Larry Levin on "Jim Holly"

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There was a client of ours, Jim Holly.
He was very young,
in great physical shape-fellow who was working for Sears.
And during the course of his employment he injured his knee.
Well, seven operations later, by the company doctor,
poor Jim Holly’s knee was about three times,
his right knee was about three times the size of his left knee.
And I guess this particular doctor was going to keep operating on his knee ‘til he got it right.
Well, somehow Jim found us
and at this point in time, not only was his right leg worthless,
he was suffering the ill effects
of what the doctors call chronic pain syndrome.
And insurance companies poo-poo this all the time.
They say you should just grin and bear it, bite the bullet.
You are going to be in pain for the rest of your life and no we are not going to pay for any psychological care
that will help you overcome the ill effects of being in constant pain.
Well, this was a long drawn out battle.
My friend Mr. Holly had to put up with a defence psychiatrist
who offered to open a window for him on the 23rd floor of the examiner’s office
to see if Jim really meant it that he was thinking of committing suicide.
This is the kind of doctors that the insurance companies hire.
I mean it bordered on quackery.
Well there’s a situation where not only did a physical injury disable poor Jim, but
psychologically he was disabled as well.
It was a long drawn out fight, but he got the help that he needed
and eventually made a recovery.
I am glad to say that we were able to settle his case and he is living a relatively normal life.
So what happened with Jim was, we finally were able to go to the workers compensation courts
and persuade them to approve the psychological care he needed,
and he recovered.
And the settlement we were able to get for him, because
for the most part, he had lost the use of his leg,
was enough for him to start his life over.
Now, was he able to work as a laborer?
No, he wasn't; but he was able to improve himself,
get himself a little more education
build up his confidence with the counseling he got
from a psychologist and psychiatrist who were interested in his welfare
not the insurance company's wellfare,
and he made a new life for himself.