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You make a wish, Lord Mallanna will fulfill it...
Lord Mallanna will wipe your tears of sorrows...
Come madam... hasn't Sivaiah come with you?
He's in hospital after his cycle was hit by a water tanker.
They are asking Rs.60000 to operate.
Pray to Lord Mallanna, he'll take care of everything.
Sit down, open your note book.
Write a letter to God with devotion.
Write the letter and tie to that banyan tree.
All your difficulties will vanish.
To Lord Mallanna, my father is in hospital,
they are asking Rs.60000 to operate him,
Lord, please save my father's life.
Who is it?
They missed the last bus and were roaming...
l asked who has come now.
My name is Mahalakshmi, sir.
Goddess Mahalakshmi has come early morning.
When l opened door today morning, l found wads of currency notes.
Really Goddess Mahalakshmi.
Sir, please don't beat us... - Go away!
l don't get out of sleepy mood unless l beat few guys.
You go home, somebody might've missed it.
l'll inquire.
To drink few pegs...
To sleep at night...
Take bribes...O Casanova...
Thanks Mallanna, you gave place to stay near your temple,
and gave me money without seeking.
Lord Mallanna!
Hereafter l'll not drink near temple.
Who are you?
Would l get scared for your cock-a-doodle?
Don't move, l'll gun you down.
Nobody dares me in day time, are you attacking me at night?
Why did you steal the Rs.60000 l gave to that poor lady?
You beat me, l'll take it.
But please tell who you are before beating me.
l'll not tell what l do...
l'll not take what l steal...
l'll never go back on my promise...
l'll never turn my back, come what so ever it may be...
l'll never be caught...
l'll never forget the poor...
l'll always help the poor...
Whatever the poor may seek...
l've a different name in different places...
Here, l'm known as Mallanna!
How did it come out?
l see lot of trash here.
Looks like cock feathers.
Madam, Lord appeared in sir's dream and asked to give you this.
lt's God's grace that lnspector as returned the money.
Station is agog with this news.
Take it, you appear to be crazy.
l read your reports, it was shocking.
Taking a loan of Rs.1000 crores from a Government bank,
munching it off like pop corn,
like throwing out the cup,
a man has shut down his business.
l've signed the papers.
You're about to raid a VlP,
take him with you,
This is a very important raid in the history of CBl,
we are about to raid 15 people at a time connected with a man.
The spot you must raid, and it's route map is in this cover.
There will be three people in home when you reach,
one of them is an old lady,
please don't disturb her.
A retired officer will threaten you with death,
don't get scared,
l suspect a lot of secret chambers are in his home,
check thoroughly inch by inch,
Though you guessed the target correctly,
you missed to guess that signals are jammed here, Ramachander Rao.
An educated officer behind every shady deal happening in this country.
No sir, he'll be very useful to me.
lt's CBl! Open the gate.
l can't open without sir's permission.
lf you don't open, we may have to break it open.
Break it!
Do you know who he is?
They have power to enter any home in this country.
You come in sir.
You could've told him that without slapping him.
Are you tensed?
Do you know who l am?
Did you tell me earlier?
My name is PPP.
PPP means? Pied Piper?
Palnati Paranjyothi Punyamurthy.
Do you know history?
Our company's ex-GM,
AGM, lndustries Secretary, raid is on at a time in 15 homes,
just now got the message.
Can you please give me your phone?
Put this in a cover and seal it.
Sir, we didn't find any documents.
You may've to drink the entire bottle before the raid is over.
Save it for later.
We searched this place, sir.
You take your cuts every month, right?
Can't you inform me about the raid?
l sent you an SMS at 10.05 am, but missed it.
Even his father can't find it.
l think he won't come down from the second floor.
Searched this?
Do anything with my home but dare not touch my dog.
How dare you come to my home and insult me?
lf you dare touch my dog, l'll take you to court.
Punyamurthy, you've documents worth billions of property,
what is your source of income to buy it?
Can we say you diverted the loan funds by defrauding the bank?
Call from Delhi.
Switch off your cell phones.
Who are you?
Who are you man?
Who are you?
We expected this for long, we'll not get scared of it.
Who are you?
Subbalakshmi, PPP's daughter.
lf you make a phone call, you must tell your name.
That's manners.
You can't talk to your father now.
Give him a message, that's enough.
lt depends on your message.
My college final year dance show is live on Web,
lnform my dad. - Your father is in mood to watch dance.
Are you in mood to watch dance?
Call from Home Minister,
keep all the confiscated material in the same place and leave.
l wanted to see smile on your face for one last time.
All have accepted to crime in the raid,
You too accept it. - Just a minute.
GM Rs.6.7 crores,
AGM Rs.2 crores,
lndustries secretary Rs.3.8 crores.
After giving bribes of Rs.248 crores from Rs.1000 crore loan,
ln which country have you hidden the balance Rs.752 crores?
Sir, we'll take care,
we'll come to your office tomorrow morning with our auditors.
Take all the seized material.
Have they all left?
l'm an lndian girl...
With ltalian eyes...
l'm a lightning mango...
Full of youthful verve...
My body is magnetic...
My words are sweet chocolates...
l'm a livewire...
Dare touch me, you swoon...
l'm a redwine bottle... a Kashmir apple and a golden angel...
Let's do a tango... shake up Congo...
Life is short, let's have a blast...
Let's sing a song, join me...
Whether it's right or wrong, let's walk together...
Let's fly in space and break into a spicy jig...
Won't the sky join us?
Wishes are very few...
There are no boundaries...
Eyes are like windows... why to shut it out?
Lightning are dented...
Moon is cross...
Anyone saying that is mad...
Look at the beauty of it...
Yesterday is over... look forward to the future...
You've only today to enjoy...
Did your wish get fulfilled?
With Lord Mallanna's blessings, l could save my husband's life.
My faith didn't go waste.
They too said the same words.
They tied a letter seeking money to marry off their grown up daughter.
They found Rs.10000 at their door.
A poor boy wrote about failing to join Engineering college,
A stranger adopted him and paid four years fee at one go.
l too can't understand whether all this is true or false.
lf you write and tie in the temple, it's happening really...
