Continuous Bias Binding - 200" of binding from 1/2 yard of fabric!

Uploaded by MissouriQuiltCo on 15.09.2010

Hi, itís Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. We have a fun tutorial for you today.
Weíre going to show you going to show you how to make continuous binding using the Simply
Easy Bias Ruler by Susan Brown.
It has the hinge in the middle. You unfold it. You start with a half yard piece of fabric
and youíre going to open that up, lay it straight out like this. Youíre going to lay
your bias ruler on it and match up your corners and draw your lines on. This time instead
of cutting weíre going to draw our lines right on here. Iím using a charcoal pencil
because that shows up on camera but there are all kinds of wonderful marking tools
that you can use.
So, youíre going to draw your lines all the way along here and when you get to the end
as far as you can go, right here. Youíre going to cut that corner off and weíve done
that here. OK, so weíve made these marks here, and now what weíre going to do is weíre
going to take this corner here and weíre going to bring this up here to this pencil
line right here. Weíre going to offset it one strip, and the important thing right here
is that these little lines inside are going to cross and basically what weíre making
is a tube.
This looks a little confusing but you can see right here, see where these two lines
come together, theyíre going to cross right here at the top, and you want to put those
together at the cross, and youíre just going to sew a straight seam along here and letís
make sure that we got a little cross going on right there see how those cross over, and
then weíll sew this all together in a long tube, as soon as we pin these all on here,
got another little, make sure our lines are lined up. This will give us a continuous binding
thatís already pieced together, so nice.
Alright, letís go sew this over at the sewing machine. This is going to look a little bit
goofy because of, you know, how you have to pin it and how you have to make that tube,
but you just pin it so these little seams cross, and then weíre just going to sew straight
along there. Weíre going to take these pins out as we come to them. Iím using white thread
so that you can see it here. There we go, just a ºî in, and you just kind of want
to curve this around as you come to it.
Alright, now all weíve got to do is trim it and weíre going to trim it on these lines
right here. So, letís go into the cutting table. So, hereís our seam and itís, you
know not like a straight tube but the lines are in the middle so letís flip this inside
out, or right side out actually and you can see how that makes a tube, and you can see
our starting point right here. Weíre going to turn this over and weíre just going to
cut now on this line, and weíre just going to keep cutting and going around and around,
and this is going to make us a wonderful continuous binding. Itís already seamed together, keep
flippiní that tube. Here we go, here we come to our first seam, right here.
Look at that. You see how this is happening? This is pretty magic. OK, so as youíre cutting, youíll notice
mine arenít exactly perfect, but thatís alright, youíre going to fold it in half
when you put your binding on anyway. That will all be caught up in a seam, and weíre
almost to the end here. Here we go, this is just a really fast fun way to make a really
nice binding. Iíve got one more. Itíd be fun to see how much we get out of a half yard.
Alright, well thatís it for us, letís measure and see how much we got. We got a pretty good
piece here. Letís see well thereís 100, 200î of binding, continuous bind!
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.