SUBTITLED Interview - Alexandra Stan: No Boyfriend, No Diets

Uploaded by mlidlid on 07.12.2011

I'll spend Christmas with my parents
and with my friends
And I’m very glad that
It’s that time of the year we come together
having that big Christmas feast
And I think I’ll allow myself to eat an extra portion
on Christmas and New Year's Eve
I’ll have time to slim down.
My grandmother bakes a very yummy cozonac (sweet bread)
And my mother – turkey, pork roast
Some nice treats
Have you ever given up on something for the sake of being thin?
A strict diet?
Starving yourself?
Never did diets,
It’s not ok to diet
And I’m not the starving kind of girl
But if I feel I’ve overdone it
And I’ve gained too much weight
I’m able to slim down 3 kilos in 3-4 days
because I’ve got a fast metabolism.
But I’m not really that slim,
Not that kind of skinny girl.
Pus, I eat a lot.
Last night, for example
I’ve been to my mother's
And she cooked for me
Stir-fry pork
With eggs, garlic
Pickles, polenta
And cheese.
so to get an idea
The feast is short for Alexandra,
As she’s coming back to work on New Year’s Eve.
All I want is to sing
And obviously I'll do it.
It would be nice to perform in Switzerland,
Because I know we have a show proposal
But I don’t know yet if it’s official.
Anyway, you'll work on New Year’s Eve
For certain
I think every artist knows
The last night of the year is the most important
Since forever
Is it worth it?
It’s a profitable night, so yes.
I can feel the magic only when doing what I like
And I’m having fun doing my job.
That’s my ideal night between the years!
Her busy schedule
Doesn’t allow her having a boyfriend
But she doesn’t regret one second
Givig herself only to music.
We could live fine without men
It’s really possible.
I, for example, don’t have a boyfriend
And I’m doing just fine!
I don’t think a woman is defined by a man.
No, I really don’t think so!
Would you ever consider staying by a violent man’s side out of love?
No, there’s no forced love
It doesn't exist
I’m not this kind of person
Even before singing and being financially independent,
I wasn’t the kind who accepts everyting.
Money would be the main reason fueling these situations?
In Romania, yes, I think so.
When money lacks, the quality of life suffers,
There’s no joy of living next to a person
It’s a serious problem
It has to be treated seriously, all cards on the table
To see what has to be done…
It would be done at some point
As there are already lots of programs addressing this
I’m very happy your campaign exists
Especially for women
Even she’s very successful now
Alexandra remembers her start
She admits she never ignored her competitors on musical scene
I wasn’t afraid,
I think they motivate me
You cannot be the best without the presence of a second best.
It’s very important to stay motivated by other artists
To want to become better or at least be original
What do you thnk it’s your stand-out element?
I don’t know, bringing back the sax
And the fresh sound of my songs.
We’ve tried a little bit of everyting to bring you something new
A pic, a look, an expression, a line, anything
A dream becoming reality
I’m living my dream now
Wanting to step up in the new year with a new video
AS has dedicated the last day shooting for 1000000
It’s not an ellaborate story, the video is based on a glamour image
Mixed with urban hip-hop, graffiti
R’n’b… something very very cool
It’s about two lovers
Showing their affection
And saying you’re 1 in a 1000000
I believe it’s my Christmas present from my managers.
How much does it all cost?
I can’t say, usually you know the real price after you have the finished product
It’s not my business to know these details
I’ve got a bunch of other things to do, really.