CC Gift Registry

Uploaded by CruiserCustomizing on 22.11.2010

Cruiser Customizing helps you get and give the perfect gifts this holiday season.
Kyle Bradshaw here from Cruiser Customizing here to introduce you the wishlist registry.
This is an awesome feature we introduced here in Cruiser Customizing. Come on in and take
a look.
What you can do is here in our website, on any of our product pages you can go ahead
and click enter product page, and just next to the add to cart button there's the add
to registry button. See, if you click this button it will add to your registry. I love
this for my birthday. Put your personal note in here and you can go ahead and click "add
this gift to my registry" and at this point it's gonna task me to log in.
What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna walk you through "Create a Registry step". Take a look. It's
extremely simple.
First step is to fill out all the fields in the "Create a Registry now" section. After
that, your registry is created. Then start adding items to your wishlist. Take a look.
Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and click this "Add my Gift Registry". It's gonna go ahead
and process. It's saying "Processing". It loads now it says "Add to my gifts". Now you
go ahead and view all of the items that you added to the Registry by clicking the "View
Registry" button. We're gonna go ahead and click this button to view my updated registry.
We'll take to the screen what other people see wneh they take a look at your registry.
Once logged in to the registry sharing it with your family and friends is super simple.
Go ahead and click this box that says the word "share",and it's gonna open up a window
and it's gonna give you 3 options. Choice #1 is save the date in the announcement card.
#2 is you're gonna have a friend send a registry for you. Choice # 3 is gonna make you send
personal emails using a card. What I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna choose Choice 3, and
we'll show you step by step how this process works.
First step when you choose that option is you would go ahead and choose the email with
the sign, it's gonna show up here in the window. Subject "My Birthday". Gifts that I would
like to receive "Just 30 days". Go ahead and go to step 3, and this will allow us to add
all the contacts that we want to send this particular eCard to.
So step 3 is gonna give you a couple of options. # 1 you can choose the email contact that
you want this to send to. # 2 you can send it through Facebook or # 3 you can add email
contacts. I'll send this to my buddy, and then I'm gonna click "Send eCard".
Perfect. My e-announcement has been sent and all of the items that I want to receive for
my birthday. It's really simple to get your wishes and wants confused when your friends
and family was thinking of all the other people holiday during this season; Christmas, birthdays,
weddings, any occasion you can use your wishlist for. So sign up today at
and get all of your motorcycle necessities to and out to your friends and family.