Happy Gilmore (1/9) Movie CLIP - Cut and Dumped (1996) HD

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number 52,
number 1 6--
They saw my power. Ain't no way they're gonna dog me this year.
Number 9 and number 43.
The rest of you,
if your number wasn't called, better luck next year.
Oh, hey, Coach, what's goin' on here, man? What about me?
Gilmore. Hmm. I, uh, called your number, didn't I?
No, no, no, no, you didn't.
Oh. Well, better luck next year. [ Laughing ]
[ All Laughing ]
That wasn't very nice! What are ya doin'? [ Grunting ]
[ All Shouting ] Get him off!.
- [ Grunting ] - [ Coach ] Somebody help me!
[ Screaming ] You think you're better than me?
[ Bell Dings ] Hey, where ya goin'? I got us Subway.
I already ate. Uh, well,
I went to high school with a guy who worked there, so we got extra meatball.
Great. I gotta run. See you later. Can you stick around?
I kinda had a rough day. Bye.
When are you gettin' back? Never.
Terry, wait! Wait! Hold on a second, babe.
- Yeah. - You're not goin' for good, are ya, honey?
You're goin' nowhere, Happy, and you're takin' me with you.
All you ever talk about is bein' a pro hockey player, but there's a problem:
- You're not any good. - I am good!
You know what? You're a lousy kindergarten teacher!
I've seen those finger paintings you bring home, and they suck!
I'm sorry, babe. I didn't mean that.
I-I-I think they're excellent finger paintings.
Please don't go. I am not...
spending the rest of my life with a loser.
I'm gone. Good. Then get the hell out of my life!
Who needs you? Beat it! Leave me alone!
I'm sorry, babe. I didn't mean that either.
I-I just yell sometimes 'cause I get so scared,
scared of bein' a nobody.
Why don't you just come back upstairs, honey?
I'll give you the old smoochy-smoo kissy-wissy.
Hmm? You know Happy's gonna make everything okay.
[ Moaning ]
# I wanna kiss you all over #
#And over and again #
# I wanna kiss you all over #
## [ Imitating Guitars ]
# 'Til the night closes in #
# 'Til the night closes in #
- Terry! - [ Exile ] ## 'Til the night closes in ##