Real Results You Can Count On

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Bluebeam Revu
Real Results You Can Count On
Bluebeam Revu is the digital workflow solution you've been looking for. Revu has been proven
to reduce paper usage, reduce distribution needs, improve efficiency and reduce the cost
of doing business... significantly.
For example, with Revu, a structural steel detailing firm was able to produce more accurate
quotes, using 85% less paper and 15% less man hours.
The firm started by using Bluebeam's built-in plugins and PDF printer driver to convert
Office and CAD files to PDF. They used industry-standard markups to review and redline their drawings.
And as they worked, each markup was tracked in the Markups List. After all data was entered,
they generated an XML summary from the Markups List, and then imported it into their bidding
software to generate the final quote automatically.
Before Bluebeam, they had to do everything by hand. But with Revu, this firm produced
more accurate quotes faster, while using a lot less paper.
Another example comes from a quantity surveyor with more than 35 years of experience.
With Bluebeam Revu, he was able to calibrate to the scale of his drawing and perform takeoffs
and measurements to help complete a bid on a 1,500 room hospital with 10 different floor
coverings... all in just 3 days!
A Construction Administrator helped his team solve a problem on the jobsite with Bluebeam
Revu and a digital camera.
The contractor on the jobsite took a digital photo of the problem and emailed it to the
Construction Administrator, who added the digital photo to a blank PDF. He then drew
out the missing portion of the bench and its structure, and used callouts to add detailed
instructions. When he was finished, he flattened the PDF and emailed it to the contractor,
who began fixing the bench right away.
The entire process took only one hour.
An ENR Top 100 Green Contractor cut printing and shipping costs by 50% and reduced their
submittal response time by 60% with Bluebeam Revu.
They automatically compared revisions of PDF drawings, and redlined PDFs with customizable
markup tools such as text boxes and symbols. Then they emailed their project documents
back and forth, eliminating the need to print and ship.
With Revu, they reduced paper usage and communicated faster, allowing a review process that once
took weeks, to be completed in just a few days.
One leading general builder in the US is currently using Revu to digitally share, redline and
distribute drawings and documents on a multi-million dollar project... and it's saving the Owner
65% on reprographic fees and 50% on courier fees, for an overall savings of 63%!
The project teams calibrate each submittal drawing, and then take measurements and count
items on the PDFs. They apply text stamps to multiple PDFs at the same time using Batch
Processing. And, they use the Thumbnails panel to add, delete, insert and rotate pages in
each PDF.
Halfway through completion, the project manager is amazed at the savings that Bluebeam has
already delivered in printing and courier fees, as well as time.
Bluebeam also provided amazing results for an architectural team working on punch and
back check for a multi-million dollar resort project.
They used Bluebeam's exclusive Tool Chest to save and reuse their custom punch tools,
and used the Markups List to output the punchlist for distribution to the sub contractors. Once
the punch list items had been addressed, they reused the punchlist for back check.
With Bluebeam's technology and the mobility of a Motion tablet PC, this team achieved
90% completion on the first back check.
But even those outside of the AEC industry can use Bluebeam in their workflows and experience
real results!
One Tax Practice used Bluebeam Revu to help standardize their client service delivery
method, which contributed to a firm-wide 40% reduction in paper usage in just one year.
The firm created a tool set of custom markups, and deployed that tool set throughout the
firm. They used hyperlinking and bookmarking features to produce multi-paged documents
with easier navigation for their clients, and used Digital Signatures to authenticate
their files. And with a direct integration into SharePoint, Revu allowed them to easily
work with PDFs stored in the firm's document management system.
With Bluebeam, this tax practice reduced their overall paper usage and produced electronic
output files that could be easily archived once finalized.
Convinced yet? Well, now it's your turn! Download a free 30 day trial of Bluebeam Revu
today at Or contact us with any questions at (866) 496-2140.
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