Os Barbixas - Improvável - Cenas Improváveis 2 (com Marcio Ballas e Allan Benatti)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 13.08.2009

"Improbable Scenes", the 4 of you stand up!
You all suggested scenes, and they're in this box.
Anyone who has an idea steps up and I'll ring the bell when it's over.
"Worst things to read on a tattoo"
"I'll be back tomorrow"
To finish the tatto...
"I'm mamma's darling"
"Paradise is on the other side"
"A probable talk between the sun and the moon"
Hi! Bye!
Fly me to the moon.
And let me play among those stars.
Let me see what spring is like...
"World's worst sales promotion"
Come to the hair saloon of Marcio Ballas!
You can't miss this, join us in this offer: 12 jet-skis by the price of 10!
Collect all the cupons, mail to us, and you'll spend an afternoon with him!
This offer is for you! Collect 4 cupons, mail them to us. You'll recieve a stamp.
With 4 stamps, you'll get a bottle. If you drink the whole bottle, plus 4 bottles
You get a breastpin. 4 breast pins and you can get a car!
If you crash this car into 4 lampposts...
"Let's go to heaven" offer! You just have to die again...
If you buy this great DVD now, you'll receive for free this VCR...
If you buy this 12-position folding ladder,
you'll get my wife, who only does 1!
"Worst advices from an F1 engineer"
I think the best pilot is Barrichello.
And that was the joke.
I really think we have to reconsider our staff.
"Probable conversation between a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine Alexandre"
Where is this moron Alexandre?
Not talking very much now, right?
"Probable conversation between a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine"
You only suck?
Hey baby, wanna dance?
- Again, that was the joke? - Yeah.
No. You can dance alone!
Hey, honey. How you're doing? Have you done my laundry?
He was dusting...
"Thing's you shouldn't do when you're on fire"
I'm burning! I'm burning!
"Gas Station"
Help me! Help me!
Let´s take the chance that I´m hot now!
Come on, you didn't like this one too?
"Things your dad does that makes you think he's a serial killer"
Son, everything is under control. First, kerosene.
What about the flame?
Help me! Help me!
Daddy! Daddy! Here's the paper.
Very well, my son...
What the fuck, guys?
And then, my son, he took the knife...
And killed the 3 little pigs!
Son! Today I will teach you how to dance!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
We'll be selling a Dictionary at the hall
for you to understand Daniel's jokes on the next Improvável.
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.