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Why don't we...
have that kind of actor?
CAD's Enforcement Division Corporal Han Myeong Wol, (CAD - Cultural and Arts Department)
you have failed the Special Forces Division's final exam.

Comrade Major, please give me another opportunity.
Realizing my dream is somehow important to me. You should be aware of this more than anyone else.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
Serve only with the Motherland's interest in mind. Have you prepared yourself?
Of course!
The Motherland orders Comrade Han Myeong Wol to marry Gang U in 3 months!
After the marriage,
both are to return to the North voluntarily.
After the marriage, return to the North voluntarily?
I hope you can complete the task without any problem.
I'll wait for the good news.
Why are you here?
What happened to you?
It's a snake!
You sure share an unbelievable fate with Gang U.
Gang U, what's going on?
Because of that lady, I'm getting a headache trying to sort out this mess.
What exactly is going on between you and that lady...
Why does she always suddenly appear by my side, doing the strangest things?
Investigate it for me.
That lady, I'm hiring her to be your bodyguard.
Claims to love me, harasses me,
hits me,
stalks me,
and now even becomes my personal bodyguard.
After the news of her saving you broke out,
the internet has been rife with speculations.
Let's take this opportunity to quell those rumors.
"She was originally your bodyguard,"
"that's why she saved you."
It makes sense, doesn't it?
What should we do?
The stunt woman injured herself during the rehearsal.
Then what should we do? If we can't film it today, it'll be hard to arrange another time for it.
Aren't you Mr. Gang U's bodyguard?
What the...
No, that's impossible.
That's absolutely impossible.
Do you have something to say?
Why would I?
I can still see even though you're wearing sunglasses, you know.
It's obvious that you're looking at Ms. Myeong Wol.
This punk...
Have you ever been to Singapore?

Who exactly are you?
Of course, I'm your fan.
No need. Don't come over.
Why are you so surprised?
Have you been there?
I don't even know where Singapore is.
Is that so?
Why did you suddenly bring up Singapore?
Nothing. I just thought I saw someone that looks like her.
Aren't you the type to forget someone you've only met once.
Because that person left a deep impression...
He couldn't possibly remember me, right?
How do I look?
I bought this in Paris last week.
This time, I bought this season's special edition.
No, no, no.
Mr. Gang U.
The filming for the next scene starts in 5 minutes.
Don't you know that you need to exercise caution when dealing with a gun?
Accurate, swift
and agile.
It doesn't seem like the first time you've done this.
I used to live in a place where there were a lot of military troops.
Watching them train, I just imitated it.
Sorry, I need to go to the restroom.
Travel records? Why would you want that?
Because I want to confirm something.
Her resume and background has been confirmed and there weren't any issues. What else?
Regardless, please look at her records for the past month.
Perchance, have you met her family?
What do her parents do for living? Are they living in Singapore?
Ever since yesterday, why have you been asking about Singapore?
Could it be you've never met them?
I'm not interested in what her parents do for a living, nor do I want to meet them.
Honestly, I'm thankful they didn't show up.
What if they come and ask for money?
The condition of her being a bodyguard has settled everything.
I'm... really fond of Han Myeong Wol.
What? Gang U is suspecting you?
Yes. He asked me if I've ever been to Singapore, and has been giving me strange looks.
He couldn't possibly have remembered the incident where I pestered him for an autograph, right?
No way.
If he did, he would have clearly remembered you!
You think so?
Of course.
I'm ready!

