Slamm Pro 2 Scooter Explained -

Uploaded by SkatesCoUk on 13.01.2012

Hi, welcome to, my name's Ben and I'm going to talk today about the Slamm Pro 2 scooter.
This is bascially the top of end of Slamm's stunt scooter range.
Working from the top down, we've got these lovely Y-bars which have the additional struts for extra strength
So when you're riding you're much less likely to cause any damage. Going down you've got the lovely anodized quad clamp.
Then you've got the lovely Outbreak deck as well, which is a win. You've got a threaded headset and a threaded fork.
Then you've got 100mm wheels which are metal core, and have ABEC 7 chrome bearings in.
So you're going to get a really nice smooth ride with that. You've got the lovely one piece deck.
This has been reinforced, and joined together at the weld points here and here.
You've got a spring action brake as well, which you apply using your rear foot.
Overall this is a great scooter for intermediate and pro riders, if you've got a bit of a budget this is probably the one for you
and if you've got a bit of experience and need a hard tougher scooter, this is probably the one for you.
If you have any further questions or need any help, just give us a shout at Thanks, bye.