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Episode 14
What are you doing here? going to move out.
I'm going to get in your way.
It's a relief that Joon Gu works so hard.
My dad likes him a lot too.
Now, I should help my father at his restaurant with Joon Gu.
You like him? Bong Joon Gu?
Of course I do. He liked only me for 4 years.
If someone says they like you, then you just like them like that too?
Why? I can't do that?
I'm tired of having a crush now.
I want to see a guy that likes me. I like Joon Gu.
You... like me.
You can't like anyone but me.
What is this, that confidence?
Am I not right?
Yes, you're right!
I only like you.
So what am I supposed to do? You don't ever see me. Someone like me...
Don't say that you like another guy.
That's the second one.
Second what?
It's the third.
It's fine.
I'm not going to count any more.
It's still not that time. They're kids.
There is no need for that.
Just because there are marriage talks, doesn't mean anything is going to happen right away.
It will be uncomfortable, no, I'm the one who is uncomfortable.
Gi Dong-shii !
Thanks for what you've done. Twice already...
I will definitely pay you back.
Oh dear! What happened to you two?
You'll catch a cold. Hurry, go upstairs and get changed.
Oh Ha Ni is going to move out.
I have something to say.
To me?
Well, get changed first, then. . .
I . . . want to marry Oh Ha Ni.
Seung Jo...
Of course, not right away, but after we graduate, and Father's company is in a better state,
if you were to approve, Father.
A... are you being serious now?
You already know, but our Ha Ni is not very good at anything.
I know.
And she is not very bright.
I know.
And she can't cook.
I know it well.
She's careless and accident prone.
The best.
Even so,
she's bright and is very good about doing the right thing.
She has a cute side to her.
Yes. I know it very well.
Well since Ha Ni likes you so much.
Ha Ni!
It really turned out well! This is great!
Hey Baek Seung Jo! Why are you so cool?
What to do?
Ha Ni!
I knew it would be like this.
You didn't go to sleep?
It stopped raining.
Since it stopped raining, the sky seems clearer.
That's right.
You're not cold?
I'm going to sleep first.
What is it?
It's just that if you go to sleep like this, once it's morning,
"What if you go back to being the cold Baek Seung Jo?" That is what I was thinking.
Then, do you want us to sleep together tonight?
N... No. It's not like that.
Right. Let's just wait for a while.
I couldn't even imagine it,
that you would come to like me.
Me too.
I like you.
I like you very very much.
Mom, would you stop it?
Hey! Shh!
Don't be like this... Joon Gu...
Hey, don't.
I told you to not do this Joon Gu!
Why did I do that?!
If I come onto her all of a sudden like that, then her feelings for me will just drop.
Joon Gu, really, what is wrong with you?
You're not sleeping?
Ha Ni...
I did wrong yesterday.
Eat this and forgive me, okay?
Someone is already here?
Hey Joon Gu!
Why are you here already?
Oh Chef, did you go to the morning market?
Yeah, that's right.
But what is all of this? This early in the morning?
Why are you packing a lunch?
Hey, there are even chicken wings.
I was preparing it to give to Ha Ni.
Ha Ni?
Ah, yes.
Actually, I ... to Ha Ni ... It's nothing!
This is so fancy.
They've got titles to them too.
This is sweetened with honey so it's called "Oh Ha Ni."
Oh. Ha. Ni.
The focus of this one is the fried chicken wings so it's called, "Bong Joon Gu!"
Oh Ha Ni, Bong Joon Gu
How about we make a Sok Pal Book Lunch box?
Sok Pal Book Lunch box?
Ah, let me think about it.
Oh Ha Ni~ Bong Joon Gu~ !
What? Is this a joke?
It's the truth!
He said it right in front of all of the adults!
Baek Seung Jo?
Not Bong Joon Gu?
Why? Why does he want to marry you suddenly?
I'm not sure. Maybe he finally realized my feelings.
He found out it was love. A story like that.
Then are you going to get married right away?
It's still far away Not before we graduate.
Wow, Oh Ha Ni, that's great!
Hey! I want to make you my life's mentor!
What's wrong with you!
Anyway, Congratulations The crush you had for 4 years is finally paying off!