-=Gang U=-

For now, think of him as Gang U.
Whilst on bodyguard duty, subtly introduce some skinship. (Skinship - Physical intimacy)
Now, take one step back.
Very good. Now try to walk naturally.
Walk, walk, walk.
Suddenly people are swarming towards you. Pretend to take cover and grab him!
Like this?
No matter how I see it, it's impossible.
Did I do it wrong?
No, it's just that this is such a mismatch. Someone's being a real eyesore.
What do you mean by mismatch?
This... and this.
What are you guys doing?
Just think of Comrade Ryu as Gang U and do what we've rehearsed.
And now, walk.
What are you doing? Walk! Walk!
Suddenly people are swarming towards you. Pretend to take cover and grab him!
I have something to do.
What should we do?
No matter how I see it, you're severely lacking in feminine charm!
This is Gang U, when he was doing a concert in Singapore not too long ago.
Gang U? The Hallyu star Gang U?
So what you've been investigating up till now is...
I didn't think so at first,
but when I heard Gi Tae sunbae (Sunbae - senior, mentor)
said that Gang U participated in a secret auction when he was in Singapore...
I guess you can call it an early hunch?
Secret auction? Gang U?
- Yes. - Yes.
From there, I was able to find out several things. Please look at this.
This girl over here...
Investigation reveals that she's the daughter of Lieutenant Gim Yeong Tak, a senior officer in North Korea.
Gim Yeong Tak.
Then, Gim Yeong Tak was in Singapore too?
That doesn't seem to be the case.
His daughter came alone with an entourage.
But, this and the fact that Gang U attended the secret auction,
how are they related?
That's the problem.
We haven't figured out that part yet.
In short, on the day of Gang U's concert, there has been movements from the North.
At the secret auction, there was contact between Gang U and the North.
Don't you think this is worth pursuing?
Don't get impatient and put that Hallyu star on alert, understand?
Yes, Chief!
Is it true that you will be bringing this child back to the Motherland soon?
Yes, it is.
I see. He is someone we really need.
If that can be done,
he will be beneficial to the development of culture and arts in our country. It's not a bad idea.
But, is it possible?
There won't be any problem.
Good. We might as well finish what we started.
You know that I hate waiting, right?
Speed it up.
Yes, I understand.
No. 73 should be somewhere around here.
The above is what we know about Gang U's personality traits.
Next, we will move on to the women in Gang U's life.
The actresses you're looking at right now,
they're all Gang U's co-stars from his previous dramas and movies.
Gang U is very confident in himself.
Hence he is known for being very strict in casting his co-star as well.
By observing the similarities between the actresses he has worked with before,
we'll be able to find out Gang U's preferences.
So, as you can see,
In "Strongest Friend," Go Hye Seon.
From "Experience Employee," Hwang Ga In.
And "She Is Strong, Is Strong" featuring Jeon Yu Mi.
These 3 women all had roles featuring their intellectual image.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol should also cultivate a more intellectual image.
It's not the intellectual image.
It's because those 3 are innocent and cute!
We should go towards the "cute" direction...
Look here, I'm the expert.
Only men can understand other men.
Men don't like smart women.
Didn't I say this is the result of my analysis?
To be honest, you don't need all those.
To put it simply,
men like them pretty. Pretty.
Do you think all men are like you?
That must be Comrade Ryu.
It's Gang U! Gang U!
Please wait a moment. The house is a mess.
They're even making a Hallyu star wait at the front door.
Sorry to intrude.
Oh, you've come.
Please come in, come in.
I'm Myeong Wol's mom.
This is my mom.
Honey, what are you doing? We have a guest.
We have a guest?
Aigoo, I'm very sorry. (Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)
I was writing a thesis.
How do you do? I'm Myeong Wol's father.
This is my dad.
Aren't you from that investigative agency?
Aigoo, so we've met!
There are actually such coincidences.
It's such small world.
Yes, that's right.
Isn't there a saying that you meet someone you know every few steps.
That's right.
About the incident where Myeong Wol injured herself to save me,
I belatedly apologize for that.
When I think about that, really...
When I heard that the child that I brought up with such care got hurt,
I was shell-shocked.
Even now, my heart pounds so hard when I think about it.
I heard that you have only recently remarried to Myeong Wol's mother.
Ah, yes.
That is, although the marriage is recent...
We have been living together for a long time.
Aigoo seriously... our relationship is too embarrassing to speak of.
Why aren't you preparing anything for our guest!
You think you're the only one who can boss people around?
How can you be like this?
What is this?
You think you're the only one who can boss people around?
Am I your servant?
Come, come, come. Eat this!
No, do you think I don't have a mouth? Don't I have a mouth?
I can't even say a single word now?
Won't you stop yapping?
Let's see if I have a mouth.
Why are you biting me?
Please calm down.
Aigoo, in front of a guest... We're so sorry.

