Wildlife Gifts in Florida

Uploaded by WildlifeFoundationFL on 16.12.2011

Unconventional gift number one ... do something good this season
buy a gift that they'll love while supporting Florida's endangered species
at the same time.
A portion of the proceeds from each T-Shirt sale
help benefit The Wildlife Foundation of Florida.
They support programs that help conserve fish and wildlife
ranging from Panthers to Manatees to Turtles.
Unconventional gift number two ...
deck your car out with an endangered species license plate.
It also makes a perfect gift.
You're showing that you support conservation efforts
of Florida"s wildlife and natural habitats.
Not just for today but for generations to come.
The funds raised by the sale of each plate
is used to support programs that benefit conservation of those particular species.
Happy Holidays ... without you we wouldn't be MyFWC.