Honey (8/10) Movie CLIP - Honey Rejects Michael (2003) HD

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Happy birthday.
[ Michael ] This is a nice crib, huh?
Oh. Hey, Michael. You scared me.
- What areyou doing? - l'm just looking.
- At the house? - [ Chuckles ]
No, l'm looking atyou.
[ Chuckles ] That's the cognac speaking. Here. Thanks.
You know, the first time l ever sawyou, l said to myself.
''That girl is so fine.''
Quit playin'. Who's playing? l'm not playing.
No, seriously. No, seriously.
Come on. Stop. Stop! Stop!
Get offofme.
Bitch, howyou gonna play me like that?
Oh. Oh, l see. l see. You're one ofthose.
l'm not one ofanything. l'm just not up for this.
What about, ''l owe you so much, Michael''? ''You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Michael.''
Professionally, yeah.
All right. That was all talk. That was all talk, right?
Just soyou could get ahead in life? No, no, stay. Don't leave.
You made it. You're here. Stay.
Look, it's a fancy party. You came in a fancy car.
You're drunk.
l'm gonna doyou a favor.
l'm gonna pretend like none ofthis happened.
See you on Monday.