Mahabharat - Episode 67

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All the respected warriors of Hastinapur ...
... are bound by some Loyalty or the other
Karna knows that he is Kunti's eldest son
But gratitude has bound him to Duryodhan
Grandsire Bhishma, Sages Drona and Kripa ...
... are bound to Hastinapur
Only Vidur is not bound to anything
He is free of Hastinapur
Which is why when war become inevitable ...
... though he decided to stay on in Hastinapur ...
... he did decide ...
... to resign from the Prime Minister ...
... during this battle between Truth and Untruth
Hastinapur, he left, was under the banner of Untruth
My respects O King!
Why the surprise in your voice, my lord?
Have my loot steps changed?
No, Vidur! Your loot steps have not changed ...
... but l am no longer confident..
... in recognising sounds
Maybe my ability to recognise sounds ...
... is slowly lading away
O Vidur! You are an Evolved Soul!
An expert in Ethics!
Please guide me, my brother
O King!
When war is inevitable ...
... a king should not be in a dilemma
Order your soul to close the doors ...
... of your dilemma
That is the problem, Vidur!
Whenever l find a solution to my dilemma ...
... you raise the matter all over again
l have come to you with a permanent solution
O King!
Medical Science says that if a part of the body is diseased...
... the surgeon should ...
... cut away that portion
Hence, if l am ...
... a diseased part of your Politics ...
... l am willing to turn a surgeon ...
... and have myself cut away from the polity
Are you talking of leaving me?
Has the cancer spread so far that ...
... my younger brother Vidur ...
... who was my shadow ...
... now wants to leave me?
l can never leave you, my brother
But my loyalty to you has made me helpless
Now, l am resigning from ...
... the Prime Minister
Which means ...
... l am truly alone at last!
l never liked your advice but ...
... your words reminded me of you
My dear Pandu has gone to Heaven ...
... but you were with me
Now you wish to leave me alone ...
... with the terrible result of the war
What should l do?
l am not in favour of war
That's why l will not light ...
... on any one side in this war
l am going home ...
... where l shall isolate myself
Don't return without your turban
My respects!
Vidur pays the price ...
... standing up for Truth
He resigns from his post ...
... opening his eyes at last
Do not worry, sister!
If there is war, your sons will surely win
l am not worried about victory
l am worried about Duryodhan
Whatever he is, he is also my son
How can l mourn for him in front of his mother?
What do l say to her?
My respects!
May you live long!
Do not bless me thus!
What will l do with a long life?
If all the old people in Hastinapur die ...
... it will be good for them
How many corpses can their feeble shoulders carry?
Do their old eyes have enough tears to shed ...
... Over every Copse
Is there any hope of avoiding war?
If there was hope ...
... would l refuse a blessing?
What did Grandsire say?
He is now Commander of the Kaurav army
l don't understand ...
... how the Pandavas will lace him in war
Who can hurt a warrior with wishful death
But will he want to live ...
... after seeing the corpses ...
... of his sons and grandsons?
He represents the glory of our dynasty
Find a way to ensure his long life, Vidur
How can l ensure that?
Every road that leads to and goes away from Hastinapur..
... is the path of destruction
O God!
Where are you going?
l would leave if l could but ...
... l, too, must share Hastinapur's destruction
The tears l am fated to shed ...
... must be shed
No, Karna!
Charity begins at home, dear Karna
Please forgive your mother!
This arena is a public place l publicly announce ...
... that l be declared the best archer ...
... or the Kuru family’s best archer ...
... light a duel with me and prove ...
... that he is really the best archer
Allow me to introduce you to the archer ...
... you have challenged
He is Arjun, son of King Pandu of the Lunar Dynasty
He is Queen Kunti's son and Sage Drona's student
Introudce yourself, archer
No, Karna!
Forgive me, my son!
My respects, lady!
Sit in the shade of that tree ...
... and tell me how l can serve you
Sit here!
Doesn't the Sunlight trouble you?
There is a scorching Sun in my heart
l have come to ask for something
l know that, lady
Everyone who comes to me, asks for something
But before asking, will you introduce yourself?
The manner in which you asked is not usual
It seems you are asking for a favour for the first time
If you cannot ask for a favour, don't!
Command me!
No! l don't have any right to order you
Only your mother Radha can do that
l bow to the lady ...
... whom you call your mother ...
... and receive her blessings
Do you know her?
Who in India does not know your mother?
Forget the others! Even l do not know my mother
She threw me in the River Ganga soon after my birth
The lady whose name you just took ...
... is not my mother
She is more than a mother
She sang the lullabies that my mother ...
... should have sang
Her gentle hands put me to sleep
It was in her lap that l was put to sleep
Even today when my soul is aching ...
... it is she who applies the healing touch
Even then, my life is a vacuum
My heart still aches for my real mother
Sometimes l wish ...
... l would meet her ...
... and l, after bowing to her, should ask her :
Mother! Tell me, what is my fault?
For what crime am l being punished?
What if she explains her helplessness?
What will you do?
God may become helpless ...
... but a mother is never helpless
Even a mother can be helpless
l know your mother's helplessness
You know my mother's helplessness?
How do you know it?
l know it because ...
... because l am the helpless mother ...
... who had scarified her first son
You are my mother
Yes, my son! Yes!
l bow to the Queen Mother of Indraprasth!
My son!
Do not call me ''son' ! l am Radha's son, Radheya
And you are Queen Mother Kunti!
The mother of the Pandavas!
How surprising that Queen Kunti ...
... should ask a charioteer's son for a favour
Ask, Queen Kunti!
To serve you is my pleasure
My son!
But please don't call me ''son''
Why not, my son?
You are my son, Karna!
l was your son even then ...