He'll not tell what he does...
He'll not take what he steals...
He'll give whatever the poor may seek...
He has a different name in different places...
Here, he's known as Mallanna!
J. Parandham. lPS. DlG CBClD & lntelligence
What's happening in that temple?
People have resorted to pickets for increasing bus services.
Chief Minister accuses lntelligence is sleeping.
Call that area's lnspector.
Move on madam...move on...
Who is behind this rumour? - lt's not a rumour sir, it is...
Sir, l feel it's real power.
Yes, it's going to transfer you from there.
Get ready an lntelligence team, l'll personally lead it.
Sir...Govindasamy...? - No, he's a devotee.
Any young atheist? - Mangapathy.
Call him.
l've called you here on special permission.
About miracles of Mallanna, it isn't done by Lord Mallanna,
and is handiwork of man, we mustn't rest till we catch him.
Cheque is ours, sign is yours.
What are you saying, Ranga?
l'm down with paralysis.
A cheque from the confiscated cheque book in raid,
lt has your signature on it.
Bank Manager called on my secret phone number.
lt seems someone mimicked my voice.
When l called Joint Director,
he said the cheque number isn't in the confiscated cheque book.
How did this happen?
Who could've done it?
Your daughter has arrived.
Why to act before your daughter too?
Till the case is over, only you and l must know the truth.
Who is responsible for this?
What happened to my father? l want to know.
Am l a doctor?
Don't show your arrogance with me?
Are you a mirror?
Do you know who l am?
Did you tell me earlier?
Are you clever if you put questions without answering me?
Are you scared of facing me? Are you calling the police?
Would you like to have buttermilk?
You're asking that too like a question.
Can you please sit and talk to me?
You're asking that too like a question.
What should l do to make you happy?
That too is a question.
After inquiring people all your life, you've only questions to ask.
First time answer me, what happened to my father?
Am l a doctor?
Don't play with me.
Are you a play ground?
l can get you suspended from service immediately?
Please leave me sir... please don't touch me sir...
Please don't ruin my life sir...
Help me!
Help me!
A woman is outraged in office.
ls it CBl office or criminal office?
l just asked him, what had happened to my father?
He molested me.
Officers like him must be suspended, only then they will reform.
lnspector, arrest him.
l must arrest you, look there!
We saw you dancing and tearing off your clothes on security CCTV.
Arrest this girl.
Go away!
lf you think it's a man doing it, why did he choose a temple to do it?
After seeking help, when relatives and friends cheat,
only then they go to temple seeking divine intervention.
The requests of such seekers will be genuine, right?
My son-in-law sent her to come back with 5 sovereigns of gold.
Madam, please give me way. - l cried for Lord Mallanna's help.
Madam, please show it to me. - Who are you, sir?
Police. - No, l won't show it to you.
Sir, it may create trouble. - Should police have to suspect everyone?
Madam, l'll take a photo only.
May be God himself came and bought gold in Ameerpet!
Go immediately to Ameerpet, search every jewellary shop.
This is not done by God but a man.
He could be a wealthy mad man,
or he could be a thief,
the jewels found, who so ever might have lost it...
He says it may be our money.
Name of the officer who raided us?
Mallanna name, Lord Mallanna's temple,
stealing the cheque,
don't they all finish the jigsaw puzzle, dad?
We are the number one in this city.
Our strength is our planning.
lt's not easy to kill him.
lt's easy to kill a tensed man, but cooling off a cool man is difficult.
Till now we never missed anyone.
Blown into smithereens.
PPP hired us for this job.
The deal was for Rs.50 lakhs and paid us Rs.10 lakhs as advance.
This evidence is enough to paralyze your other side.
Stop it here.
He'll not tell what he does...
He'll not take what he steals...
He'll give whatever the poor may seek...
He has a different name in different places...
Here, he's known as Mallanna!
Name: Prabhu Nickname: Make up King
Name: Eknath Nickname: Forgery King
He attacks like cyclone... ravages you...
He'll never be seen...
Nobody in this world can dare touch Mallanna...
Name: Surrender Nickname: Computer genius
Name: Ramachander Rao Nickname: Spy
Name: Jagan Nickname: Post box
Name: Manikya Prasad Nickname: All in all
Name: Ram Kumar Nicknam: Underground cashier
He spreads the message that there are no haves and have nots...
He pounced like a tiger on cheats who cheated the poor...
Where are the crores invested by public?
CBl officer is coming, ask him.
Don't cheat us of our hard earned money.
The rope will not cut.
Name: Purushottam Nickname: Stunt Master
O poor coolie! O worker!
Why are you afraid? Mallanna is with you...
Mallanna will enter like rain to make your dead life to sprout out...
You wrote a letter, didn't you?
Are people foolish to invest in your finance company?
What can you find in my place?
Oh God!
All my money is gone!
See that he's not here when we account it.
Sir, please return 50% of money to me.
Though eras change, there's one and only Sun...
Mallanna has filled people's lives with sunshine and happiness...
What we are doing is wrong.
Will problems get solved if we distribute money?
What can we do? Only money has power like God to solve many problems.
How long can you steal people?
Some are filthy rich,
some are very poor,
Do you know this?
91 crore lndians earn less than Rs.80 a day.
When country is so poor,
if we steal from the filthy rich and give it to the poor man,
it's not a crime.
You will also join the band of supporters.
Why are you using God as the mask?
We'll get caught some day.
l'll tell you the reason then.
What money can't do, a girl can do with her charm.
lf l don't make him go mad and come for me,
l'm not your daughter, father.
He says l don't mind if you don't make him mad,
but please you don't go mad on him.
Help me!
Your eyes are lying.
Hey! What do you think of yourself?
l said sorry so many times, is it hurting you to say okay once?
That's you! Arrogance is your character.
lnnocence doesn't suit you.
l'm asking you arrogantly, can you forgive me or not?
Hey Mallanna!
What are you doing here?
What is CBl doing in temple? - Our family deity sir.
l wrote a slip wishing to become an lPS officer in the temple banyan tree.
Who wrote the lPS exams? You or Lord Shiva?
Do you know who is he?
