Riviera Maya Travel - Playa Del Carmen Fast Ferry

Uploaded by JCVdude on 17.11.2010

Friday Dec 22. . . not not Dec . . hahah. . . Oct 22. . . haha
Oct 22 we're on our way to Playa Del Carmen to catch the ferry to go to Cozumel and Iberostar Cozumel Resort for underwater videos
Hi, by now you will have noticed that we're not in front of camera in all of the videos that we make on travel.
Occasionally, I will put Cindy in front of the camera when I'm filming, just to show that we are actually there,
but the videos we make are not about 'us'. (now talking to the taxi driver) Your name sir?
Wilbur, my name is Wilbur
You did an excellent job driving us. Thank you sir
Are you usually working from the Iberostar Lindo or Iberostar Resort?
Yes, I work every day at this resort.
So if people are coming down and they need a good taxi driver, you're the one to get. Yes sir.
We live to make the travel experience the celebrity, the star in our videos.
It's about the resort, the dining experience, the accomodations, the pools, the beaches,
It's about taking an excursion and how you go about it
because many people have never been to these areas.
Wilbur did an amazing time, in 23 minutes from the Iberostar Parasio Lindo Resort
We are now at the terminal in Playa Del Carmen for the fast ferry to Cozumel
And we're filming all along the way because there are people that have never been to Mexico
People get these different images on TV portraying what it's like . . .
well, this is real reality - what we're doing
Walking into the terminal to catch the ferry and filming the entire experience
If you've never been here, you wonder what it's like, or
maybe you don't even wonder but are planning to go to a resort
and will spend my time on the resort because it's not safe to travel around
All you have to do is watch our videos and see what it is really like
This is the REAL Mexico
This is getting out there.
It is the real experience of travel (travelers talking)
We do not stage our videos. We do not set them up in any special way. (travelers talking)
Got the tickets?
Remember last visit, the water was washing up to the retaining walls? Amazing beach restoration!!
Cindy and I have taken this ferry ride over to Cozumel on numerous occasions and
absolutely love it
On a clear sunny day, there's nothing like it!
The ocean, the sea, has these colors! The blues
And the ferry is fast, efficient, it's clean
So when it's cutting through the waves and there's spray and
There's music on board! Live music being played!
This is what the Caribbean experience is all about!
I highly recommend for anyone, if your staying in the Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen
Even if it's just for a short day trip to Cozumel, take the ferry over
They've got horse drawn carriages, you can rent a jeep for a safari
You can go snorkeling. There's so many different things you can do on Cozumel
Highly recommended excursion and it's this easy