Becoming Ritchie

Uploaded by RITUniversityNews on 01.05.2010

>>This is Tom Baker gearing
up for his first attempt
as Ritchie the mascot.
Not feeling good already.
Huh, Tom?
>>TOM: Nope. It’s a little
moist honestly. I feel like
I’ve gotten really close to
about a thousand other people
that I don’t really want to
be that close to.

[phone ringing in the distance]

>>TOM: I may need you to
zip me up.
>>Oh, sure.

Hang on. [laughter]

There we go.

>>ESCORT: Do you want to stay
in here first or do you
want to go outside?
>>You might as well stay
in here first.
>>ESCORT: Stay in here first?

>>WOMAN: I want my picture taken.

>>MOTHER: Okay, one more.

>>GIRL’S FATHER: There we go.
Perfect. Thank you.
High five!

>>Is that a good one?

>>Who’s that Tiger?
High five!

>>Who is that masked man?
>>TOM: Oh, my God!

>>How’d it go?
>>TOM: Oh, my God, it’s hot!
But I find myself smiling
and making faces, like even
when I’m in the mask.
>> You made a lot of people
happy today.
>> TOM: It’s definitely fun.