So you finally did it!
You like it that much?!
Yeah, she's loving it!
Ah, then... what about Bong Joon Gu?
Ah, right. And Yoon Hae Ra...?
Seung Jo said he's gonna tell Hae Ra.
And I have to tell Joon Gu.
Oh Ha Ni?
Oh Ha Ni / Baek Seung Jo After 4 years of passionate love, finally the engagement.
I wonder who confessed first? It must be Oh Ha Ni.
It came faster than I thought
I knew that someday you would figure out your true feelings, but
this day came sooner than I thought.
I didn't know either that this was going to happen.
Did you know?
Your mother knew too, didn't she?
Oh Ha Ni was really difficult.
It was like solving a problem with no answer.
That's why it was so hard.
But you didn't want to admit that, right?
That Baek Seung Jo had a problem that, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find an answer to.
How come you know me so well?
But now it isn't hard anymore?
It was hard when I was trying not to be shaken by those feelings
But when I admitted, "I've completely given up to this kid."
Once I surrendered to that, it's not hard any more.
Now it's fun.
Hey! You came to apologize, but aren't you just bragging too much?
Is that so?
Okay. I'm sincerely apologizing.
But I wasn't joking around.
I really thought we two would match well.
When I was with you, I was really comfortable.
You were running away from Oh Ha Ni and finding comfort in me right?
I'm sorry.
You're not saying you weren't.
But what to do?
"I'm fine." I can't say that.
Okay. I've accepted it.
Congratutlations on your marriage.
It's still far away!
I'm congratulating you early then.
What is this? I'm trying to throw away my feelings.
Why is your hand so warm?
You're really a nice girl.
I know.
Joon Gu, let's eat.
I don't feel like it. Go ahead.
Does a person working in the cafeteria bother to think about eating?
While we're not busy we have to eat and clean up. Hurry and come.
Oh, what's that?
It looks like a lunch box.
Is he saying he doesn't feel like it since he brought his lunch?
- Hey, is this octopus or rice cake? - It's rice cake!
Look at the way he wrapped this meat?!
I bet it's delicious!
It's really delicious!
I'm being truly honest when I say this... apart from how Bong looks...
I can't believe it's to this point!
I would pay over 10 times to eat this.
I feel the same way. It's so good.
Joon Gu you could sell this right away!
Quit that noodle place and let's open up a lunch box shop?! What do you think?!
Ha Ni, have you eaten?
I don't know.
I should have told him in person first.
I left after what happened last night too.
Did Seung Jo tell her yet?
It seemed like Hae Ra really liked Seung Jo a lot, too.
That's probably why she was like that to me.
Why is dating so difficult?
"Oh Ha Ni, Baek Seung Jo"?!
"After 4 years of passionate love, finally the engagement"?!
What does this Oh Ha Ni look like?!
What does she look like that she was able to accomplish this feat?!
That's freaking amazing!
But she's so ugly, she's really ugly!
I like you.
Let's just take a chance,
on each other.
Let's... start.
You're a really fine woman.
Where are the beverages?
Ah, yeah.
She must be really thirsty.
I have to know what she likes so that I can buy it. Water?
No, not water. It's not cold!
Oh this is cold, this is cold!
I don't even know if she likes that.
A drink like this?!
Just because she was exercising doesn't mean I can give her a sports drink! Coke, Coke, Coke!
Ah, right, Diet Coke.
That would imply that she has to lose weight.
There's nothing for her to lose! What should I buy?
Excuse me!
When you're really thirsty, what do you like to drink?
Yoon Hae Ra, why are you like this, really?
Are you okay?
It was cool, earlier on...
I'm thirsty.
Why won't this open!
Should I open it up for you?
It's fine.
Ah. It's really annoying.
It's okay if you sob,
I'm okay with it.
Don't hold it back.
Ha Ni, I really
wanted to do this together with you.
You are my life's
navigation system
You guide me through
the paths I have to..
to take.
Yes, Chef!
I'm out for some fresh air now .
Yes, I understand. I'll be coming back now.
Make sure to clean up nicely before you go in.
I understand -Good job today - Good job today.
Great job.
You came!
