Ron Paul In UC Berkeley,California LISTEN LIVE

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Hello yes
yeahhhh wow
Never in my wildest dreams that think I will introducing one of my heroes
turn it up One of the thousands in Berkeley of
all places woooooo
Clearly there's a lot of excitement about the ideas of
Liberty even the most unlikely those places Introducing Myself
My name is Jasey Kevin and I am the President of Students for Liberty
here at UC Berkeley We are on Berkeley Libertarian Party
I gotta tell when i founded this club three years ago
turn it up turn it up
turn it up can we get the volume up
alright when i founded this club three years ago
i thought it will social suicide i mean being a Libertarian
and the people through public of berkeley and a while
to a con jurying i have been amazed how embrace this school has been
and there is only one man i think that
have to take a lot of credit COngressmen Dr.Ron Paul
president paul president paul
yeah by the way
if your in if your berkeley student interested in ron paul's message
we encourage you to attend our meetings um every 7 pm every tuesday
or vist our website at
as for registration we have a lot people
doing in vote in registration here we encouraged you to vote republican
and vote ron paul yeahhh!
now older generations often ask why will young people
are so attracted to the congressmen's fully message
i say it because in our age in victory my generations has begining to realized
the sickle major of politics that who matter who we elect
republicans democrafts
bush obama
we're left with the same polices more wars
more bailouts and less individual liberties
boooooo but then
when browsing youtube one day many of us discovered the only congressmen
who sensationally still firm our freedoms congressmen ron paul
yeahhhh instead of running up our nation's debt
congressmen paul has constantly voted for less taxes
and spending on kronies policies
like bailouts and subsidies
instead of encouraging warmongering
abroad dr.paul has been the strongest opponent of our
the utah's
war terror on congress