Andre Meadows Extended Interview from Castle Panic - TableTop ep 6

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jun 15, 2012


ANDRE MEADOWS: Hi, I'm Andre Meadows or probably known more
on YouTube, Black Nerd of the YouTube channel "Black Nerd
"Black Nerd Comedy" is my YouTube channel.
I do sketches, rants, vlogs, awkward interviews with girls,
all kinds of different stuff that just showcases me being a
black nerd and very different.
Awkward Talks with Girls is this show that I do on my
YouTube channel where I interview women from movies,
TV, the web, new media, pop culture, and just basically
ask them questions that I probably shouldn't, very
personal questions.
I try to flirt with them.
And I'm terrible at it, which is so
different from real life.
And um--
And then I do a section called the Awkward 10 or Less, where
I give them questions that I ask everyone.
But while I'm asking it to them, I offer a foot massage
while they're getting the questions asked.
Some have said yes.
And some have said, I'm leaving.
The name Black Nerd came from me being born.
So, no, I grew up in a mostly black neighborhood.
And then I went to mostly black schools.
But then when I went to college, I went to a mostly
white college.
So it was kind of a weird life growing up because on one
hand, I had to keep in touch with black culture so that I
would fit in.
On the other hand, I had this passion for nerd culture.
And sometimes those two don't really blend that well
themselves together.
It's almost like those diagrams.
You have a circle A is black and circle B is nerd.
And that little section in the middle is me, which means that
you will sometimes be OK, but most of the times be
completely off with everyone else.
I'm an old school retro gamer.
I love the classic Nintendo games, the 8-bit games, and
stuff like that.
So I grew up on video games, mostly.
But I was really big into collecting pop
culture board games.
They were board games that were based on a movie, or
television show, or a cartoon.
I have a bunch of those.
It was really weird because I had a Tom and Jerry board
game, A Ninja Turtles board games.
And the worst one was I actually had a board game
version of Super Mario Brothers.
So you're literally playing Super Mario Brothers, which is
like sitting right there beside the television.
You can just turn it on.
But somehow I tried to convince my friends to play a
board game version of the same game.
Gaming is fun and cool and should not be seen as a stupid
thing, society that thinks it's stupid.
Exclamation point.
Can I ask you a question?
FEMALE SPEAKER: Yeah, go ahead.
ANDRE MEADOWS: Would you like a foot massage?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I don't think so.
I'm going back to the game then.
Just for the record, Yuri didn't say no.