2NE1_TV_Season 2_E09-2_2NE1's Trip to Japan

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November 24 at a Hair salon
I've made my Wild rabbit combo like this.
We are going to our last shoot.
On their way to the last performance for the triple title "Go Away"
I'm so swamped right now.
In my bag? I carry little stuff. What do the members carry in their bags?
Sunglasses, lip balm, MP3, and ear phones.
I've always been pretty. You were going to say that again.
Bom, why are you walking around with barefeet?
I think your feet are stinking.
You must have athlete's foot. Choreographer Jae Wook
Of course not.
Did you hear bip bip bip. You're lying.
It means you're lying.
OK, then.
Alright, don¡¯t take it off. OK, OK, OK.
This is a Michael Jackson bear
I think they made a ring with this. It looks cute.
Take a snap shot.
Certified. I'll keep it on.
Check out Dara's bag
Schedule table.
Tomorrow and the day after, we have the video shoot for "It hurts."
Tissue, tissue.
When Bom goes "tissue, tissue" then I give her a piece like this.
Like giving her pocket money.
I've got everything here.
Bom's got the heavy bag.
Always carries around a pain-relief patch.
Gosh, I'm so busy.
Members prepared for the show, they get on the stage
Let's go down.
This is our last show. So good luck to you all and Psy.
2NE1, let's party.
That's it.
2NE1 enjoy their last performance of "Go Away" to the fullest
Well done everyone.
We're done.
Today's show is finally over our last show is done.
And we had so much fun.
It's unfortunate but from next week we'll be back with "Slow".
We'll be back on our feet for more.
Stay tuned.
We are YG family, family, family.
Third floor of the Recording Studio 10.16. 2010
All the BigBang members are back together for their album
Dae Sung of BigBang
I'm gonna start dubbing.
BigBang, BigBang.
BigBang, BigBang. I'll go again BigBang BigBang Tae Yang of BigBang
Everyone's working very hard these days. Even Today they are recording.
Compared to before, the end product has definitely improved.
All I can do is to encourage their work.
Hey, stop that.
When I see myself on 2NE1 TV I look the town idiot.
We are recording.
What up, 2NE1 TV.
We are BigBang. So, what you want?
What, what.
Seung Ri of Bing Bang
Just as Seung Ri gets up BigBang members start disturbing him.
Doesn¡¯t Seung Ri look sexy today?
Tae Yang making fun of Seung Ri's overwhelming outfit
"Looking for you."
"Under the moonlight where you wait."
Seung Ri, get on the floor.
GD & Seung Ri suddenly start an improvized act
Son, you should not have done that.
I'm sorry.
- No. - Ahhh.
Are you OK?
What's the progress on BigBang's new album?
My lips are sealed 'cuz I don't really know.
We are working hard on it.
Recording in progress Dae Sung & Tae Yang kidding around
Couldn¡¯t stop themselves from laughing
Try practicing it and get the feel of it.
The camera's rolling.
This is going to be on again.
Today, they become appointed as the honorary members of the shopping mall
We have to go to the third floor
Do we get our monthly pay now? Since we work here.
Oh, that's something that we donated recently.
I wore this one for a commercial.
Our producer, Lee, tricked me. I was going to say hi...
This one is huge.
Oh, that's it.
It was so tiring.
This is...
Do not insert coin
I can't sleep at night Bom keeps singing and washing late at night.
At least once after midnight she comes to my room.
Hello, out of my way.
She's here, the honorary member.
Honorary madam.
The moment of appointment.
I will present the Honorary membership and sash to 2NE1
2NE1 is the current model for the Open Market Now they are appointed honorary members
Thank you.
Shouldn¡¯t this be Lee Chae Lin?
I guess I didn¡¯t open my eyes enough on this day.
Do we start coming to work?
Does 7 am work for you?
Come to work at 7? This isn't a school.
There's our personal donations.
We made donations to help who?
The descendents of those who fought for Korea's independence.
We'll add this girl to the auction starting at 100 won.
- 10 won. - We'll start from 10 won.
No, we can't give away CL.
What? You said 10 won.
I say one billion.
Not even one billion. You can't buy me like that.
How about ten billion.
If you want me, then hurry up and...
No, not you. You are not up for the auction.
No, the shoes that I used to wear.
They're mine. Why did you donate them?
- No, these are mine. - They're mine.
These are mine.
- I used to wear these. - What are you talking about?
A combination of CL's stink.
And my autograph on these shoes. 2 peas in a pod, right everyone?
Take a swaff at CL's stinky.
Ladies, getting off work right on the clock
Work's over.
What's up. We are off to Japan. It's been a while since we went to Japan.
We have a concert there.
But we are going a day earlier to have fun.
I shouldn¡¯t put it that way.
We are going early so we can adjust our condition.
Incheon International Airport 11. 01. 2010
Oh, Looks like Minzy's getting mature.
What? No way.
She actually likes it, honestly, she's enjoying it
She's reading very attentively. What kind of a gesture was that Bom?
They're all mine.
The guys like this.
So when they're asleep I get a bunch of these and when they wake up,
- Peanuts? - I don¡¯t want them.
Didn¡¯t you like these?
