Squaresville - Ep. 10 Tele-marathon: Squaresville (w/ Mary Kate Wiles & Kylie Sparks)

Uploaded by squaresvilleseries on 20.07.2012

Did you see Charlie Sean fall asleep in English today?
It's like clockwork.
Why is he so sleepy all the time?
He's up all night gaming.
His clan is nationally ranked.
says he wants to go pro.
That's cool.
Should I learn how to play the accordion?
you could play the polka festival circuit.
Yeah, I could.
I would make a great crooked top, but you don't own a leather jacket.
I'd steal one.
So that super old guy who hangs out at the drug store?
Totally friended me on Facebook today.
All of his pictures are in front of the drug store.
It's like he lives there.
Maybe he owns it?
I think he's These are personal.
I was going to start a pod cast about video game music.
Then I realized there're already so many good ones.
Why bother.
I know I bet if I tried, I could sleep for three days straight.
The Yogo Gogo's hiring.
You only have to restock the fruit
in the tree every couple You don't need a job.
What would you spend your money on?
I've been thinking about it and I think I would be pretty in the zombie apocalypse.
Have you ever tried wearing all of your clothes at once?
You know, it'd be pretty
funny if I filed my front two teeth into fangs.
had a mustache.
What if I had
my genes spliced with a
pandas and a person?
Do you remember that
day that I got really sic Get your house.
And your mom had to take me to the hospital and I got my appendix out.
We built the slip and slide that day.
I only got one turn.
I think it burst my appendix.
That day was pretty good.
You almost died.
Only almost.
You'd think that after hanging out
all the time, we would be sick of each other.
We're not.
What's the longest you've ever talked on the phone or hung out with a friend.
Tell us in the comments below.
Five lucky people will win a Squaresville sticker.
And don't forget to help us fight the robots.
Thanks guys.
Say your prayers.
See you next week.