Best of Alvaro&Bea (18) - with English/Hungarian subtitles

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I think it's time to talk to Teofilo.
Mr Martin!
We would like to talk to you for a moment.
Aren't you having a good time?
Yes, we are.
Then we'll have time to talk later.
Now it's time to dance.
Come on!
Enjoy the convention of love!
I'm not good at dancing slow.
Thank goodness!
I hope we can at last talk to Mr Martin and I can go home.
My dear lovebirds, now comes the highlight of the evening:
the results of the compatibility tests.
The most compatible couple in this room is formed by
Álvaro Aguilar and Beatriz Perez.
This must be a joke.
A nightmare.
Come on! Kiss each other!
A kiss! A kiss! A kiss!
This is not the right time.
The time is always right for love.
Kiss each other so that we can see how much you love each other.
A kiss! A kiss! A kiss!
That wasn't at all a kiss. You haven't even touched each other.
A kiss! A kiss! A kiss!
I thought that passion must be hiding there.
And now so that our couple can let their passion run wild...
I'll hand over the special prize.
What special prize?
You'll see.
Follow me!
Won't you say a word all night long?
I could say a lot of things.
Now that circumstances have swept us here...
we should at least talk it over.
How could I consent to this nonsense?
What nonsense?
Gatecrashing into a party instead of making a normal business appointment with Teofilo Martin.
I've been working with you and Gonzalo for too much time.
Have I lost my senses?
Don't blame me. It's not my fault.
Who should I blame then?
My father?
You should look into yourself.
You had Teofilo right in front of you, but you didn't say a word.
I was waiting for a gentleman to open his mouth.
But in vain.
Of course.
Since you are the one who left me...
it's your task to explain why we aren't together.
Don't bring up the subject!
If you don't like it, tough!
You are the one who knows everything, aren't you?
You should have taken things in hand.
I won't argue with you.
Tomorrow we will speak to Teofilo Martin and that's it.
I'm going to bed now.
Me too.
Aren't you...
Aren't you going to sleep here, are you?
I looked around but there's only one bed.
Do you know why?
Because this is the bridal suite.
Go to the bath.
Go you!
Hey, dad!
Bea, darling!
Where are you?
Santi and I have already had dinner.
Something has come up.
We will have to spend the night here.
Álvaro and me, dad.
How come Álvaro?
Are you going to stay at the same hotel as that wretch?
Don't worry!
I do worry, Beatriz.
You can't trust that swine, darling!
I have everything under control.
Trust me, dad! I'll call you tomorrow, okay?
Be careful, darling!
I kiss you.
What's this?
Maybe the Great Wall of China?
No. This is a simple retaining wall.
I won't go over to your side. Don't worry!
But you won't come over to my side, either.
Don't worry!
Will you sleep with your clothes on?