CBl officer Mallanna.
l think he's here to investigate secretly.
l fell in love with Subbalakshmi at first sight.
But we are always at loggerheads
Lord, you must unite us.
May be he wrote to make you fall for him. - But...
She would be feeling dizzy by now.
Just acting love with him.
l'm also going to act.
The moment you tied the slip in temple, it's bound to happen.
The faith was created by us.
We just used the faith followed by centuries.
She's your future wife.
Did you tie the letter there?
Looks like this time she has come tearing clothes before itself.
You may laugh hearing the truth l'm going to tell now.
Mallanna appeared in my dream last night.
CBl officer with my name is your future husband,
Whether he scolds or beats, you're going to live with him all life,
He said this and vanished.
Laugh loud man!
lf l don't tempt and tease you,
You laugh beautifully.
You too lie beautifully.
Are you crazy?
l think he's reading my mind.
Do only crazy people see God in their dreams?
Are you trying for another national award?
That's you!
Who wrote the request of uniting us? You or me?
Which temple? Which banyan tree?
Your acting prowess is making girls fall for you flat.
ls it your hand writing?
You're moving the coin as l expected.
lt's confirmed that you're mad.
She's going crazy.
The ink will vanish in 24 hours.
l think Mallanna is playing.
Can't you understand the moves l'm making?
Come for the coffee if you too love me.
You'll never forget this coffee all your life.
Will you come for a coffee with me?
You're inviting to take poison, aren't you?
What would you do if l say, l don't like you?
Didn't my kiss affect you in any way?
Go away! You're not a man!
Go away! You're not a woman at all!
Say you'll come for a coffee with me.
Will you move your car out from there or not?
Say you'll come for a coffee with me.
l'm asking you, where are we going?
Where are we going?
To have a coffee.
lsn't this little too much?
l take a flight for my haircut.
There's milk, sugar, coffee powder in it.
No love. Only arrogance of money!
Let's have a coffee, come...
Hot or cold, taste it yourself...
Go away!
Let's go on a long drive, come...
Slow or speed, test drive yourself...
lneffective simcard...
Empty lpod...
lt's useless to switch on you...
Hutch Bull dog...crazy peacock...
l'm safe away from you...
Hey L-board! When will you hit the main road?
Go away! - Go away!
Your activities are wrong...
Your style and character is boasting type...
Hey Mallanna! l got thrilled looking at your style...
Looking at my beauty...
Did it create a stir in your heart...yuck..
Orjust acting smart...
Not your beauty but your tortures knocked me out.
Would l fall for you?
Vemana said world is a myth.
l say there's no love.
Our ancestors have said there's no salvation without sex...
Go away you empty box, if you bark at me, every day is a hell...
Hey Daughter of Hitler!
Don't torture me with your love...
Brother of Lincoln, don't teach me philosophy...
Kashmir or Krishna water, is it never ending fight?
Why are you over doing things?
You're not allowing me to do anything.
You're educated, aren't you?
But l can't study you.
Move away.
You accept.
Hey look! - Look me thoroughly.
Are my words bitter to you?
lf you refuse me now, you'll feel bad for it later...
Won't you ever give up throwing yourself on me?
Won't your life get ruined if l take the advantage?
l'll carry you piggy back all my life...
Even birds are much beautiful than you...
This princess is calling you, come on, take me...
We're writing this having no hope on God Mallanna.
We don't want our huts to turn in to tall buildings.
Change our lives and give us water.
We will believe that you've the power.
This letter should be sent to the government.
lt might have come here by mistake.
Should the government only do it?
Even rich people can do it.
Name: Raj Mohan Status: Billionaire
You are one of the richest men in lndia...
No. lt's AP.
One of the richest men in AP.
l would be proud of it.
What's the secret to your success?
You've haven't answered my question yet?
While going to office or returning,
l travel with my workers.
This is my secret of success.
Cancel all the meetings.
lf my wife calls me, tell her that l'm in a meeting.
No. - l won't come.
Take it.
Let's start it with a sweet.
She is my classmate in college.
First time. That's why she's feeling shy.
Ask her how much l give every month?
Didn't you tell her about me?
Please, no.
Don't tell your family. Keep this for your expenses.
1 lakh. Keep it.
lf you don't spend at this age, when will you spend then?
lf you like it, come & take it every month.
Some crane vehicle must be crossing.
Who are you?
Parameshwar Rao.
Why are you leaving?
Who are you?
l'm born in a family of atheists.
lf Mallanna crows like a cock, will l get scared of him?
l was looking for a man like you.
Tell him exactly what you saw.
He will draw a picture.
He stood with his wings spread in a strange manner.
A bun on his head.
He wore a mask.
Very much like him.
What would you think his motive was?
He made a cock-a doodle sound and told me to adopt this slum.
ls there a CBl raid in your company?
All that you've earned here,
you showed it as if you've earned it in abroad,
but actually you had cheated some thousands of crores for the past 10 years.
This has been found by the CBl.
Which newspaper are you from? - Eenadu.
lf there is a raid,
it means that the government is watching our development.
ls it true that there was a CBl raid?
l am adopting that slum.
That's the truth for now.
He must be a big fraud.
ls the claim made by the CBl true?
lnstead of speculating as to who said it,
l see the truth in it.
Please come with me.
You said you don't believe in god.
But you got scared about this raid.
They will write that you got scared of Mallanna.
Mallanna came disguised as a cock.
News about the raid has vanished.
l wrote it without any belief.
But our place has become clean.
Our good times have come.
Here after brother Raj Mohan is our slum God.
Every rich man is adopting a village. What's the reason behind it?
Every religion says that to give a share of your earning to the poor.
lf rich people of every city and village help the poor,
The distance between rich and poor will decrease.
Our boss will fulfill all your needs.
Our boss will do the necessary things.
l must kill him.
How funny...!
Whatever we write gets fulfilled!
Make a list of all that we want.
A girl like Aishwarya Rai.
lf not, fine.
A super chick with a sexy body.
She must sing & dance with us on the roof all night.
Only then, l'll believe this.
Have you wrote the address properly?
Hope she doesn't go to our neighbour's house.
