Porsche 959 vs Porsche 911 Turbo S (997)

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This is what happens when old people like me drive their childhood dream car.
The Porsche 959.
One of the many supercars that were build in the eighties.
This was the first supercar that unleashed a rage of supercars.
Compared to the current cars, the 959 still is incredibly fast.
But who is your daddy, the old or the fast?
The 959 is the father of all Porsche's 4WD turbo cars.
Impressive, but so is this: the 911 turbo S.
Ridiculously fast, 530 bhp, so the acceleration...
0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in 3.3 seconds, 0-200 kph (0-125bmph) in 10.8 seconds.
Originally, the 959 was designed as a group B rally car.
But by the time it was released in 1985 group B was dissolved because of the high amount of fatal accidents.
Porsche then decided to drive it at Dakar, and even won Dakar in 1986.
In order to build rally cars in the eighties, you also had to build homologation models.
Cars for public roads.
Porsche build 286 of these, which were quite expensive.
In local currency, this was 485.000 Deutsche Mark.
For the Netherlands it cost 700.000 guilders, including taxes.
This is about 400.000 Euros ($510.000).
I need to turn, because I've got no idea what's holding him up.
He probably stalled it.
It won't start.
It may have to do with my driving, but I think it has to do with the immobiliser.
It's a start-stop, this was the first start-stop wasn't it?
This was the first start-stop, with an emphasis on stop.
How much does the turbo cost, 200...?
- 21.. in total.
So basically they're the same price. - Yes
Which one keeps it value?
That's pretty obvious.
And which one is preferable, the 959. - Really?
It really brings you places...
The 959 has got more character than a vulgar turbo S.
It's just so boring, and then it's black too.
On terms of emotion...
- This is what Sjoerd likes.
Burgundy brown with grey/silver, it's quite epical.
I really hoped the cassette-tape played "Modern talking".
That song belongs with this car.
I had to back up, and probably didn't step on the gas enough because it stalled and went dead.
I think the battery is broken.
That's a reassurance. - I thought so.
20 minutes waiting is nothing with weather like this.
With help from the Volkswagen...
... what's it called, Up?
How humiliating.
With current standards, the 959 still is a supercar.
0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in 3.7 seconds, almost as fast as a carrera GT.
A top speed of 319 kph (198 mph) and 450 bhp, which isn't even that much.
But knowing it has 2 turbos and at 5000 rmp this happens...
In the meantime we're going to play some music.
An original, this is nice isn't it,...
... TDK sa90.
How does it go back in, like this?
You have to be quite nostalgic if you genuinely find cassette-tapes interesting.
Look, 400 cassette-tapes.
And they're free too.
Still the 959 didn't become the icon it should've been.
This has only one reason:...
... the Ferrari F40.
Six months after the 959, Italy answered with the epical F40.
It didn't crush this car, but it was faster, lighter; the F40 was better in every way and cast a shadow on the 959.
That's quite a shame actually.
One thing, the brakes are also made in 1986 which means you need to step and work hard...
... and be extra careful.
He's a little older, and old people like to drive an automatic gearbox...
...so maybe we should've swapped cars.
Even more so, I am going to swap cars because I need to drive the 959.
It's hard for me, all this old crap.
Hope I'm not going to stall it.
He accelerates in third gear...
... it isn't an automatic gearbox so he doesn't understand, it's made before he was born.
What a machine, quite extraordinary.
This offsets my story, but on terms of experience...
...10 points...
... barely making 6 points.
It's bizarre.
Especially when it's in high rpm, it starts making a lot more noise and accelerates much better.
Then you remember that the brakes aren't that good.
Simply amazing.
There are people that don't stall it.
How did you do when you drove off? - I didn't stall it, I drove off onto the dike straight away.
So it is possible? - Yes, it is possible.
But it isn't Sjoerd's fault of course.