Going Out To Eat With Aspergers or Autism

Uploaded by erinclem on 17.01.2012

Hi everyone!
AspergerSadie from Twitter here,
Or you can visit me on my website, www.ihaveaspergers.webs.com
As you know, I have Aspergers
I'm 22 years old, and I was diagnosed when I was in 10th grade, around 15 or 16 years old.
In this video I wanted to talk to you about
going to restaurants
Or -at least FOR ME, going to restaurants and stuff.
Personally, I don't like going to restaurants unless I KNOW the food there
is something that I will like to eat and
I'm not going out with too many people.
I don't like to go out to eat,
because it's too overstimulating.
It's too much visually,
A lot of people walking around, or moving, forks and plates clanking,
Stuff like that.
The lighting in the restaurants is usually a little too dim, and it makes me sleepy.
Plus the overwhelming sense of smell.
from ALL the food, everywhere.
but especially the noise of the people talking, and the noise of the dishes clanking,
and things like that.
and basically, the smells, like, it can ruin my appetite.
You know, it's like taking a bottle of hot sauce and pouring it all over your regular food and trying to eat it.
It's like, that's what it's like for me to go out to a Mexican or like, you know, a SPICY restaurant, type of thing.
It's too- too much for my senses.
and so, when I do have to go out,
I usually like to bring my iPod or
Either I'll listen to my music or
I'll play a little game on my iPod Touch, or something like that.
And I'll just sort of, you know...
or I'll bring something to draw, or write, or something like that.
So basically, I try not to go out to eat very much, and when I do go out to eat, it's with maybe one person
Maybe two people.
but it's, you know, it's not something I enjoy doing as much.
and it has to be at a place where I will enjoy the food, otherwise,
I'm going to be bored and,
I'm just not going to enjoy myself,
and what's the point in going out to eat if you don't enjoy your time out?
or if you can't enjoy your food? What's the point in going out to eat?
That's why I don't really like to go out too much, unless it's a place I like to go to.
So, alright! That's my video on going out to eat for restaurants.
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and visit my website, www.ihaveaspergers.webs.com
Thanks for watching! Bye!