One guy wants a girl to dance on his roof like Aishwarya Rai.
Throw that out.
We should not. We must bring fear in them.
We can continue this until fear stalks them.
l've dreams non-stop from the moment l wrote that letter.
lf not Aishwarya Rai, he can send an ordinary girl.
Don't be in a hurry. He must read every letter.
lt's an over load of work to God.
lt's all cheating.
She is beautiful.
A superb figure.
First you.
No. Me first.
You...your name?
Lord Shiva is called Mallanna in Srigiri...
When the lord dances in trance, it's out of world...
Was that a ghost?
Write only the truth.
Don't write wrong stuff.
lf you do so, Mallanna will come & thrash you.
What l'm saying is true.
Last night, Mallanna came dressed like a woman.
Let's write a letter.
An old man is struggling to perform his two daughters marriage.
Fix a wrong address.
Why a wrong address?
Let's find such a family.
Don't play with God.
Fix cameras on all sides.
Keep an eye on that house round the clock.
l need to know how does the letter gets the help.
As l told you, our letters have been answered.
A foreigner appeared like lightning, gave us dollars,
And told us to lay the necessary roads.
lf this is not Lord Mallanna's miracle, what else is this?
ln ancient times, God took the form of Mallanna to kill evil.
Now, poverty is the biggest evil on earth.
To kill that evil,
l believed that God has sent you here
And l followed your instructions all these days.
When people who got your help thanked God with their tears,
l felt l was right in joining hands with you.
l can't deliver these letters anymore.
Police are on vigil.
Like always, put all the letters in the water.
God will deliver those letters to us.
He took the letters.
Our man is following the priest.
Don't lose him. Keep following him.
l thought of removing the security from that old man's house.
Sir, our letter and a letter warning us not to play fool with Mallanna.
Fell into this house.
l warned you not to play with God.
You never listened to me.
l was the priest putting all those letters in the river.
Mallanna who is creating a sensation in our country
is none other than the CBl officer Mallanna, lPS.
And you? - Suba.
Where are you? Stay put. l'll be there soon.
What proof do you have?
Anyone travelling from boat house returns in 2 hours.
But Mallanna takes more time to return.
Check this 30 km long canal.
The secret is somewhere around here.
Truth will come out.
When did you come? - Just now.
That girl is foolish.
She straight away called DlG.
Name: Mangapathy Nickname: lnformation expert
When you met DlG the other day,
they got suspicious about you.
lf he had picked up her call, we would've been caught.
We don't need love & acting.
Just cut her relationship.
l know how to switch her off.
Where is Subbalakshmi's room?
Cat without a moustache...
When will you devour me like a thief...
This is milkshake cat...
l will never chase you out... Drink a little of the milkshake...
Our hearts are one...
Our bodies are two...
lf we become one, we'll become three...
Your looks are one...
But it has two meanings...
And it wants to say those 3 magical words...
Body means play...
Lust is new to me...
Fight is something l am used to...
But love is new to me...
Our pillow is one...
lncense sticks are two...
We wage wars thrice in the intoxicating night...
Your waist is one...
lt has two curves...
And the knots falling there are three...
Don't attack like an enemy...
Put some pressure on my body...
Let shyness disappear...
Let my desires get fulfilled...
Our kiss is one...
The lips are two...
And kiss takes us to 3 heavens...
Your body is one...
There are two honey bees on it...
The day it stings me is our honeymoon...
Do you love me so much?
My day doesn't end without watching these photos.
She lies at ease.
Wait till l get my transfer.
Till then, let's keep our love secret & safe.
You've fallen into my trap, idiot.
l'll be eagerly waiting for your transfer and our marriage.
Then, you must have to wait till your old age.
Hail Lord Mallanna!
Tell us the truth.
The letter we wrote here has gone to Malkajgiri.
One of you has helped it to reach there.
You...? - No.
Tell me who it is. - Lord Mallanna.
Which Mallanna?
Lord Mallanna who has been in this temple for centuries.
You old man, come here.
Like giving a petition in the police station, what is this letter?
Tall buildings have come up around my farm land.
They are threatening me to sell off my land.
l've come to write a petition seeking help from Lord Mallanna.
Give that to me.
God has ears. He must have listened to your plea.
lf he comes & helps you, inform us.
Till then, l'll keep this letter.
Keep it safe. This will happen.
Keep an eye on all the priests behind me.
lt's the letter to be kept in office file.
Who are you?
l know who you are.
But you don't know who l am.
What are you doing here?
l heard your plight in the temple.
Sell your land by 10 am tomorrow.
The man who wanted to be buried in his own land is coming with buyer.
A Swami appeared in my dream and told me to sell it.
That's why l'm selling it.
l asked the buyer to come at 10 am trusting God.
Don't ask me anything else.
Buyers of your lands are powerful government officials.
Look, they've brought the registrar also with them.
Sir, please sign this paper.
l'll sign but first give me the money.
Elderly man, is it okay?
Sign happily.
Officers have come.
This isn't my money, it belongs to Customs, Police, and lAS officers.
Don't invite trouble from them.
Can you get atleast one of them to talk to me?
Yes, l can.
Sir, CBl people have raided us.
What sir?
Run away boys!
Sir, they ran away sir. - Wait here.
Come here.
Take it. - l don't want others' money sir.
Thanks for saving my farm.
Unclaimed money like unclaimed body,
lf they had earned it hard way, would they leave it?
This money belongs to you.
Take it, Lord Mallanna has blessed us.
As described by the villagers,
these are the foreigners who gave them the dollars.
Send a fax to all the police stations in the state.
Check every restaurant upto Samshabad.
How is Lord Mallanna's temple connected with real CBl raid?
Land sharks who left Rs.3 crores,
this farmer says it's Lord Mallanna's blessings that saved his lands.
lf you forget this, the real question is how did CBl reach there on time?
Where are we going sir? - To meet a friend.
About the CBl case.
Check who it is.
l'm handling Mallanna's case.
Temple Mallanna? l heard about it.
l think it must've been a headache to you.
lt's challenging sir.
l'm here for a detail about it, sir.
