What NOT to do in job interviews

Uploaded by regnothing on 24.03.2011

Oh hey.
I didn't see you there.
Based on the feedbacks I got after the last few years,
this time I've decided to talk about my experience in job interviews.
To do this, I'd like you to meet two characters. They've both performed pretty poorly in interviews
Firstly, there's me, from five years ago.
Tom: Hey.
And then once again there's me, from three years ago.
Tom: Good morning. Hey.
Preparation for an interview is really important. Dress in the most formal clothes you expect
to wear in the job, and make sure you arrive early enough to prepare
yourself for the interview.
Tom: I threw a huge party last night, that's why I'm late.
But I had a few Red Bulls this morning so I'm all good.
Actually, where's your toilet? I got to take a dump.
Be sure to do plenty of research on the company and think about how your skills and experience
would add into it If you've done your homework, you should easily
be able to answer questions like, why do you want the job?
Tom: Money money money money...money!
It's very important that you nail the first impression. Be confident.
Now this is easier said than done, but remember that you've been picked for interview over
lots of other candidates.
Tom: Oh God, I'm sweating aren't I? I'm sorry...I'm so sorry.
Oh God.
But don't come across as too cocky either.
Tom: You see this tattoo here? That's how I am in the work place mate, I'm a dragon.
During in interview, you'll surely get some tough questions.
But if you're prepared and you know how to plan up your strong points, you'll be able
to handle them. Think about how you'd answer a question like,
why did you leave your last job?
Tom: Yeah what did my boss say, he didn't know how to party.
Don't criticize your past employers. For all you know, your prospective boss could be friends
with your old boss. And be prepared to answer some questions from
your past like, have you had any experience in leadership
Tom: Umm, I hosted a LAN party once. And my friend Steven has this tortoise,
and one time when he was on holidays with his family he let me take care of it. It died.
Tom: Do I have experience in a leadership role? Yeah man. One time I was throwin this
party, and this chick was like.....
Questions like these are a great opportunity to demonstrate your live skills.
But don't dominate the conversation and as a general rule, don't talk for more than two
minutes at a time.
And while you shouldn't be going off on tangents, remember the job interview is a conversation.
So feel free to ask some questions of your own.
Tom: You smell devine. Is that Chanel?
I smell like crap.
And no matter how the interview goes, treat it as a learning experience.
Ask for feedback and really listen to what they have to say.
Tom: Yeah I wouldn't hire me either. I'm pretty bad at most things I try to do.
And pick yourself up the knowledge that you've learned from the experience.
Tom: I'll make you miss that. You know why? Coz these glasses are famous.