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EIZO: Hey, you.
I'm hungry.
Give me some of that.
Didn't you hear me?
I want some of those rice balls!
If you had asked courteously, I would have
gladly shared my meal.
But I cannot condone your rudeness.
Perhaps you can ask again, politely this time.
EIZO: I just take what I want.
He can't get away with that.
Now you'll be sorry.

Hey, samurai, wait!
MIYAMOTO USAGI: What is it now?
EIZO: I'm Eizo.
I ran away from my father's farm to become a
samurai like you.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: Peasants cannot
become samurai warriors.
Be content with what you are.
EIZO: No life of eating rice muss for me.
If I can't be a samurai, I'll be an outlaw-- a life of
adventure for me.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: Better to be an honest farmer.
EIZO: Like I said, no life of mush for me.
I want someone to teach me to use a sword.
Let me travel with you, samurai.
Maybe I can learn something.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: If you wish.
I am called Miyamoto Usagi.
EIZO: I want the fighting life with the sword!
The sword is more than a weapons, Eizo.
EIZO: What do you mean?
MIYAMOTO USAGI: Only the bushi, the warrior class, is
allowed to wear the twin swords.
EIZO: Ha, take that, evil dragon wizard!
MIYAMOTO USAGI: They are the samurai's soul, symbols of
honor and loyalty, and never to be used to bully others.
EIZO: I would never do that.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: One who uses his swords only as weapons
does not follow bushido, the warrior's code.
EIZO: But what about swordsmanship and skill.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: The skillful swordsman is not necessarily
the better swordsman.
EIZO: What a bore.
I left home for adventure, but I had more
excitement back on the farm.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: Ah, here's an inn.
Are you still hungry?
EIZO: You bet!
Well, at least he's got some money.
INNKEEPER: A meal for two?
Yes, sirs.

EIZO: Tell me about your battles.
I bet you were in a lot of fights.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: I try to avoid fighting if I can.
EIZO: He won't fight, huh?
Well, he must be a coward.
I can't stay with him.
Too bad.
He seems nice.
Well, at least I got a meal out of him.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: That was an excellent meal.
INNKEEPER: Thank you, samurai.
You are too generous.
EIZO: I've got to find someone else to learn from.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: Well, we can be on our way.
EIZO: It's getting late.
I think I'll head back home.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: That it's a good idea.
Goodbye, Eizo.
It was my fault.
Watch it next time.
EIZO: Wow, these guys really look tough!
GANG LEADER: It was a good thing he left, or I would have
thrashed him.
Innkeeper, sake.
INNKEEPER: Yes, sir.
EIZO: These guys I can really learn from.
What great role models!
GANG LEADER: Hey, kid, what are you looking at?
Come here, kid.
I said, come here.
GANG MEMBER: What do you want with us?
INNKEEPER: I want to join your gang, sir.
GANG LEADER: Look out, guys.
This kid's a cutthroat.
What makes you think you can join us?
EIZO: I want a life of adventure.
And you guys are tough, not like that coward samurai.
He just had a lot of money.
And he thinks he's such a big shot.
GANG MEMBER: A lot of money, huh?
GANG LEADER: And a coward, too.
GANG MEMBER: Such people shouldn't be
allowed to have money.
GANG MEMBER: We'll take care of that.
GANG MEMBER: Thanks for the tip, kid.
EIZO: Hey, where are you guys going?
Can I come too?
GANG LEADER: We're going to catch up to
that friend of yours.
Our purses are empty.
EIZO: But you can't Oh, he's a nice guy.
He even bought me lunch.
GANG LEADER: He won't be buying any more lunches after
we're through with him.
Thanks, kid.
EIZO: Osagi-san, look out!
GANG LEADER: He's going to warn the samurai.
GANG MEMBER: Stay out of this, kid.
You've already done your part.
EIZO: They'll kill Usagi-san for sure,
and it's all my fault.
I've got to do something to help him.
Poor Usagi-san is such a wimp.
There's no way he can survive against so many tough guys.
Oh, no!
I'm too late!
GANG LEADER: You refuse to hand over your money, huh?
GANG MEMBER: We'll just take your purse, then.
GANG MEMBER: After we've killed you.
We don't like to leave witnesses.
GANG LEADER: Kill him!
EIZO: Huh?
He's defeating them all.
GANG LEADER: He's a tiger.
I've got to get away.
GANG LEADER: I'll get even with you someday.
You set us up, kid.
I'll start my revenge with you.

EIZO: I want my daddy.
MIYAMOTO USAGI: I guess he realizes a life of mush is not
so bad after all.

CONCRETE: Interesting.
I'm not ready to save the world this morning,
but let's do this.
Start a file called "Has Possibilities."