Dark Horse Comics - Conan

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CONAN: That little man thought I wouldn't like this?
NESTOR: I don't think he was talking about the
entertainment or the ale.
It looks like your light-of-love is making some
new friends, Cimmerian.
CONAN: Jiara you have been busy, I see.
JIARA: Of course.
How else am I to get information?
Didn't I find a fence for you?
CONAN: That remains to be seen.
Where is he?
JIARA: He's sitting over there.
His name is Hadeen, I think.
CONAN: Hadeen the Fence, we have business.
HADEEN: I am Hadeen.
But why should the Guild do business with two men it
doesn't know?
NESTOR: This is how you welcome new customers?
HADEEN: In the Rat's den, all are welcome.
You see those men?
Merchants from Koth.
With them, the rebel Patrius and a few of his damned
Tradesmen, insurgents, soldiers, priests, statesmen--
all are embraced here.
And thieves--
they are most welcome of all if they bear the Guild's mark.
CONAN: And those who don't?
HADEEN: They usually leave messes for the
Guild to clean up.
Thus there is a service charge for non-sanctioned thefts--
three quarters of your take.
NESTOR: And if we join?
HADEEN: To receive the Guild's mark, half your first job.
After that--
standard rate--
one quarter of your take.
CONAN: I wear no man's brand!
NESTOR: Wait, forgive my hot-headed young friend,
Guildsman Hadeen.
He is a barbarian, unwise in the ways of the civilized man.
The Guild's offer is acceptable--
one quarter payment.
And keep an extra 10% for your trouble.
Buy the monkey something nice.
HADEEN: You are a reasonable man.
Now, take these coins and go.
When you return, make sure your partner has
learned some manners.
CONAN: Gunderman, Crom's bones, if you ever get in my
way again--
NESTOR: Look to the rafters, my friend.
CONAN: I see.
NESTOR: We'll meet that bastard again [INAUDIBLE].
JIARA: Two huge sacks of loot, and that's all you
could get for them?
Bell's balls, I should have stayed in Zamora.
Why did I ever let you bring me here to live as a pauper in
this reeking cesspit?
CONAN: Quiet yourself, girl.
NESTOR: Careful with that woman, Cimmerian.
Pretty cats grow sharp claws.
CONAN: A small matter.
I'll have her purring later tonight.
NESTOR: Aye, they often do that when they're toying with
their prey.
CONAN: I could stomach this, Gunderman, but we
still need more ale.
We made enough coin for a few tankards, at least.

EMCEE: Is there no one left to test the
skills of our champion?
Who will be next--
CONAN: Maybe there are other ways to rip
money from this town.
NESTOR: You take him.
You're younger and faster, and I'm too pretty.
It doesn't matter if you win.
Give these dolts a show.
And keep them looking at the ring.
I'll take care of the rest.
CONAN: I'll get their attention, by Crom, and the
purse, too.
I feel like breaking some bones anyway.

Another brave challenger.
There is only one rule in this arena--
fight until the only one stands.
Are you ready?

Then fight!

NESTOR: Not quite what I had in mind, Northerner, but
you've surely gotten their attention.

FIGHTER: Stay down.
I just want to win enough gold to buy passage back to my crew
on the coast.
CONAN: Your ship is not coming in today, [INAUDIBLE].

Your man is unconscious.
EMCEE: Hell, find my mother!
You're right!
CONAN: Don't worry, beast.
I'm done with your friend.
When he awakens, tell him that I'll remember him.
Crom knows he'll remember me.
Give me my gold.
EMCEE: I told you the rule-- one man standing.
You knocked him out, but you didn't knock him down.
I hate to--
uh, here.
Take the damn pouch and be gone.
CONAN: You've gotten fatter around the waist, Gunderman.
NESTOR: Aye, let's leave before these fools get wise.

GOON: I don't know even where to begin, so I think I'll just
start punching the lot of you.
Think not that we are powerless.