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Routes 237, 776, 768, and 769, Soldier Field Express.
Provides Express Service to Soldier Field from seven designated suburban departure points
in Schaumburg, Elk Grove, Lombard, Bolingbrook, Burr Ridge, Palos Heights, and Oak Lawn.
Route 237 in Schaumburg departs from the Northwest Transportation Center, also known as the Charles
Zettek Facility, at the corner of Kimberly Drive and Martingale Road behind the Streets
of Woodfield Shopping Center.
Route 237 in Elk Grove departs from the Northwest Point Park-n-Ride, located at 35 Northwest
Point Blvd, near Arlington Heights Road between I-90 and Higgins Road.
Although both routes depart towards Soldier Field, there may be times when buses from
the Northwest Point in Elk Grove drive to the Northwest Transportation Center in Schaumburg
to pick up additional passengers before heading to the stadium. This procedure is only utilized
when additional buses are needed.
The buses from Schaumburg and those from Elk Grove depart the area by taking I-90/Kennedy
Expressway towards Chicago. The bus remains on I-90 for the majority of the route, until reaching the exit for 290. The bus then
exits on 290 towards Chicago, which soon becomes Congress Parkway. Once on Congress, the bus
continues eastbound and passes by the Chicago loop near Wabash Avenue, State Street, Michigan
Avenue, until reaching Columbus Drive. The bus then makes a right hand turn on Columbus,
heading Southbound. As the bus travels, passengers will be able to see Grant Park, Millenium
Park, and the Western side of the stadium. The bus continues Southbound on Columbus,
merging at Lake Shore Drive near McCormick Place, finally exiting at 18th Drive. The
bus then makes a left turn at 18th Drive, passing at the Southernmost point of the stadium
and directly onto Museum Campus Drive, heading North. At the intersection of Museum Campus
Drive and McFetridge Drive, the bus makes a left turn and stops at the Southeast corner
of the Field Museum to unload passengers.
Route 776 Departs from the Yorktown Shopping Center in Lombard. The buses will pickup passengers
at the Pace Bus stop located near the rear entrance of JC Penney and directly across
from the AMC Yorktown Cinemas and Harry Carey’s Restaurant. The bus departs from the Yorktown
Center and enters the East-West Tollway (I-88), heading Eastbound towards Chicago. The bus
remains on I-88 until merging onto the Eisenhower Expressway, 290, in the Hillside area near
Manheim Road. The bus continues down 290 and continues eastbound onto Congress Parkway.
The bus then follows the same path from Congress to Columbus, onto 18th Drive, Museum Campus
Drive, and has the same passenger drop off point as Route 237.
Route 768 begins in Bolingbrook at the Park-n-Ride located on 120 E Old Chicago Drive near IL
Route 53 and I-55. The bus departs from the Bolingbrook Park-n-Ride, getting on I-55 (Stephensen)
expressway Northbound towards Chicago. The bus continues on I-55 until reaching County
Line Road, taking the southbound exit into Burr Ridge. The bus then turns left on Burr
Ridge Parkway, and makes a right on Lincolnshire Drive into the Burr Ridge Park-n-Ride.
After loading the Passengers from the Burr Ridge Park-n-Ride, the bus travels back down
Lincolnshire Drive, Burr Ridge Parkway, and County Line Road to return on to I-55 Northbound.
The bus travels Northbound on I-55 until reaching its end on Lake Shore Drive. When on Lake
Shore, the bus will continue Northbound, passing McCormick Place and exiting on 18th Drive,
then turning right to follow the same drop off point as Routes 776 and 237.
Route 769 begins from the Palos Heights Metra Station at 11451 Southwest Highway, just north
of Route 83 on Illinois Route 7 and 114th Place. The bus turns out of the Metra Station
onto Illinois Route 7, Southwest Highway, heading northeast. The bus continues on Southwest
Highway until reaching 95th street, where it turns right. When reaching Central Avenue,
the bus turns right, heading south. At the intersection of Central Avenue and 99th Street,
the bus turns left onto 99th. The bus then turns left at 52nd Avenue to pull up to the
Oak Lawn Metra Station at 9525 S Tulley Avenue.
After loading the passengers from the Oak Lawn location, the bus turns back onto 95th
street, now heading eastbound. The bus then turns left at Cicero Avenue, heading northbound
as it passes the Ford City Mall and Midway Airport until reaching the Stevenson Expressway.
Once there, the bus travels northbound on I-55 and follows the same path into the city
as Route 768, dropping passengers at the same location as all the other routes at Soldier
After the game concludes, all of the buses heading back to their designated points will
be ready and waiting near the parking lot at the Southeast corner of the Field Museum,
along an “L” shaped path outside of the actual parking area. There will be signage
as well as Pace personnel on site to help direct passengers to their correct buses.
Also, please be sure to take note of the destination signs on the bus to be sure you are returning
to your correct destination.
All buses return to their destination points 30 minutes after the game concludes. Once
the passengers are loaded, the buses that made stops on the way to the stadium will
return to the destination points in reverse order.
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