Canal do Otário: Banco do Brasil - BOMPRATODOS [Eng / Spa Sub]

Uploaded by OtarioAnonymous on 08.07.2012

Hi, how are you doing?! My name is Sucker (Otário)
Let's make a loan on the BB?
After all, the BB was the first bank to cut interest rates significantly...
And the loans are facilitated ...
Is it really true?
Before the announcement of the reduction of theft, oops, the interest rates charged by the BB...
The interest rates for personal loan, for example, exceeded 100% per year!
In the overdraft, these values easily reached the value of 200% per year!
And in the credit cards, the incredible 400% per year
Not even the worst word in the world
would be able to describe what this really represents.
But, according to BB... with the program BOMPRATODOS (GOOD FOR EVERYBODY)
Interest on credit cards were reduced to values of up to 2.94% per month!
Or about 41% per year.
In the personal loan, these values could reach up to 1.88% per month.
Or about 25% per year.
And in overdraft, it can reach up to 1.34% per month!
Or about 21% per year.
Cool, huh?
And what about Santa Claus?! Do you also believe in it?!
If you try to make a loan with these new values, announced by the actor Gianecchini
probably you will not get it...
because, according on your data analysis
Something that no BB manager knows exactly how it works
you will pay so high interest as the old ones...
And to make it even worse they created new rates (more expensive, of course) and imposed several conditions
that maked impracticable the reduced interest to almost anyone!
You're fucking kidding, right? That's it...
This is not a tying sales!!!
This is a real Swinger Club!
But they do not tell it in the advertisements
and you will only discover it, when you are going to sign the contract...
or even worse, when you receive the bills at your home!
Because no BB manager...
will correctly tell you how much interest you will pay before hiring the program.
In short, only those who do not need the loan...
are the ones that could get the interest rates advertised, and maybe even them, can't do that!
Are the Banks are cheating you, DILMA, Mantega?
Or maybe all of them are cheating you?
Don't fuck with me you son of bitches!
In practice, interest were not reduced...
but, just the BB has already increased by more than 3X the number of loans...
imagine the other banks that do not suffer direct intervention by the government!
How it can be possible?
That's a good advertisement, huh?!
Unlike what BB announces in its "BOM PRA TODOS" (GOOD FOR EVERYONE) program...
if it's good for them, it is certainly not good for you.
So the best thing to do, is not to do!
Do not make loans, not only in the BB, but in any other bank!
If you do not have the money to pay something in cash, do not buy it!
or wait until you have this amount to pay cash.
Besides getting a discount, you will not have given your money to these thugs.
STOP fucking the people you sons of bitches!
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