West Wing Week 9/30/11 or "Set Your Sights High"

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Stage Director: Three, two, one...
(In Unison): Esta semana en el West Wing!
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Narrator: Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide
to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This week, the President announced
reforms to "No Child Left Behind"; traveled to California to hold a town hall on job growth
at LinkedIn; spoke on what the American Jobs Act could mean for America's schools; and
gave his third annual "Back to School Address." That's September 23rd to September 29th or
"Set Your Sights High!"
The President: Your country is depending on you. Set your
sights high. Have a great school year. Let's get to work!
Narrator: On Friday, September 23rd, the President announced
important new reforms to "No Child Left Behind." These reforms, encouraged by leaders on both
sides of the aisle, including the Republican Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, will improve
the quality of learning and teaching and prepare the next generation of Americans to succeed
in the global economy.
The President: Today as many as a quarter of our students
aren't finishing high school. We have fallen to 16th in the proportion of young people
with a college degree even though we know that 60% of new jobs in the coming decade
will require more than a high school diploma. I've urged Congress, for a while now, let's
get a bipartisan effort, let's fix this. Congress hasn't been able to do it... So, I will! Our
kids only get one shot at a decent education. They cannot afford to wait any longer. So
given that Congress cannot act, I am acting!
Narrator: On Saturday night, the President donned a
black tie to address the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Phoenix Awards.
?? (Hail to the Chief) ??
The President: These Republicans in Congress like to talk
about job creators? How about doing something real for job creators; pass this Jobs Bill
and every small business owner in America, including 100,000 black-owned businesses,
will get a tax cut. You say you're the party of tax cuts? Pass this Jobs Bill and every
worker in America, including nearly 20 million African-American workers, will get a tax cut!
Pass this Jobs bill and prove you'll fight just as hard for a tax cut for ordinary folks
as you do for all your contributors! (cheers and applause)
Narrator: On Monday, a Silicon Valley-based online networking
site, LinkedIn, presented a town hall meeting with the President on putting America back
to work. The President answered questions about job creation and the economy from a
live audience as well as from LinkedIn members submitting questions online from across the
Jeff Weiner: We have everything we need to begin to put
this country back to work: The raw materials; the basic building blocks; and perhaps, most
importantly, the will of a nation! What we need is the way. With the American Jobs Act
our President is leading the way.
The President: We're successful because somebody invested
in our education; somebody built schools; somebody created incredible universities.
The reason I do these kinds of events is I want you to hear from me directly; I want
to hear from you directly. But I also want your voices heard in the halls of Congress!
Narrator: On Tuesday, the President headed to Denver
and visited a local high school named after President Abraham Lincoln. During his visit,
the President highlighted his proposal to put workers back on the job by rebuilding
and modernizing schools all across the country.
The President: We need to do everything we can to make sure
our students can compete with any students anywhere in the world. And every child deserves
a great school and we can give it to 'em! (cheering) We can rebuild our schools for
the 21st Century with faster Internet and smarter labs and cutting-edge technology.
And that won't just create a better learning environment for students, it'll create good
jobs for local construction workers right here in Denver and all across Colorado, and
all across the country. Bridges need renovations; roads need renovations; we need to lay broadband
lines in rural areas. So my question to Congress is, what on earth are you waiting for? Let's
get to work! (cheers and applause)
Narrator: On Wednesday, September 28th, the President
participated in a roundtable discussion with Internet-based Hispanic news outlets and answered
questions submitted online by Americans across the country. He then delivered his third annual
"Back to School Speech" at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, D.C.,
encouraging students to study hard so they can reach their very fullest potential and
take the country to new heights.
The President: So all of you have a lot on your plates. You
guys are growing up faster and interacting with a wider world in a way that old folks
like me, frankly, just didn't have to. So today I don't want to be just another adult
who stands up and lectures you like you're just kids, because you're not just kids; you're
this country's future! You're young leaders! And whether we fall behind or race ahead as
a nation is going to depend in large part on you.
Narrator: On Thursday, the President sat down for interviews
with television reporters from Nashville, Tennessee, Greensboro, North Carolina, and
Orlando, Florida, to talk about how the American Jobs Act would create jobs and put more money
in the pockets of middle-class families in those communities. To find out more information
on any of these topics or to see complete videos of these events, go to WhiteHouse.gov.
And thanks again for checking out your West Wing Week!
The President: Who's got a Sharpie? Hey, have you got a Sharpie
on 'ya?
Child: Me, I have a Sharpie!
Child: I have a Sharpie!
The President: Hold on, I've got to sign this!