How to get rid of saggy and droopy skin around the Knees

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Erin: Hi, it's Erin Page and today I wanted to talk about sagging knees. I don't know
about some of you out there but over time I've noticed that around my kneecap area that
I was starting to get a little bit of wrinklage and some sagging. I did some research and
the cause of that is actually a loss of collagen and elastin within the skin. Plus, if you
don't keep the muscles toned and keep them worked, those muscles start to shrink and
that skin around it is not held tight and taunt so therefore you have saggy knees. I
want to do something about it before it gets too bad. I'm here today with the Myosource
Bands and the Kinetic Bands and we're going to show you how to build those muscles and
to keep them going. It even just... Speaker 2: That's the first thing I was going
to tell you to do is just raise that knee up and come back down. Now the key is are
you feeling it in any of the areas you were talking about?
Erin: I am right here, right above the knee. Speaker 2: Is that putting any stress on the
knee? Erin: No.
Speaker 2: Okay, so it's working now. Now let's try this. Does that feel like it's doing
anything and does it... Erin: I feel it a little bit here and I'm
also feeling it on the inner thigh which is good as well.
Speaker 2: Let's try this. If you can just...kind of like that. That's probably going to be
more of a hamstring but what I'm trying to find out from you is does that target any
of the area that you're talking about around that knee? If it doesn't, that's okay.
Erin: Not as much. I definitely... Speaker 2: It may be a lighter effect than...some
people think I got to have pain in order to get benefit, but it could just be a
you should get hamstring, hip, and butt right there. Now let's try this. I want you to point
the toe out like that because I want it to relax the knee. Tell me does that affect any
of the areas? Erin: Yes it does.
Speaker 2: We should be getting upper thigh hip flexors right here. Right in there. Do
you feel that too? Erin: Yep.
Speaker 2: What about that area in the saggy knees?
Erin: Yes, definitely. Inside of the thigh for sure.
Speaker 2: What's happening with the bands is the bands are basically engaging from the
knees to the abs. The idea about having them above the knee is to take the stress off the
knee, but we may be able to accomplish the same goal with that. Again, we're just looking
for stuff. Stand like this and point those toes out just a little bit. Everything I do
when I point the toes out is take the stress off the knee. Let's come down and see if that
should get you quad. It will get you some butt action, some hamstring. I want to see
if you feel it in an area that you're talking about.
Erin: Right along...and still, there's no stress on the knees so this is good.
Speaker 2: The key is I think we can sit here and do 100 different things. Having done this
for so long, I pretty well know what it targets. Let's try this. Again, see what we may be
doing is you feel that in the quad? Erin: Yes.
Speaker 2: Lower or upper? Erin: Lower.
Speaker 2: Lower, okay so towards that area. What we're doing is we're trying to draw that
skin back up towards the sort of up and see if that tightens it. Then we'll cut down on
that sag. Again, I'm learning as we go because this is the first I've ever been exposed to
it. Erin: I think the women viewers are really
going to take this seriously because you see it in the tabloid magazines all the time.
I read that surgery costs like $2,500. Who wants to spend $2,500 on a surgery. Plus,
the knee actually is a hard place to hide scars unlike a lift.
Speaker 2: What we're trying to do too is...I get a lot of people who are like I can't exercise
a lot because I have bad knees. That's totally opposite of what you should be doing. What
you want to do is I want to strengthen your thighs, your hamstrings, your glutes or your
butt, your abs, your lower back and your hips, and then that will take the stress off your
knees to give them a chance to heal. You know what a lunge is. I want you to forward lunge
and tell me where you feel that and tell me where that helps you. You shouldn't be stretching
out that upper part but I'm looking for your guidance.
Erin: I'm actually feeling it right in here with the bands, right through here.
Speaker 2: There's no stress and you feel like that part of the saggy knees... those
were helping it. I want you to take about three towards me. Now you should be getting
some quad action, a little bit of glute action. Now I want you to stand there and I want you
to go backwards. It's harder. It works more balance and coordination and I want to see
if that helps in that area. We're getting three or four things with one exercise.
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