[Exclusive] BTS @ SBS MTV "Music Island" with Sunny, MBLAQ, Block B, FT Island, and More: Ep. 2

Uploaded by soompi on 06.03.2012

Hi everyone, we’re Block B!
The gorilla dance has become very popular. How do you feel?
We feel great! Do you know how to dance the gorilla dance?
Thank you Soompiers! We’re Block B! Do you want to be Block B?!
Thank you~
Hey Soompiers! We’re MBLAQ!
In the music video, Thunder and Lee Joon are in a love triangle.
Has any one of you been involved in a love triangle in real life?
In real life, we wear triangular briefs…
I’m sorry…
So no one has been in a love triangle before?
Not with the members, but I did have a time where my friend’s girlfriend liked me. She was very charming….
So basically he’s bragging...
Yes, I am bragging...
So who do you think is the most popular among the members?
We’re all so very popular...It’s a big problem ^ ^
Soompi chaego! (Soompi is the best!)