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Hi guys! This is the first vlog from me dan!
and jason!
and chrisi!
and, and... I dont know who that guy is....
We just hit 100 subscribers!
And what we're doing is...
everytime we hit a milestone, 100, 200, 500
we're gonna release a new video log where
we'll answer questions and show your stuff!
seriously send us anything and if its good enough
It'll appear in the next vlog!
Not rabies though, we don't want rabies...
The email address is there and in the description below
Now we haven't really told you much about ourselves
We're all eggs! And we're animated! so we can do stuff like this!
We also have a really cool narrator!
He makes everything sound like a movie trailer!
So Dan came rushing back to take his vengeance!
(Dan) - ARRRGHH (Jason) - Owww!
We're not going to tell you everything about us right now
You'll have to wait for the next VLOG!
so send us your stuff! And if you send us something
get your friends to subscribe to us and bring the next vlog closer!!
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Wait, what!?
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