[Eng / CN Subs] Hello f(x) Ep04 100508 Part 2

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Let's follow f(x)'s NU ABO
waist movement also
lightly face patting movement also
shoulder patting movement, perfect!
Do you want to see the Bom dance?
it's not bong it's bom
Let's show everyone our individual bom dance
Krystal's bom dance first
The face should be expressionless
let's have a expressionless one first
(This is Krystal's bom dance) This is expressionless, such a unique dance
(Amber's bom dance)
(Key point is lightly swinging your buttom) Shake shake shake... buttom twist twist
(Amber dancing it shyly) You did great
(Shy Shy)
(Next one is Victoria's bom dance)
(Key point is hitting your head from left to right) This is like come hit my head
(Sulli's bom dance) Shoulder move
(patting shoulder) very good
(Today's most interesting part is Luna's bom dance)
Bom dance highlight
wait... wait...
Hold this while you dance
(Victoria hoping to add more feel to it)
(Key point is?)
No expression, shaking the shoulders
(Upper body randomly dancing)
This is funnier if it's done by a group
Let's do it together
Group play
If you want to be f(x) learn the bom dance first
f(x)'s new album is releasing soon
(Congratulation, f(x) mini album big sell) Congratulation!
There's a total of 6 songs
Mr. Boogie, Ice Cream
f(x) mini album seem very interesting
Stop we can only sing up to here
Surprise party... It's surprise party
Sorry is a song sang by Luna unnie and me
the lyric is about expressing their apologies to dad
a little sworrow
can you sing a bit of it?
Are you in the mood to sing it?
(Luna's strong vocal can make one's heart bitter)
(Sulli added a sigh to the lyric)
(Turn over)
(The trio playing crazily)
Just like this the song is sorrow
We f(x) who are away from parents for our activities misses them so much
when recording this song there was such a strong feel
This time f(x) seem have become stronger
we feel so grateful
We feel half nervous and half uneasy also... half Sulli
What? Are you playing a relay phrase game?
also there's pressure
so nervous
Let's work hard together
Everyone's anticipated f(x)'s new song Nu ABO
Everyone gets to see the dance first from today's episode
(Few days later) Where is this place?
Are we going to experience the filming of the MV?
(Staffs who are busying) Why are these people so busy?
(Where is this empty place?) Wait... Love f(x)?
So does this mean this place is...
This is f(x) mini album hit song Nu ABO MV shooting place
This is f(x)'s new song Nu ABO filming place
But what does Nu ABO means? Does it mean more pretty?
Isn't there's only 4 types of blood type
it means the 5th blood type has appeared
Nu ABO means
Nu pronounce the same as New where as ABO is the blood type together it means new blood
Includes all of f(x)'s charms altogether in this song
Everyone remembered right?
shake... shake... jump... jump...
Seriously working hard dancing to the choreography
The lyric is very cute
the music is very powerful and has a strong beat
when you listen to it you feel like moving
Monitoring after their filming
Look at the leg movement, is that correct?
MV was filmed harder than what it expected
because of a small mistake the members had to film it again
Aja aja aja fighting!
(Start filming again)
(f(x) who have difficulties to calm their nervousness)
Leaving the cute girl image
emphasizing their strong matured charm
this MV can be said included f(x)'s strong world,
individual personalities and style
Inconclusion f(x) creating a new world story, Nu ABO
This voice is so nice
Later on we have this manga style way of shooting
this is a new way of filming
we haven't tried it before so I'm looking forward to it, want to quickly experience it
This is the manga style filming that Luna was looking forward to it
That... Who's that?
So mystical
Director what's the next step?
Please look after f(x)
This is the clothing change scene
Just have to follow Amber from behind
Filming starts again
(Follow me)
(This is the scene)
Hello f(x)
Please look carefully that Victoria unnie's eyelashes
Victoria are your eyelashes glowing?
Will this be a fashion?
Will be popular