one.
Roll this over, and it comes off very nice.
So this way, when I put it in my pan,
I have a nice little package.
So at this point, I'm gonna wash my hands,
'cause I'm gonna season this up, and let's get that in the pan.
All right, so we cleaned up a little bit,
and I've got my cod ready to go,
and we're gonna use our pan searing flour,
and when you do this,
I like to go a little bit up the air
and sprinkle it side to side
so I get a very light dusting on my cod here,
and I do both sides.
Let's heat up our pan.
Both sides of this, right?
And then, put a little bit of oil in there.
Call for two tablespoons of oil in our pan.
What I want you to do is you're gonna wait for that oil
to get to a faint smoke, so once I get that,
we're gonna place our fish in there with the sage side down
so it gets a very nice sear on the one side.
All right, so we've let this cook for about five minutes,
and as you can see on the bottom here,
it's come up about quarter way off the bottom.
We've been on a medium-high heat.
Then what I want you to do is you're gonna come underneath there,
put your finger on top so when you flip this over,
it turns over nice and doesn't break apart.
Do that with the second one, and as you can see on the bottom,
it's gorgeous brown on there.
We're gonna let this go for about another five minutes.
We're gonna turn the heat down to medium.
We're gonna look for 120 degrees for our next step.
Okay, let's check this cod here.
So, wanna make sure that you're in the center of that cod,
and we're looking for 120 degrees, right?
And at that point,
I'm gonna take some of this basting oil.
We're gonna do a tablespoon of basting oil on the bottom.
Want you to do your basting oil first,
and then I'm gonna have you put in your teaspoon of butter into this.
You're gonna place it directly inside that oil,
and you're gonna warm that up a little bit.
Then, you're gonna simply tilt this down.
That'll give you a little well on the bottom
to start basting over the top of your fish like this,
and you're gonna carry over the flavor of that.
Little bit of that butter and that basting oil,
all those herbs are gonna make this taste nice, okay?
This takes about 30 seconds or so,
to the point where that comes up to 130 degrees, right?
And that point, all we're gonna do is we're gonna take this fish out.
We'll plate this up.
And then I've got our roasted pepper sauce,
and you can do this in a separate pan if you like,
or you can do it in this pan that we have already.
Turn the heat up, just give that a quick warm through.
And we're gonna serve this directly over the top of our fish.
Nice sweet pepper sauce is a great contrast
to the prosciutto and the sage.
And there you go.
Nice unique take on a saltimbocca.