Ingo e Enzo Ep. 2 - PacoteBasico

Uploaded by pacotebasico on 02.10.2012

Two italian descendants decide to leave their mediocre lives behind
and start a mafia together
These are the adventures of...
You're older than I expected
Excuse me?
No problem, we don't discriminate
We make business with everybody
As long as they have...
Here's the deal:
The price is 50 cents a piece
Or you take the whole lot for a fiver
Who was this guy?
Who was who?
Enzo, you gotta protect me, man
Before the client sits at my side you gotta look for weapons or something.
Now we're mafia people, we're here in a dangerous area
Got it
Ok, go patrol to that side, go...
You think we're stupid, uh?
Lemme see this here
Ha! A dragon.
No dragon here, you can't...
I'm a mafia guy, my name is Enzo, I'm dangerous!
You wanna bring a bomb?
Coming see my friend with a bomb?
Ha, as if...
Good God!
He's clean
Here's the deal...
One euro for the whole bag
Two and a half
Did it work?
Did he give you the money?
Listen, how much did you pay for the whole bag?
Thirty euros
Hi everyone
Thanks for watching
We haven't realeased as many videos in the last months
Sorry about that
I have other projects now which have nothing to do with comedy
I left a link in the description
It's a music video I made for a band - Sawoff Shotgun
It's all in slow motion, very cool
We had to rent a special camera
So...we'll try to make more videos for you guys, we're quite occupied now
Life ain't easy for anybody, everyone's got to work, right?
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