СтопХам 27 - Астрахань- Москва

Uploaded by StopXAM on Mar 6, 2012

Are you a fuc*ing problem?
Turn quckly to a di*k.
No one will clean.
Who the fu*k are you?
And who YOU are?
Take the fu*k away the camera.
No one will take away the camera.
Kno*k yourself then fu*k.
No one will take away the camera.
Why people can't get pass, because of your parking?
There is no space.
Then forget it.
What to forget?
Forget about the fuc*ing tape then and kno*k yourself.
Tape is not deleted, don't even try it.
Break a face.
Get out, I am telling you, you fuc*ing fu*ck.
I told you to kno*k yourself.
If you don't pass, we will stick up one more.
I will stick up one on your head.
I'm talking seriously.
I'm also talking fuc*ing seriously.
Fu*k showed up and sticked it up on the head, do you fuc*ing hear?
You are pain in the a*s, do you fuc*ing hear?
Are you bi*ch.
Are you bi*ch putting you hands like this?
Don't touch me you fuc*ing fu*k.
I'm not touching you.
Get the fu*k away.
And take a walk.
Guys, is it possible to stick me up like this?
Sure thing it is.
Stick up the neighbour.
I understood.
Unfortunately you are standing in front of the second row right before the turn.
So, what have I done?
I have to put a sticker on your windshield.
OK, put it then.
Nicelly take away the camera.
Camera is StopHAM one, it's normal.
You are healthy and normal guy.
I'm not touching you, why you're touching me.
OK guys.
No, no, guys, it's enough, why you guys keep doing it?
We won't fight.
Guys, enough already.
Guys, why?
Guys, why?
I set the vehicle...