How could CBl officers raid at exactly 10 am amidst green crops?
Do you think only you've informers?
Are officers so scared of CBl?
Every one of them called on phone,
They disowned the money and wished to stay away from it.
Central Government officers are investing in real estate with their bribe money,
we got information about it.
l passed the orders to raid.
l mustn't say anything more than it, my boy.
Can you atleast tell me the officers involved in the raid?
l'll give you that list.
lt happened as that old man had written.
Tonight at 10 pm, burn down the old man along with his family.
Lord Mallanna who saved his farm must come to save his life too, right?
Then we'll know if he's really Lord Mallanna or some cheat.
Hey leave me... leave our children...
Leave us...
Leave our children...
How could CBl officers come on time?
Trust me, l don't know anything.
Leave us! - Burn down the entire family alive.
Let me see if your Mallanna will come to save your lives.
He will come.
lf the God we pray is real, he will come here now,
he'll come before you burn us alive.
Who is Mallanna? Watch now, l'll burn them alive.
lf you've guts, come and save them.
Burn them alive, boys!
All of you attack him, boys.
Sorry man!
Pin down everyone.
Give me a match stick. - They are about to burn them.
Come fast.
l'll not tell what l do...
l'll not take what l steal...
l'll never go back on my promise...
l'll never turn my back, come what so ever it may be...
l'll never be caught...
l'll never forget the poor...
l'll always help the poor...
Whatever the poor may seek...
l've a different name in different places...
Here, l'm known as Mallanna!
To whom did you send a message to save the old man at 10 pm?
l don't know.
ln the anxiety you sent the message from my cell phone.
Who is Mallanna?
Hotel owner says you didn't pay for last 15 days.
With you, 2 others work for me. - Please, don't fire at me.
Who is Mallanna?
Please don't kill me, l'll tell you the truth.
Please don't kill me.
l'm in the car.
We are from Q branch,
we have evidence that you're Mallanna.
lf you agree, let's walk out like friends.
Otherwise, may have to use my weapon.
CBClD Andhra Pradesh Crime Branch Mangapathy would've got arrested.
l'm an lPS officer.
Who is greater, officer or government?
lf you tell us the truth before DlG comes here,
You can leave honourably like a police officer.
You're Mallanna, aren't you?
Except name, l don't have any connection with him.
You're Mallanna, aren't you?
Tell me the truth.
You will tell the truth now.
lsn't she the girl you love dearly?
Do you know who is he?
A prisoner of Cherlopalli out with Govt. permission.
Accused in 24 rape cases.
She's not my lover as you think.
You're Mallanna, aren't you?
l'm Mallanna.
We all came to Hyderabad to appear in Group 1 exam.
We had to work part time to meet the expenses.
All the local made goodies are waste...
Only pizza is top...
All these relationships are waste...
Only friend is top...
Do you know whom you dared to beat?
The richest man in the state.
Do you know whom did he beat?
The poorest man in the state.
Pain is same, right? Come boys.
The nation needs hot blooded youth like you.
What is your name?
All these names are waste...
Mallanna is top...
Where are you now?
On the way to home.
Reverse the car.
Some pizza delivery boys would be going,
l want the left hand of one boy named Mallanna.
Cut and bring it to me.
Rs.20 lakhs!
Who amongst you is Mallanna?
Take the knife, cut your left hand and keep it there.
lf you cut it yourself, you'll lose just one hand only.
lf we cut it, you'll die.
Weapons don't hack people, it's money that hacks.
How much money is behind this hack?
Shall we do it?
We may miss our exams.
What are you looking at?
Cut anyone's left hand, we'll get Rs.20 lakhs.
What's the connection between hacking his hand and your crimes?
For every crime that is committed,
lt's always the illgotten money stashed away by few men.
lt's the main reason for all illegal activities.
People who run brothels, professional killers,
People who bribe politicians and govt. officials,
Professional kidnappers, people who run gangs of goons,
All these have amassed wealth and are playing with lives as they wish.
lf a man owns property of Rs.20000 only,
would he pay Rs.20 lakhs to cut a man's hand?
A man who toils entire day forjust Rs.50 only,
can he pay Rs.1 lakh to a call girl for a night of pleasure?
lf we steal this stinking money and give it to poor people,
Half of lndia's problems would get solved.
That's what l'm doing as Lord Mallanna.
Why are you using God's name for it?
Every man must help the other man in distress,
And if he helps them, then every man is God.
l felt it was easy to reach people using God's name.
Go man!
How long should l wait in the car?
Coming sir.
Do you need so much time to come from Samshabad?
ls the man who gave you dollars in this building?
Gave dollars at the entrance?
Did wonderful job acting as crime branch officers.
50 years old?
Don't stop your work because you're caught?
Steal and give it to the poor.
But l must get 50% of the booty.
ls it paining you, Mallanna?
DlG Parandham is waiting for an evidence like this.
Accept the offer. Millions are waiting for your help.
lt's better to go out free with 50% booty than getting caught with police, right?
He has accepted our offer.
l'll call you later.
Do you know who is he?
The same Mallanna who slapped you.
You should've lost your left hand.
Ask the man who hacked, why are you asking me?
Come inside.
What's it boss?
Do you know this man?
How could you get back your left hand?
You would've lost only hand that day,
Now you'll lose life too.
No! He's my fewly found reserve bank.
You missed two easy chances to kill me.
The third chance is mine.
l'll hand over him to you after my job is done.
You should've seen his face after he knew my cries were play acting.
What did the man do who was acting like molesting you?
He tore dress here, pulled here,
touched me here, pulled up my skirt, by then...
That man told truth to save you is better than your dad who watched you getting molested.
Stop the car.
SP Ganesh from Delhi lntelligence Bureau.
The money seized in the raids by CBl, and the money accounted for is different,
many of those accusations are on one officer Mallanna.
Was the officer involved in the raid on you?
Do you've any evidence against him?
lf there're many accusations against one officer,
either he must very corrupt or very honest.
Mallanna is very honest officer.
lf you get to know he's corrupt, please give me a ring at this number.
Sorry, l'm responsible for this problem.
l knew ourjourney will end because of that girl.
lt's better to share 50-50 than getting caught by police.