Good thing you came.
Chef left his wallet. Where was it...Oh here it is.
The colour is pretty. What is it?
Joon Gu, I ...
I have something to say.
I'm sorry, but
today you have to go home.
I'm really busy.
Bong Joon Gu. Let's have a talk.
You must be kidding.
What do I have to talk with you about?
Just go.
Then I'll say it right here.
like Oh Ha Ni.
We don't need your permission to date, but
it's important for Ha Ni.
It would be good if you let it go.
If you let her go, everything will be fine.
That's something stupid to say.
Let go... let go of what?
Hey Baek Seung Jo.
All this time you've been so mean to Ha Ni.
Now what are you trying to say?
It seems like you don't know,
but for 4 years, I liked Ha Ni.
Joon Gu.
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry?
Of course I'm sorry
and thankful.
But I really...
It's fine.
Don't say it.
I already know.
I already saw it.
Ah Oh Ha Ni, really...
You really have no taste in guys.
Later,even if you regret it,
I'm not going to give in.
Will you be okay with that?
See? You can't even respond quickly enough.
Baek Seung Jo.
What are you going to do?
Ha Ni isn't able to respond.
I'm getting nervous.
Seung Jo.
Just know that I'm always going to be watching you.
If you make tears come out of Ha Ni's eyes,
I'll make bloody tears come out of your eyes.
I'll keep that in mind.
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What is this?
Get in.
What car is this?
It's a company car. I'm using it for now.
It just didn't feel right in my father's car.
it's nice!
Then should we go driving?
Don't think like that. This car is for company use only.
Something to eat while you drink.
Yes, Joon Gu?
You know, I ...
wanted to call you Father.
I truly wanted to call you "Father-in-law."
My father-in-law.
I'm really sorry about what happened with your grand daughter.
It's all my fault.
Collapsing and all. Seung Jo may be reliable, but he's still very young.
He's not ...
You don't need to beat around the bush.
My investment was on the line, and since that all happened, my investment is no longer there.
It's simple.
But still... the game is almost complete and you really enjoyed it...
I'm not that great of a person.
I can't separate how I feel and what I'm supposed to do!
Since there was interest, the game is probably liked.
Seung Jo!
Did you come to witness the punishment for yourself?
No. I settled the matter with your granddaughter myself.
Today, I came to talk about business.
Seung Jo.
Saying sorry for what happened, I don't think Hae Ra would want that.
For whatever reason, putting herself in a hurtful position...
a position to accept an apology, I don't think she'd like it.
I have a similar personality so I know her quite well.
So? You're not going to apologize for Hae Ra but you still want me to invest?
Seung Jo!
Please invest,
but you don't necessarily need to invest in our company.
Our game, we can pass it on to a different company,
or your company can service it completely.
Wherever it may be, please allow us to have game service.
For the last 2 months our employees have worked day and night, even forgoing their paychecks.
They worked very hard,
and the results came out nicely.
It's fine if you throw out our company, but please at least allow this game to see the spotlight,
and please save our developers.
To give up on those below me because you dislike me...
It's childish?
You're teaching me right now, aren't you?
It's not that.
Baek Seung Jo! I don't like you.
I'm very sorry.
You should at least plead for something.
Invest in us or it's the end for us.
I did wrong with Hae Ra. Please forgive me.
You need to plead like that, rascal.
That way I'll waver and sign the contract.
Yes, President?
Bring the stamp (used to sign contracts).
Thank you very much.
You can't mooch off my money.
Pay me back multiples.
Yes, I'll do that.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So the launch is next week?
As long as there are no problems.
Seung Jo you're amazing.
I'm really indebted to you this time.
I was very surprised.
Made me wonder whether you are really my son.
You're cool.
But you can't brag in front of me.
Do you think I've been through this only once or twice?
Yes, it must have been like that.
Yes that's why you should quit now.
You did enough so you can stop.
It's time for you to pick a major for next year.
You have to go to med school.
But there's no guarantee that this game will be successful.
Then we'll just be in debt. And your health...
I just told you not to brag!
I'm fairly famous in the gaming industry within our country! Don't you try to overstep me!
Seung Jo, don't you dare steal my place.