Here, cut this apple.
Then... I'm going to my room.
How can such a family exist?
It sure is spotless.
How could a someone like that possibly go to Singapore?
With that kind of family, it's a wonder she made it through school.
He didn't see through it, right?
It's better to bring something than go there empty handed.
Just pick out something appropriate.
Since it's for someone we might not even get to meet,
don't pick anything too expensive.
Just pick something decent enough.
I understand.
Make it quick.
Is this Officer Yu?
I'm about to go now.
Yes. Yes.
Hurry up.
=Your call was unable to connect...=
Why isn't she picking up?
Oh, you were at home?
Where did you go? Why weren't you answering the phone?
You didn't bring your hand phone?
You called me?
It was on vibrate.
I'm sorry.
Did something happen?
What's this?
You should at the very least graduate from university if you want to be my bodyguard.
Are you telling me to study there?
Do you think I have that much free time...
I graduated from university.
You've graduated? Which university?
It was Gangwon Provincial University.
You probably haven't heard about it.
Then why isn't it included in your resume?
Halfway through... I dropped out.
Exactly who are you?
At first, you said you were a high school student.
I was finally able to accept that. Now what are you, a university drop-out?
you were thinking of me as you did this?
Who's thinking of you?
I'm doing this for my reputation.
Forget it.
It doesn't matter where you graduated from,
just do your job properly.
Putting everything else aside, I really hate it when people are slow at answering their phone.
From now on, you must answer my call within 3 rings.
Within 5 minutes, you must appear in front of me.
Otherwise, I'll fire you regardless of the reason.
Yes, I understand.
Do I look that pitiful?
3 rings, oh-so-close to 4.
It's a warning.
Where are you? Come here, quick!
The script.
The script!
Enough. Leave.
Why is he calling me for every little thing? Really...
The higher-ups have heard about our lack of progress in this operation,
and they are extremely concerned.
We need to step up on the battle plans.
That's why,
I've thought of an emergency plan.
This is the day of Gang U's new drama's premiere,
and also Gang U's birthday.
If you've watched South Korean dramas, you'd know that
there's no better way to bridge the distance between a man and a woman than a birthday celebration.
That is why we have decided
to carry out our plan on that day.
This is the name of the operation.
It means to build a love, "Great Wall of China." (Great Wall of China - euphemism for sexual intercourse)
Not too long ago, Gang U's manager and bodyguard was suddenly changed.

Especially that bodyguard... she even saved Gang U's life.
Is that so?
to live in the same house with a female bodyguard...
isn't that a bit...?
Hallyu star Gang U is hiding a woman in his house...
Something like that?
What brings you here at this hour?
Please continue.
You've said that you would always be prepared to carry out your orders, no matter what the circumstances are.
That's right.
For the sake of our glorious Motherland,
I'm willing to sacrifice myself.
Just like my father.
No matter what your orders are?
Comrade Major, could the order be any worse that what I'm going through right now?
Good. The new order is...
Comrade Major.
Don't move!
You can't be like this. We're comrades.
Keep quiet!
It seems like she's not Gang U's girlfriend.
That's right.
I saw a suspicious car passing.