Did you imagine when you came to raid me,
that we both are going to join in future?
lnstead of stealing from many,
l want to settle things by stealing everything from one man like you.
A man who embezzled billion dollars has fallen into our net,
l need to go to Mexico for it,
l must go without Government's knowledge.
Doing all this is easy for my boss.
l want your secret account details,
l'll deposit the money l get in Mexico into your account.
After it is confirmed, you can pay 50% of it in Hyderabad.
What if the honest officer in you wakes up?
l'll also go with him, daddy. - Will you put him to sleep?
My daughter will come with you.
Can you see the counter number 7? Go there. Without hesitation.
Why are you going to Mexico?
lnform your boss. - Sure.
Has Mallanna become Gopanna?
Couldn't they find it was a fake passport?
Talk less till the job is done.
l planned to travel with you alone to discuss many things.
But you told me the truth.
Not only, l would've told the truth if it was any girl.
That's the difference between you and my dad.
Are you going to say sorry for another drama?
Your eyes are telling the truth but.. - Can't you believe it?
l think you'll believe if l tell you a truth.
The day you came to my home, l saw my dad gesturing with hand talking to Ranga,
l couldn't bear the fact that a father is acting with his own daughter.
Money can make men do anything.
My father hasn't been affected by paralysis. He's just play acting.
l trust you.
lf right hand is paralyzed, mouth must get pulled to left.
But your father's mouth is pulled towards right.
l think he has seen the film 'Kalasivunte Kaladhu Sukham' many times.
l left him to enjoy it.
l hurt you many times for him.
You must forget the past and say those three words to me.
As a prelude to it...
You go to sleep, nobody else will sleep now.
lndeed you're very romantic.
Those three words...
Wait, he may tell. - Dad knows this is acting.
l'm fine.
Like our local country music.
This is my style of receiving lndians.
How is your father doing? - He's fine.
He told me to look after you carefully. Never step outside without security.
l thought we are going to hotel in car. - Travelling by car is not safe here.
Kidnaps are quite common here. Everyone in Mexico knows Bikshamayya.
That's the problem.
lf l don't guard my guests properly, they will kidnap.
Then the bidding starts from 10 million. l handle lndia's rich people's money.
Rich men of AP like Raj Mohan, Anand Kumar...
l handle their money too.
How does the money from lndia come here?
Everyone smuggles money.
Smugglers in lndia take money from us & buy drugs there.
They smuggle drugs to this country, sell it here
and return back the money in dollars.
l've to send the money back to lndia from Mauritius as foreign fund.
And that's my talent.
How much are you going to deposit?
He has come to manage my father's money.
ls this place fine? Beautiful.
How about this one? - No.
Uncle Bikshamayya, let's land here.
We can't get there without proper security.
Love is an illusion... Like Tsunami, my thirst grew big...
l took off with great speed and my lust knew no bounds...
Love is an illusion... Like a ghost, it whirled around...
kindled the pleasures in me and l danced to its tunes...
Seeing the honey on your lips...
l spiced up my nerves, and got a new energy...
l liked your strong physique...
Going mad on you...
and l fell near you...
Desires hit me like a storm...
ln the intoxication of youth...
l went blind in love...
lf you look at me once, l'll give myself to you...
Hot young maiden...
Why are you so angry?
Won't l come back from death even if you kill me 1000 times?
Though hot and the bed makes noise...
Though desires burn, shall l take on you?
May l cross the barrier of shyness in your presence?
lf you're ready, l want to give myself to you..
May l kiss you?
l've sent a photo to our official mail lD.
Match the photo with the international criminals list
and send me his full details.
l've a small job to finish here.
Take rest for today. l'll take you to bank tomorrow morning.
Don't step out without security.
There are 24 government offices in that building.
l have ordered to collect details of those above 50 years.
Can't that be a 30 year old man?
When he can disguise like a cock & a woman, can't he disguise like a 50 year old man?
lf my guess is right, Mallanna must be in that building.
You mean lPS Mallanna?
How did you guess that?
lt is you who told me that a CBl officer is indirectly involved in this case.
l showed them the sketch of a 50 year old Mallanna.
He swears that it is not him.
Depositing money is easy in this bank. But withdrawing is pretty tough.
lf you don't answer the secret question within the time limit,
the account gets locked automatically.
By forgetting the password and the secret answer,
unclaimed money amounts to some thousands of millions.
l told him to open an account on your name.
He doesn't need any document. lt's enough if you deposit money.
Sign the documents. l will take care of the rest.
He says that this bank became famous because the rich people in lndia.
l've mailed the bank photos. l want the full history of the bank.
We want to check the place you are standing on.
The value of this is 30 crores. - We don't want money.
We want a favour from George, your partner in Mexico.
We've locked the lndian partner.
He will deliver you any amount of money there.
And this man will give us any amount of money you give there.
l've deposited the money.
Type in the password and check it yourself.
l'm not interested in such things.
lt is my father who is mad about money.
Check it & call your father. - l'll do it for you.
You shouldn't see me typing the password.
So much money in my father's account...!
l'll inform my father.
You come there.
You shouldn't see me typing the password.
Mallanna has done it.
Raju, l've got my money. You can kill him.
He went there on a fake passport.
No one knows even if he dies there.
You & romance are like lndia and Mexico, far from each other.
Just look around.
When a beautiful devil like me is here, how could you be busy using a computer?
l'm sending instructions to office as if l'm in lndia.
You're not Mallanna lPS here. You are Gopanna.
Till we go back to lndia, be like Gopanna.
ls Suba your 3rd wife's daughter? 60 seconds. l've to answer in 60 seconds.
Suba, will our love be successful?
ln our family, l'm the only one who is born tough.
Since l've fallen for you...
3rd wife's daughter would behave like this only.
How did you know this secret?
Were you in South America when Suba was born?
Just because you're a CBl officer doesn't mean you know everything.- Yes.
l know that your father was in South America when you were born.
No. CBl has failed in this.
PPP's official date of birth is wrong? Yes or No?
What's your mother's name?
Next you will ask me my father's date of birth?
lnstead of being romantic,
you're busy asking me my mother & father's name?