I'm going to do this for the next 20 years.
20 years?
And after that?
I'm here!
I'm better at gaming than my brother.
He doesn't like games, and he doesn't like them.
If I work hard from now on, I can become a great heir.
So, Seung jo, become a doctor. Become a doctor and help NoRi.
No Ri is sick again.
I saved this nearly collapsing company, but seems I've been instantly kicked out.
Yes, as soon as this new game launches, let's shoot him off to med school!
Poor you...
There isn't a day where your hands are normal.
Lately I always hurt myself because of the cutting exercises.
And this one I was curling...
Did you say the qualification test was next month?
When I finish school, you two have to buy me a set of scissors (hair cutting)
But that's expensive.
Buy it anyway! That's what people get when they graduate! You two start saving your money.
Got it! I'll have to take on a part-time job.
Then buy me a tablet.
What's a tablet?
There's this thing you use to draw when using a computer.
Ah, Min Ah I saw your webtoon!
"Pitpatting Parang High." It was totally about us! It was so amusing.
Hey, what are you? You drew me like that, am I that fat?!
Why? The feedback was really good.
Hey, in her webtoon your character is the most popular.
Dok Go Min Ah, are you going to become a famous cartoonist then?
Looks like I'll have to get a signature. Hurry up and give me a signature.
The game we are launching this month is a new MMORPG with realistic visual action aspects to it.
We will be implementing real time play within the existing market, which will make a big impact and change the way games are played.
It's a taste of a game that none other possesses with focus on animation like graphics.
we'll start now.
These days online games are exported just as much as cars, maybe more, and therefore quality has gone down causing concern.
But a new game was released that could be the new face of this declining industry.
Within this gaming industry that's filled with games that require boring time commitments and nothing more than extravagant graphics..
We have created a fun animation game that is easy to enjoy.
As expected!
Isn't he fine, Grandfather?
Yeah. He is desirable.
Of course! Would I have liked a trivial person?
It's in past tense.
Then, have you cleared up your feelings?
You were really upset over it.
Seeing him again, I'm getting greedy again.
Ah, how tiring.
Joon Gu, it's a favor.
Joon Gu, hurry with the dishes...
Cut up some scallions, and cook some more noodles.
Yes, I understand.
Right Baek Seung Jo. Let's try our best.
You can enjoy all aspects of action with our game.
Hey, you being around motivates me even more.
Just wait and see. I'll become a great person too.
On the Internet, the feedback from the game is explosive.
Even if he is my son, Seung Jo is really amazing.
Ha Ni, I saw the webtoon Min Ah put on the Internet. It was so funny.
Isn't it? Lately that webtoon has been really popular.
I think in good time she should be amongst some of the most popular cartoonists.
That's great.
I know. I'm so happy for her.
I see because she's so talented she's already making a name for herself.
I hear getting a job for university grads is real hard these days so they're interviewing like crazy. Good for her.
Despite these hard times I hear there are tons of students that don't give a care in the world.
That friend of yours must be working really hard.
Yes, they're working hard
That doesn't "care for a thing" student, we have one at our house too.
Oh, Ha Ni, something came from the school for you
Eun Jo, give me that thing on the very top over there.
What is it?
What is it?
Report card...
It's probably obvious.
What do I do!?
I calculated my credits and was reassured. I thought it was okay.
I don't have enough credits.
Then the credits on there were probably calculated incorrectly.
It seems like it.
What do I do?
If you don't have enough credits, then you have to push through again.
There's no use in coming to me and crying.
You caused these results by yourself, so you're the only one that can take care of this.
I know that much.
Then, it is fine.
Excuse me...
I think I'm just no good at studying
Should I just give up school?
I tried on my own.
It seems like my grades aren't going up.
Because if you do that then you could spend a bit more time following me around?
It's not exactly like that.
What about when everyone around you was studying like crazy to get good grades so they could get a job?
What were you doing?
Have you thought about your future career?
You don't think things through enough and that's why your calculations are wrong,
and your credits don't add up.
Baek Seung Jo!
Am I wrong?
You don't know my feelings.
You're good at everything without even trying whether it's grades or sports.