Your new order is,
you must...
You must...
That's ridiculous! How can that be?
Do I really have to do that?
This is all for the sake of our Motherland and its people.
D-Day is in 2 days, during the premiere.
Mr. Gang U.
Thanks to you, we were able to hold the premiere in such a nice place.
It's so beautiful here.
You're flattering me. Since it's my granddaughter's drama,
of course I should help where I can.
You've always been supporting Gang U from behind,
you've no idea how much of a help you've been.
Gang U has to know that, too.
What are you saying? Of course he does.
It's thanks to you that he has come this far.
Then, I'll go walk around on my own.
All right, do that then.
Since the premiere's tomorrow, you should rest well today.
If you need anything else, feel free to contact me.
So, did you find out anything yet?
Out of the 4 books, I've located the whereabouts of one.
Of course, I still have not personally confirmed it.
Who is he exactly?
It's you, Chairman.
From your surprised reaction, my report must be accurate.
If you are still hiding things from me,
there's nothing I can do to help you.
Find the others first.
Before that, show me the card up your sleeve.
I have to practice for the premiere tomorrow, but I don't have a suitable training partner.
Why don't you be my practice partner?
Omo! (Omo - oh my)
Your new order is, you must...
sleep with him.
No. Don't even think about it.
Don't worry, I'll go easy on you.
You're girl. Of course I'll be gentle.
You just need to pretend for a while.
Why am I imagining things? I'm going crazy, seriously.
Why didn't you block it?
It must be painful.
You've picked on the wrong person, I'm in a bad mood as it is.
Looks like your skills are not average.
Don't regret this.
Don't cry when you get beaten up later.
I won't let you off easy just because you're a woman.

Your new order is, you must...
sleep with him.
I'm saying it again, I went easy on you.
Consider it like that then.
There's nothing to consider. It's a fact.
What if I fall asleep during the premiere?
Who told you to go at it all night?
I told you to stop, but you kept doing it and doing it.
Who's the one who came at me all night?
Get your facts straight. Was I the one who suggested it?
This woman really... if a man says so, without any fear, you'll just accompany him all night?
What is this all about?
What did you ask her to do?
Why were you keeping him company? And all night at that?
Ms. Ju In A is misunderstanding things again.
What were you guys talking about?
I don't have all the time in the world to answer your childish questions.
Didn't I ask what happened?
You ask him yourself.
This girl, really...
It's so nice here!
Very nice. I like it a lot.
I think so too. I've been feeling guilty all this while.
For what?
Even though we're in a fake marriage, we didn't even go for our honeymoon.
What did you say?
We're not here to play.
Don't be so prickly, you're such a wet blanket.
No matter what, this mission must be a success.
To be honest, for a man and a woman to deepen their relationship,
spending the night together is the best method.
So I'm saying,
we should also take advantage of this opportunity to further this relationship of ours and...
This person, really!
This place is like a palace!
Please look here.
How do you do?
How do you do?
What brings you here?
To provide some support, of course. We couldn't stop worrying about you.
Provide support?
You must succeed this time!
That's why I'm going to impart this secret especially for you.
"Secret" meaning...
Now, listen carefully to what I'm about to say.
Are you not leaving?
Why are you butting into a conversation between women?
Why am I always left out every time there's something important going on?
Aigoo, you have no family spirit at all. Aigoo, so petty.
Listen carefully. For an intimate relationship to happen, there's nothing much to it really.
It's just the fight of gi's between each other. (Gi - energy)
So use your gi to overpower him.
Especially your sekgi. (Sekgi - Sexual Energy)
Seki? (Seki - child, brat)
Not seki. "Sek" as in sex, and "gi" as in energy.
It's a gi to seduce a man.
Why do I have to do that?
That is, you see... when you look at that man, your heart will go aflutter.
"I want to make that man mine."
And when you want him for yourself,
something will arise out of that strong desire,
from the depths of your soul, a boiling hot gi will come up.
You can only make that man fall for you when you have this.
Do you understand what I am saying?
He is right there. Why don't you try it out once.
Look at Gang U and try to hypnotize yourself.
"I want him, I want him."
"My heart is aflutter."
"I want him."
I want him.
My heart is aflutter.
My heart is aflutter.
How is it? Do you feel something coming up?
Has it come up?
This won't do.
We'll take care of everything.
You just have to follow instructions.
You can do that, right?
Is there enough food and wine prepared?
The cake must be the biggest and fanciest one.
Don't forget the fireworks.
Gang U oppa doesn't know about this, right? (Oppa - older brother, boyfriend)
Birthday celebrations are only meaningful if it's a surprise.
What about the present?
I ordered it from Switzerland a few months ago.
Seems like it has arrived.
Is it a car?
It's that.
A gift should be of this level.
It sure is nice to be rich.
Please sit, Hyeongnim. (Hyeongnim - respected older brother)
How long are you going to keep running?
The photo shoot has already ended.
If it's the premiere, then it's the premiere. If it's the poster, then it's the poster.