I never liked them.
You looked so proud of yourself.
Oh, Minzy likes these, right? Minzy.
Here're your favorite peanuts.
But Minzy doesn¡¯t seem interested at all
Off to Japan for the concert
We have arrived in Japan.
Bring over that guy.
It's great. Great, great, great.
Film us as well. Those are us on the television.
What's the point of filming just that.
Tomorrow's our concert in Japan and we're here for the rehearsal.
This is 2NE1's waiting room. It's a little tiny.
Ramen. Ramen.
Bring me a soda.
Miss Park Bom.
Looking very laid back before the rehearsal. Look, it's Bom Chinese Corpse.
Time to go in everyone. Wish us luck for the rehearsal. Let's do it!
Yikes, you're making those faces again.
Are you ever going to stop? How about when you're a granny?
Even when I become a granny.
Ol' granny saying "honey."
You were the lead role in the "Slow" music video. Did you see the result?
Yes, I did.
Did you like it?
It looks like you liked it.
The acting was fantastic. I'll work harder.
Aren't you filming this too close?
No, it's way far.
- Oh, really? - Look at it.
Good good good. She's enjoying it.
I think I look pretty on it.
Bom & Dara start a prank on CL
Wow, she's sexy. She's a natural.
She was born sexy.
Everyone, we haven't had a look at CL right now.
But her style fits right in when she's in Japan and when she's in London.
And when she's in Korea. She is a true fashionist.
Today is our concert day in Japan. Concert in Japan, 11. 03. 2010
We are getting ready to go. The two of us are here first.
Bom and Minzy aren't here yet. It's time, but they're not here.
The time is 8:53.
We were supposed to meet at 8:30.
If you take a look at BigBang there they also have just 3 members.
- 2 members are missing. - Yes.
Uh? Tae Yang is getting off, where's he going?
Wow, of course it's Bom.
Bom will make the finale.
I got up early. I woke up at 5:30.
Yes, I saw you.
Anyhow, you were second to last later than T.O.P.
- No, that's not right. - There's your verdict.
I'm going to attack CL. Attack attack.
Oh, everyone, whenever CL tries to film, there's always... ahhhh.
Finally, Bom is here.
Even in Japan 2NE1 has a lot of fans
Peculiar fans mimicking 2NE1
Hi, this is your VJ CL.
Why are you eating Kimchi? You are in Japan now.
What else is there to eat?
Why don¡¯t you try this you can only eat kimchi.
We are going to Korea tomorrow.
What are you doing?
Oh, she's looking pretty in her sleep.
Hello, what are you doing? You're blocking the way.
What's up We 2NE1.
Good Bye We 2NE1.
Hi, everyone Returning to Korea 11. 04. 2010
We are on the plane returning to Korea from Japan.
4 members of BigBang went earlier.
But Tae Yang stayed back to go with us.
And why was that?
Tae Yang got me a birthday gift. It's so cute.
Tae Yang's popularity just sky rocketed.
Anyway, I love this hat thank you.
This hat will keep me warm this winter.
Thanks, Tae Yang.
Bom, Bom is here now.
What's UP!
Wow, what she did at the duty free...
It's a banana cake.
Bom caught in the act by Dara trying to eat the banana cake
Is it good?
Go ahead and eat comfortably.
We are here in Seoul.
I'm sure I paid for this... Dara's first episode 9. 25. 2010
This tag was still attached so I cut it with scissors and now it's beeping.
How do I break this?
Cute (wings).
Hey, beeper.
Hey, beeper.
Hey, I need to show this to PooDoong.
Oh, look. I got a phone call. Hello?
It keeps beeping.
I'm following the beep now.
Should I throw it in the Han River?
Should we put in in water?
- Yes, let's throw it in the water. - Let's go later to test it in the water.
Hello, I just woke up. Rest area on highway, 11. 05. 2010
Yesterday we got here from Japan. Today we're going to Busan for a concert.
Over here, we are having Ramen.
Bom is asleep.
CL's gone to the bathroom. I ordered Ramen with rice cake.
Oh, it's here.
But I can't film the eating bit 'cuz I have to eat.
I can't eat and film at the same time. Time to eat.
Here you have the rice cake in Ramen.
Fantastic, I just got a taste of our popularity.
Look outside.
Guys on a high school field trip showed up.
I heard "you're pretty." It was actually just one guy.
The boys they love 2NE1.
I only found out Today.
Our concert in Busan is over and we have to go to Seoul now.
And our transportation is going to be KTX.
Cuz we drove here for 6 hours. I couldn¡¯t feel my butt.
Getting on KTX bound for Seoul
We went to perform in Japan and in Busan Today.
- Yes, we did. - Yes.
It was PooDoong who looks younger than she really is.
Thank you.
Oh, Surprise. 2NE1's manager Ji Hoon Son
- Feels a little bit like a zoo. - it's like a Safari.
This is a Safari.
Oh, they're asking for food.
It's drooling.
What are you doing? You're acting strange.
Get away. Why are you doing this?
Back in Seoul with sore-free butts
Now we have to go home wash our clothes and go to sleep.
Bye everyone, Poof.
Coming up next week is the last episode of 2NE1 TV Season 2