You're popular with girls
Baek Seung Jo, you don't understand others' struggles.
Someone like you can't understand my feelings.
If you didn't have perseverance what would be left of you?
Then you...
don't have any charm.
You were this cold of a person,
Baek Seung Jo.
Where are you going?
Is there even a place for you to go this late at night?
I have.
I might just go to a different guy!
So you have that kind of courage?
Bong Joong Gu or...
Kyung Su sunbae?
Even if you regret it later, I won't care.
Do as you wish.
You are too much Baek Seung Jo!
I'm already upset because of my credits,
and you stepped all over that.
As happy as I am, I still get hurt too.
All I wanted was for you to comfort me a bit.
Cold blooded Baek Seung Jo!
What did you say to Ha Ni?
She's the kind of girl who didn't give up, even when you were so mean to her.
Tell me. What did you say to her?
What could you have said to make her leave?
She probably went to her friends.
Besides, I didn't say much.
I just gave her some motivation because it seemed like she was given an academic warning.
You really. I thought you were doing well.
Why are you like that again?
This is a good chance.
She needs to be apart from me a little, so that she can think for herself.
Joo Ri!
Oh! Ha Ni!
Why are you here at this time?
I . . .
left the house.
You failed one of your classes, didn't you?
So you fought with Baek Seung Jo?
Lovers' quarrel?
Hey! I'm not in the mood for joking!
Even if you're really mad, who would just leave the house like that?
He'll probably come get her.
I don't know It's been a long time we had such good beer, let's drink up!
Right! Drink up!!
Don't worry and just drink. You can spend the night at my place.
Thank you.
Did Seung Jo already go to sleep?
No, that is not possible.
Because I left like that, he must be worried and not able to sleep.
Would he come looking for me?
Should I send him a message to let him know at least where I am?
No matter how, it seems like I overreacted
saying I'll go to another man.
He'll come to get me tomorrow, right?
He's probably reflecting, right?
Baek Seung Jo,
I'm lonely without you.
It's upsetting but . . .
I miss you, Seung Jo!
Really? Yeah.
Oh Ha Ni, it looks like you didn't sleep well.
If you miss Seung Jo, just go back home.
I can't give in first now that I've come this far.
It's a good chance to make Seung Jo realize how large my presence was.
I can't keep on being the only one saying I like him.
Aigoo, Oh Ha Ni! Only now did you return to your senses?
I have to go now. I'll be late.
Fighting! Work hard.
Call me.
Right, you thought well.
You should be able to do that too.
But how is Seung Jo doing?
Should I take a small look from afar?
Oh Ha Ni!
Why? It's fun!
To see Baek Seung Jo's struggling face because he misses me.
Let's go, okay?
He's over there.
He looks like he's having fun.
He's not struggling at all.
I'm definitely not going back home!
Never ever!
Are you sighing again?
Ha Ni left yesterday and hasn't called.
I am back!
Oh, you're here early!
What about Ha Ni? Did you find her?
How about putting an end to this and bringing her back home?
Ha Ni is also just being stubborn right now.
She wants to come back but hasn't had the chance, so she's having a hard time.
You don't even know that?
How can someone be that cold?
Oh poor Ha Ni!
Ah let's just leave them.
After all, it's something that concerns only them.
Won't something good come out of Ha Ni being apart for a little while?
If Gi Dong shi says that too, then what are we going to do?
Ha Ni!
She's only been gone one day and I miss her this much.
I'm sorry. My family came all of a sudden. You're going home, right?
Don't be like that and just go back home.
He might have been a little harsh, but I think he said all that for your own good.
Go home.
You go back in first.
I am sorry Ha Ni. Cheer up!
I'm going.
Go back in first. They're waiting for you.
I'm going. Go back home.
I love you!
Me too!
Where I am going to go now?
Bad Beak Seung Jo!
He's not even worried!
How could he not even call?
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Come to our club! We will escort you.
I ...
It's really great.
Where are you going in the middle of the night?
Since you're not looking for her, the least I can do is to go out and look for her myself.
I'm worried too,
but since it's happened, you should leave her to solve this herself.
For Ha Ni's sake, it's a good thing
I understand.