Taking on one is enough. Who told you to arrange a double schedule?

Why are you asking me that?
You should be telling the representative directly!
Right. Hyeongnim, today is your birthday.
Representative said we'll have a party, so you have to come.
She said you've got to attend, no matter what.
The operation starts at 10 o'clock.
This is just too perfect!
You did tell his manager that I wanted to see him, right?
Yes. Everything has been done according to your instructions.
Just wait and see.
Today, I'll surely make him mine.
Goblin has appeared, reaching spot number 3.
Everyone, take your position.
He's coming in.
What is this?
They spent billions to build this,
and this is the kind of lighting they've got.
What is this?
You're still here?
I won't be needing you today. Go and have some rest.

=Comrade Han Myeong Wol.=
=Can you hear me?=
=Now, do what I went through with you earlier.=
=First, play the music.=
Why are you playing the music?
You... what's with you?
=And then,=
=move in the most tantalizing manner possible.=
Are you trying to seduce me?
You think you can seduce me with that?
You... what are you doing?
Do you think this will be any different?
I said there's no way!
Leave while I'm saying it nicely.
=Don't, Comrade Han Myeong Wol.=
=Just throw yourself on him. Quickly.=
I can't just leave.
Don't do it.
=Hurry, hurry! Just get on him. Hurry!=
Don't do it.
Don't do it!
Wait, let me clean the blood.
Let go!
The operation...
Wait a moment.
Let go of me!
What are you doing? Really...
I'm sorry.
There is nothing you can't do, really. You almost killed me.
I was about to go insane when you did those stupid things, but there should be a limit.

You seem to think that if you do those things, it would benefit you.
Stop dreaming!
I really can't take it anymore, I can't.
And also, if you do this kind of stuff again,
I don't care if you're my bodyguard or not...
I will dismiss you immediately!
This can't be.
What should I do?
You must succeed this time!
I can't leave it like this.
No matter what... no matter what, I must take care of this...!
=The number that you are calling has been switched off.=
Did you really convey the message properly?
I really did.
Then why hasn't he come?
How would I know that?
Apparently, Gang U oppa's manager is also looking for Myeong Wol right now.
Yes? Yes...
Eonni, (Eonni - Older sister)
they said the helicopter is running out of gas, so they have to go.
Happy Birthday!
Isn't it your birthday?
It's not my birthday, move aside.
~ Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. ~
Happy birthday to you. ~ Happy birthday to you, my dear Gang U.~
Enough, go away.
~ Happy birthday to you. ~
I said stop it!
~ Happy birthday to you. ~
I said I don't celebrate birthdays! I don't!
I don't have a birthday, satisfied?
How can such a person exist?
Would you lose a piece of meat by accepting this?
Here I come.
Did you wait long?
Here we go.
~ Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. ~
~ Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, dear Gang U. ~
You can't be like that.
Even if you think you're great, how great can you be?
I could knock you out with one punch, if you want to fight.
That foul temper of yours, it's really the worst!
Unlucky bastard!
If you're drunk, rest a bit and then go to sleep.
Yes, I'm drunk.
Do you think I'm happy doing this?
I don't want to be like this either.
Don't be like this.
We have to finish your birthday, okay?
Close your eyes.
It will be over with quickly.
Exactly why are you doing this?
I already told you, right?
Just take it as a birthday gift.
I don't deserve this stupid birthday party!
This birthday of yours, we should just finish celebrating it.
Didn't I say I don't have a birthday?
Why are you saying you don't have a birthday? Why don't you have one? Why?

