How to make Korean side dish: Garlic chives stir-fry [Maneol Jong]

Uploaded by KFoodAddict on 18.08.2011

Hello. This is Chloe from KFoodAddict.
Today, I will show you how to make
Garlic Chives with Dried Shrimps Stir-Fry
This is one of popular side dish in Korea.
And also my favorite:-)
Ok. Ready to go?
Let's Start!
For this recipe, you will need
So first of all, cut the garlic chives into 4cm length.
When water has finished boiling, boil the garlic chives.
with one teaspoon of salt.
Just boil them for 20seconds quickly.
Because we are going to fry them later,
So we don't want to overcook them.
20 seconds later,
cool them down with cold water.
And drain well.
While it's draining, fry shrimps on the pan without oil.
Just around 1minute.
So all the dust or excess powder is stuck on the pan as you can see.
After 1 minute, remove the shrimps from the pan.
and put some oil
Fry the garlic chives for 1minute.
Oops :-P (plz make sure to fry on the midium heat.NOT HIGH HEAT!!)
(Making an excuse:-P)
And then..
Add 1 Tbs of soy sauce.
1 Tbs of oyster sauce
1 Tbs of cooking wine
Note: better to make the sauce in advance, otherwise the garlic chives might be brunt,just like MINE..
1 Tbs of starch syrup
and some pepper.
When the sauce is a little bit left, add fried shrimps.
Then stir all together.
Finally, add 1 Ts of sesame oil
and a little of sesame seeds.
So now, it's finished.
Enjoy your dish, and thanks for watching.
Gam Sa Ham Ni Da ( 'Thank you' in Korean)