But you... do you know...?
A person's feelings don't have one answer like a math problem.
What the right answer is...I don't know either.
Seung Jo’s words are right… I always depend on others. I’ve never thought about myself or done anything for my future.
I still can't go back.
This didn’t change me at all.
Just wait, before we get married, I'll become a woman worthy of you Baek Seung Jo.
Thanks for coming! Please come again!
Workers needed!
Did you finish?
But will a young lady like you be able to do it?
Though it looks like this, it's going to be pretty hard.
If it's hard, the harder it is the better.
If there are a lot of orders you might even have to cook
Now, don't worry about that.
My dad is a chef,
and his noodle restaurant has a 60 year old history.
Is that so?
So, can you start today?
Actually, one of the ladies quit so we do need help.
Yes. Of course.
I'll do my best.
It's okay. Let me do this.
Okay. You do it.
Aunty, I'll do the dishes too
Just leave them.
Working part-time in a restaurant?
I thought she went back home, but she is working in that restaurant.
Oh Ha Ni is out looking for trouble again.
She said that this should be kept a secret from Seung Jo.
So she doesn't want to see Baek Seung Jo until she makes something great out of herself?
No, apparently the restaurant is a bit grungy
The dirty aprons don't make her feel right
What is this? Ah.
But how is she going to go to school?
She did say something about dropping out. Is she going to continue working there?
Oh my.
Baek Seung Jo
I'll be going now!
I'm back!
What should we have?
Our bean-paste soup is really good.
Then should we have that? Two bean-paste soups please.
Ah, yes.
Aunty, two bean-paste soups please.
Please enjoy your meals!
Oh Ha Ni?
Aren't you Oh Ha Ni?
No, I'm not.
You are. You are Ha Ni.
What are you doing here, Ha Ni?
Are you working?
Something like that.
I heard you got into the law program. You must be studying for the licensing exam, right?
I heard it was really hard.
If you're not someone like the genius Baek Seung Jo, then it'll be difficult to pass with one try.
There are even people who've been taking the test for 12 years.
You guys are lucky that everything comes so easy to you guys.
A lot of people say it like that.
But doesn't matter how smart you are, it's hard following the masses.
I'm not sure, but Seung Jo is probably trying really hard on his own too.
Nothing comes free in life, kiddo.
Since you have such a hard time studying,
you're trying to find something else to do?!
What would it be?
By any chance...
That's perfect Ha Ni. You and the tray look perfect together.
Work hard. I'm rooting for you.
Unnie is going to go. I've got to study.
Please continue.
Aunty, I'm back.
Oh good job. Customer at table 9 ordered bean paste soup.
I'll go out for a sec.
Please enjoy your meal!
It's tasteless.
Is that so? I'll make it again.
Even if you make it again, it will probably taste the same.
Seung Jo.
Your friends said that the food here is delicious? What's wrong with the taste?
Okay. What are you going to do in the future?
Being apart from you for a couple days...
I realized how tiring I am towards you and how childish I was.
I think I thought too much of my comfort.
you've made a decision after thinking it over?
What is the thing I want to do the most?
I thought about it.
What is that?
Seung Jo, you may think it's ridiculous and laugh in my face.
No matter how much I think about it, this is the only thing I want.
Helping with Baek Seung Jo's work.
I'm going to become a nurse.
Since it has to do with life (the living),
you might think it's too much for me.
Even so, I'm seriously thinking about it.
I want to become a wife who would suit you.
So you've thought a lot about it.
Trying your best to become a nurse.
Seung Jo.
Stop it and come back home now.
Is it fine if I do?
The truth is, I missed you so much I thought I would die.
I know, I know it all.
You must really be busy with school Seung Jo. Its going to be hard seeing you around.
It seems that I will be out of it until graduation.
I . . .
That's right! The game Seung Jo developed, it's going to an American game show next year!
That's great.
I have something to say everyone.
Please empty your schedule for this coming Wednesday
Wednesday? I have a golf appointment with Chairman Yoon that day.
The restaurant workers and I are going out
I can't either. I'm invited to a birthday party.
Me too.
You all cancel.
What's this?
What is happening on that day?
Your wedding!
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