To hell with your computer.
Last question. She is killing me.
l've no other choice. l've to make a blind guess.
Let me guess that she is lying. May be...may be not.
l've to get the logic.
Bikshamayya... - Yes boss.
The one who has come with PPP's daughter...kill him.
He is a CBl officer.
He has come there to unearth the secrets about us.
Before burying him, cut his left hand & take it.
l want his left hand.
Get up! - What happened?
Get up l say.
Where are you taking him?
We are here illegally.
ls that why they are paying 3 million dollars for your life, Gopanna?
You hid the fact that you're CBl officer.
So die as a CBl officer.
Even if God himself comes to save you, he'll take 47 minutes to come here.
Tell me the truth before dying.
What are the secrets you know about us?
The secret you know must go to the grave with your body.
Make your last wish.
l want to take back lndian money to lndia.
That's arrogance of CBl.
Malli, it's me Ganesh!
Bikshamayya's history is in this CD.
Keep an eye on Bikshamayya round the clock.
lf you don't tell me the truth,
nobody can save you even after flying for 4 days.
The money deposited in different banks,
names of the accounts and how much in each account, tell me.
No problems, right?
l'm coming back with him.
We'll reach there by 10 pm.
My dad... - Give me.
PPP uncle! How are you doing?
How is Mallanna still alive?
Call Bikshamayya on phone.
Phone is switched off, sir.
Call CBl director.
Hello sir. - Why did you call me at this hour?
Do you know where is Mallanna now?
What's the punishment to an lPS officer for going abroad without permission?
We can arrest him.
He went to Mexico under the name of Gopanna and is returning today.
Sir, please don't kill me. l'll tell you the truth.
l acted as a money launderer and collected details of money laundering.
Notjust one or two, 43 people!
The money deposited by them is Rs.30000 crores.
CBl has seized it.
This is money deposited by one man and his cronies in one country.
There's a broker for them in every country.
Billions of rupees are stashed by them.
People of this nation toil hard and pay taxes,
but money stashed away by few crooks is being used for illegal businesses.
This is a big network.
People involved in are Govt. officers, and all with high connections.
Why police are watching fun instead of arresting him?
He took Delhi permission.
lf you've any stronger evidence, please come to me.
Can you reveal the names of people involved in it?
lnvestigation is not yet over. The day it's over,
mask of high and mighty of AP state who boast of high connections would come off.
Without heir, without passport...
l asked his left hand. His bad time starts now.
What are you planning to do with the money?
CBl has authority to seize, not to distribute it.
Give me the laptop.
Go away!
You said you'll act love on him, have you fallen in love with him really?
How could he get the password without your knowledge?
l swear l don't know.
l'm your daughter, dad.
That's why he has asked me to beat you.
2 lakh bags, ready for distribution.
Till now everyone who made a request got the help.
lf money from one man's account could help so many,
what if all the black money stashed away in banks abroad is confiscated?
How many millions of people would get help?
l'll tell you the truth.
l really love Mallanna, l'll marry only him.
What the hell can you do?
Clear the place in 2 days. - Okay.
l think this place is not enough to keep Raj Mohan's illgotten money.- Okay.
Taking Bikshamayya to court,
taking hundreds of pages of his statements,
and stretch the case to 16 or 1 7 years long,
and finally l don't want to see you go away with your money for lack of evidence.
You didn't reveal my name in press meet, l knew, you're very clever, your price?
A family, their children, their children, their next generation,
how much they would need to lead a luxurious life?- Rs.500 crores?
lf you want more luxury, take another Rs.500 crores.
Keep Rs.2000 crores with you. Give me the balance.
lf we give, you'll faint on seeing it.
Bikshamayya is not worth the money you're asking.
Raj Mohan's name and fame. lmage of VlP in the state. lsn't it worth?
Forget it, if you lose it, no money on earth can regain it for you.
Unable to keep so much money with me, l stashed it away in foreign banks.
What would you do with it?
l'm going to distribute it to them. lsn't it like a poor African country?
They are your fellow country men.
Every rupee you earn illegally has their face on it instead of Gandhi.
Hyderabad has 7 million people, do you know how many eat thrice a day?
When millions are struggling for a square of meal,
it's wrong to keep all the black money in foreign banks.
Did you ever see from your bus the people sleeping on pavements?
Just because you don't see them, people like me have to steal it from you.
When you steal them, is it wrong to steal from you?
You're playing with money.
lf Rs.1000 can corrupt an officer, Rs.1 lakh can corrupt a Minister,
Rs.1 crore can corrupt anyone. - l'm here to take it with me.
You can't take it with you.
You trust the Govt. Govt. trusts people like us.
We trust the loopholes in the Govt.
l'm giving you time till tomorrow morning,
if l don't get a reply from you,
what Bikshamayya told me, he'll tell that to media people.
The VlP mask you're wearing will wear off.
Don't rush, give me time till morning. l need to think.
Morning will give good sense to us.
Give me 2 days time, sir. l'll come back with evidence to arrest Raj Mohan.
Mallanna is native of Vetapalem.
We got results of secret inquiry about Mallanna's back ground.
As you thought, notjust Mallanna is involved in it,
all these school friends are still with Mallanna.- Yes sir.
1 1 other people are involved along with Mallanna.
Thank you very much for saving me last night.
Who should l swear on, it wasn't me?
Though we played game of hatred, you do love me very much in your heart.
This is evidence.
What do you call this which extends from finger to your heart?
Past.. - She's your future wife.
Can you take me on a long drive for a coffee?
Sudheendra was SP CBl. Ram Chander Rao was lnspector.
He's Ganesh, SP lB. Purushottam ACP Anti Narcotics Bureau.
All are in positions to monitor illegal flow of money.
Coffee is very tasty today, do you know why?
today is hot, that's why, right?
Because of little love along with coffee, milk and sugar.
One thing that brings together is acting in dramas.
lt started with school and continued till college.
The one and only drama they all like is Mahabharata.
Most liked role is Draupadi donned by Mallanna.
He used to bag Draupadi's role everytime.
lf one takes care of sound, another looks after make up & costume,
they split duties amongst themselves.