My father died on that day!
Happy now?
You are really full of tricks.
Stop moving around. You're heavy...
Fight hard with our lives. Mission completed.
How much military training has she undergone?
Must get married to Gang U.
By whose permission?
This dream must be really something.
Little bastard!
You really are all kinds of trouble.
That... the helicopter has left. Gang U oppa is also not coming.
How long do I have to hold this?
Shut up!
What should we do with these?
It's such a waste...
Are you really going to keep complaining?
Why are they firing those off?
I told them, once Eonni yells,
just light the fireworks.
Hey! Get lost!
Aren't you leaving?
That's right.
Happy birthday, Lee Gang U.
It's your birthday.
I love Gang U.
I love you.
I love you.
Why did you fall for someone like me?
A mean-spirited fellow like me,
what good do you see in him?
That way, the sekgi will come. (Sekgi - Sexual Energy)
Will come...
What's coming?
You just cursed at me just now, didn't you? (Sekgi misunderstood as seki, a brat)
You are pretending to be drunk, aren't you?
Gang U hyeong, where exactly did you go last night?
You don't how hard Representative has been looking for you.
What happened?
Where were you last night? I can't even contact you.
Where exactly were you? Your phone was off too!
Are all of you lining up to ask questions?
How come so many people were looking for me?
I'm not going to ask you twice, what exactly were you doing?
Hey! You can't be like that.
Even if you think you're great, how great can you be?
I could knock you out with one punch, if you want to fight.
That foul temper of yours, it's really the worst!
Unlucky bastard!
You can't be like that.
We have to finish your birthday, okay?
Close your eyes.
It will be over with quickly.
Exactly why are you doing this?
I already told you. Move aside.
Just treat it as a birthday gift.
You are really full of tricks.
Things are like that.
But it's the truth...
The suspicious person who has been wondering around here has been apprehended.
It looks like he is part of the paparazzi.
Can't you handle this kind of thing yourself?
Let me take a look.
I will take a look and deal with it.
No need, I'll handle it.
You call that wine?
It is stronger than I had imagined.
~ Happy birthday to... ~
I said I don't celebrate birthdays! I don't!
Don't be like this.
We have to finish your birthday, okay?
I don't deserve this stupid birthday party.
This birthday of yours. We should just finish celebrating it.
Didn't I say I don't have a birthday?
Why are you saying you don't have a birthday? Why don't you have one? Why?

My father died on that day!
Happy now?
You are really full of tricks.
Stop moving around. You're heavy...
I love Gang U.
I love you.
I love you.
Why did you fall for someone like me?
A mean-spirited fellow like me,
what good do you see in him?
But, he does not look like what he seems
to be like a bad guy.
What do you think of Miss Ju In A?
I heard there's quite a few enemies.
I think Ms. Ju In A is not a bad actress...
Sekgi is...
When you look at that man, your heart will go aflutter.
"I want to make that man mine."
And when you want him for yourself,
something will arise out of that strong desire,
from the depths of your soul,
a boiling hot gi will come up.
You can only make that man fall for you when you have this.
Are you all right?
It seems I have made a wrong judgment.
The task given was too difficult for you.
No, it's not.
I feel something.
I feel it.
I feel something.
The sekgi has come up!
-=Next Episode Preview=-
Could it be that you really like that person?
That's impossible.
If your heart flutters, that means you like that person.
What? What's wrong with her?
That's really...
Today's program is completely ruined!
Any progress?
He turned his hand phone off.
She goes in and out around you, and you don't even know.
What exactly do you think you're doing?
Looks like he went up the mountain.
Up the mountain?
He usually goes there when he's upset by something...
What's this? Why is it raining?
You said Myeong Wol went to find him herself?
Comrade Han Myeong Wol's attitude has really changed.
You? Why did you come?
I have found the target.
You came because you were worried about me?
If something goes wrong, I'll be dismissed.
Don't tell me I shouldn't have come.
Have you found anything?
- His bodyguard Myeong Wol already went to find him. - What?
I really can't stand both of you anymore.
Love affair!
Love affair then marriage announcement.
This can't be.
That's it.
One month is too long!
We should have results in a week's time.
Please say something?
Are you that brave or just shameless?
You don't think I know what you're up to?
You're just trying to change your fate,
by seducing guys.
Move aside!