FINAL16 Press Conference 6/6 - Sep.25.2009

Uploaded by K1 on 25.09.2009

Peter Aerts- -I fm always training hard. He makes me train hard. The diet was new but it worked well. But after tomorrow it is over.
He fought very well, but he had two easy fights, and now he has a real fight.
Alistair Overeem- -For me it is an honor to fight Peter. He is a K-1 legend and Holland legend, so it is an honor.
MMA is my passion. Actually I wasn ft planning to fight K-1 after Bonjasky as I was a little sick of it. But the fans asked for me so I came back.
That was K-1s idea to do something fun.
Peter Aerts- -Why didn ft you give me a trophy? You always give a trophy.
Alistair Overeem- -You fre not an actor. That is Bonjasky.
Zabit Samedov- -I won the European tournament to get here, and it has been my dream for three years. I know I am fighting against Badr, one of the best K-1 fighters, but I will win.
Many people believe he will win, I know. But I have heart. I can win with my heart, and open the eyes of those people.
Now I am in the Final 16, of course I want to be in the Best 8
Badr Hari- -I don ft think I have to prove my heart. I have had a lot of dogs in my life, and I beat down those dogs. I proved it. I still think Zabit has a big heart, but a big heart won ft be enough to win.
Oh I think it is going to be a hard fight. A fight is a fight. When I fought Alistair every thought I would beat him, but a fight is a fight, so we will see tomorrow. I will beat him.