Though educated and become officers, they haven't yet given up play acting.
That's why they are playing it like a drama.
lt's impossible to believe the facts about the third boy from right.
He's our Mangapathy lPS.
Our Mangapathy...? - Yes sir.
Another is Manikya Prasad, he's sub editor with Eenadu.
ls there any proof of their involvement in it?
We are trying sir, still not successful. They don't meet each other..
Okay, let's start from what we have now.
Who is it? - VlP Raj Mohan.
l can see fear of death in your eyes.
Just four seconds late, you would be dead by now.
Stop watching me, l showed you death closely.
l gave you a new life. Live!
My father?
Who is she?
Will she dance only in films? Won't she dance with me?
l don't mind the cost, get her to dance with me.
l've strong video evidence against Mallanna.
Play and see it.
Not this Mallanna sir.
Which Mallanna are you talking about?
Do you've any other copy? - Only this copy...
He'll kill me sir. l'll escape from here.
Never play with God and his power...
Till now 300 families have been benefitted.
When the benefit reaches 3 lakh families, our mission is success.
Complete details about monetary help received by needy people.
Do you know who is he? Sketch from the descriptions of foreigners.
50 year old man who gave them dollars to be distributed among villagers.
l don't know sir.
Do you know who is he?
lf you tell me the truth, you can always see me smiling.
Call your friend on phone and tell him the same thing.
He's going on the route we expected.
Tell our people not to move much till he reaches the hideout.
Sir, he's still in our vision.
Arrest him in the hideout, l want him along with evidence.
Rs. 20 lakhs left by them.
Till now we used to keep the places we raid top secret,
each one of you know the name and place.
We'll split into 40 teams, 35 offices, factories and homes.
Don't leave any place.
Didn't l tell you it was a man doing it not God?
Who is that man, sir?
He can be one of you, or one of us.
We are waiting for orders.
We've identified him, we'll catch him soon.
grass cutting...young Lady... Slipoff your clothes...
grass cutting...young Lady... Slipoff your clothes...
My name is Meenakumari... l'm from Kanyakumari...
Shall we go on a ride on buggy? Shall we have a ball?
l'm silken smooth... Break the wall...
l'm strawberry amongst the fruits...
l'm cold January amongst the English months...
l'm Godavari amongst flowing rivers...
l'm tasty rabbit curry amongst non-vegetarian food...
l'm a siren to rake up hot passions in any man...
My beauty makes Andhra to fume hot with desires...
l hit century in cricket of kisses... l'm venus on bed at night...
l'm library of passionate desires... l'm a sex manual...
l'm the sweet of your sweet dreams... My eyes are laser sharp...
One shot few inches that side and your head would've been crushed.
Missed death by few inches, go and live.
You're safe till the raid is over.
What are you doing?
l'm repaying the debt of saving my life.
l never imagined l would call you for an inquiry.
Say it simply as arrested,
wait a minute, l'm sending my resignation to Delhi.
ls it? - What you're searching is not here?
l thought it was impossible to do all this without higher officer's support.
Why did you also join them sir?
lt's an outburst of anger what have l done in 41 years of service in CBl?
...from these frauds,
till the frauds of import & export, businessmen's nexus with officials,
l filed cases against all of them.
They are not people who earned few hundreds cheating the government,
1000 crores and 5000 crores,
till now couldn't even confiscate a rupee from them,
our laws too are favourable towards accused,
cases drag on for years,
total money involved in such economic offenses in lndia is yearly Rs.120000 crores.
A young officer asked me can l do what you couldn't do in 41 years of service?
A poor man's name is written on every rupee these fraudsters earn.
Let's distribute it to them, sir.
lt's enough if two poor people say thanks with tears in eyes,
if l can get peace of serving 41 years, l've got that peace.
go...go...go away... Some officers hate rich men in this country.
Say filthy rich men like you who earn illegally and enjoy it.
How much did you pay for her to dance in private?
Rs.30 lakhs!
That money could adopt 200 poor children.
Or else you could've adopted 2 or 3 villages around your office.
lf it's difficult, you could've adopted the street you live in.
lf you can't do that, you could've adopted two families working for you.
lf you'd thought like this,
you needn't have to show the money earned here as earned in abroad,
and deposit it in foreign banks.
Don't talk like a politician.
Prove it with evidence, l'll hang myself in public.
Hang yourself to death!
Hello! You want rope?
Such VlPs are the faces of our nation.
Crooks, criminals, politicians, officers who earned money illegally,
the money they've stashed away in Swiss banks is Rs.6500000 crores, so says a report,
another report says 30% of the world's poor are in lndia.
Both are happening in lndia only.
lndependence we have got is not real,
the day all the money hidden in foreign banks comes to lndia,
it will be the real independence day.
The day it happens, we can settle the nation's loan,
and distribute Rs. 1 lakh to every family in lndia.
Till then frauds like him stash away public money,
poor man gets poorer.
We'll not let you arrest him.
Wait, he's the man who created sensation as Mallanna.
We'll not let you take him.
They say l'm God for distributing the illgotten money.
lf rich come forward on their own to help the poor,
l wanted to tell them it was real Godliness.
l acted as Mallanna, l used the faith of people.
Mallanna helped for my husband's operation.
But not this Mallanna, Lord Mallanna who l pray devoutly.
He didn't give us, it was given by Lord Mallanna.
Not this Mallanna. - Lord Mallanna, our family deity.
Not this Mallanna. - Lord Mallanna.
Not this Mallanna. - Not this Mallanna, sir. Lord Mallanna!
Have you brought any witness who lost his money?
Your honour, till now nobody has lodged complaint about losing money.
lt's true they were give, it's true they had taken it,
this court understands where the proceeds had come from,
Confiscating money from economic offenders,
a responsible CBl officer who should've given it to the Govt.,
had given it to the poor directly, though this is an offense,
there's no evidence to prove it,
on moral grounds, this court restrains him from working in this state,
and orders the concerned authority to transfer him to another state.
l've to walk 16 kilometres to fetch a pot of drinking water,
please help us God!
Who else is there for us other than you!