... when you rejected me
Even today it is not my love which has brought you here
It must be some other motive
It must be your selfishness
How can the charitable Karna be so stern?
l am not being stern, mother
It is only the pain in my heart
You gave my share of your love to the other sons ...
... and you are calling me stern?
The world heaped insults on me and yet ...
... you remained quiet
How did you remember your rejected son?
What do you want from your discarded son?
Ask for what you want and return to the palace
If anyone sees you with me ...
... questions will be asked ...
... and you will not be able to tell him ...
... that l am your son
You are as helpless today as you were ...
... when l was born
For a moment ...
... forget your bitterness ...
... and lay your head on my lap
Allow me to stroke your head
Karna, my son!
My head, mother ...
My head is not worthy ...
... of being placed on your lap
l don't want to defile your lap
Don't say that, my son
l am not your son
Calling myself your son will be an insult ...
... to the lady who brought me up
You are not my mother but Arjun's shield
Had you come here as my mother ...
... you would have sat in your chariot ...
... and told your charioteer:
O Charioteer!
Take me to my eldest son's house
At my house, you would have told the doorman:
Go and tell Karna ...
... that his mother is here to bless him
But you did not do that ...
... because you had nothing to give me
Instead, you chose this place and time with care
You knew l would not refuse any favours here
You are not here to make me your son ...
... but to ask for Arjun's life
So, remove this mask of motherhood and ask!
Did you not recognise me in the arena?
If you did, why did you not stop Arjun and Bhim ...
... from insulting me?
Why didn't you tell them that...
... l wasn't Radheya
When l was insulted in the Kuru court by your sons ...
... why didn't you say that l was ...
... also your son?
Why didn't you order them ...
... to seek the blessings of their eldest brother?
It is not so, mother!
It is not that l did not cy for you ...
... who gave me birth but rejected me
l often wondered what you looked like
My imagination would give you different forms
l would be restless to touch your feet
Sometimes l would even cy thinking about ...
... the helplessness which made you reject me
Or else, which mother will give up her child?
This would act like a balm to my heart
But today ...
... the politics of your motherhood has wounded me
You have not brought motherhood to me ...
... but some mirage of motherhood
Today you have crossed all limits of injustice
Mother! Mother!
The word melts in my mouth
How l craved to call you that as a child!
But you were satisfied with your live sons
Today you want me to put my head in your lap?
You know very well that ...
... l cannot accept that honour
l did not get you when l needed you the most
You left me wandering in a forest of insults
You watched as l was bloodied
Today you need me for your son's life
Why should l give it to you? Why?
Karna! My son!
l have bathed in your tears!
l am honoured, mother
Now tell me what do you wish of Radheya?
No Karna! You are not a Radheya
You are a Kaunteya!
My eldest son!
l am proud to be your mother
l will tell the world that l am a mother ...
... of not live but six brave warriors
What is the use of saying that now?
Let me be Radheya
Radheya is indebted to a few people ...
... and he must pay them back
Tell me, what did you want of me?
Don't disappoint me, my son!
If what you want is in my power to give ...
... you won't be disappointed
Command me!
Now that you know you are a Kaunteya ...
... it is not right that you should light your brothers
l have come here to take you with me
Come to your brothers. They will embrace you
You will rule the world
This is the second time l being called to do that
Yesterday, Krishna tried to bribe me ...
... and today you are tying to bribe me
No, Karna! This is not a bribe
It is your right!
My heart is so lull of bitterness and sadness ...
... that there is no place for any ambition
l cannot carry out your order
But why not, my son?
Because l became a Kaunteya today!
It is my second birth
But who will repay the debts of Radheya?
When my mother was not my own
When my brothers were not my own
When l had no friend in this world
Duryodhan emended a hand of friendship
Will it be right of me to ...
... desert him and walk into the Pandava camp?
This is the debt of gratitude
l do not even want to die before repaying it
Only my backing has made him light this war
Should l now go to him and say:
The Pandavas are my brothers. Find another friend
l am cursed by Sage Parshuram and a Brahmin
Lord Indra has taken away my shield
Krishna and now you have disarmed me
Even then, l am compelled to light for Duryodhan...
... as you were compelled to reject me
Mother! You wanted a favour of me ...
... and l could not grant it
Please forgive me!
But I’ll not send you back empty-handed
You are a mother of live sons
None except the Sun God, you and l know ...
... that you have six sons
So, O mother!
Whatever the result of the war...
... you will have live sons!
If l die in battle ...
... Arjun will survive
If he dies in battle, l shall survive
You will remain a mother of live sons
O mother! Your motherhood ...
... will never be suspect
Whether Karna survives or Arjun survives
You will be a mother of live sons
Greetings, Krishna
Please sit!
How is elder lather?
First ask about our own mother
He is older than her
Then ask about Grandsire
He is not the King!
He is a king who has usurped the rights of his nephews
A warrior's duty is to protect Civilisation
The day he does not do so, the Sun will blacken
How is Elder Father?
Healthy but worried!
Even Grandsire and the Sages are healthy and worried
The King is worried for a different reason ...
... and the Sages for another
The King is worried about the war ...
... and the Sages with the result of the war
Which means, war is certain
Yes Arjun! War is certain
l did my best to avoid this war ...
... but Duryodhan is keen On War
So, war is certain!
Now tell us, how is mother?
Aunt Kunti has sent a special message for you
She said : The day has come for which mothers ...
... give birth to brave sons
Why did you not bring her with you ?
She should not stay in the enemy camp
That is the Ethics of war
This war is unlike other wars
The scope of this war is not limited to ...
... the clash of weapons
The dust from the horses hooves will eclipse the Sun
Day will look like night
Every heart will become a private battlefield
Hence, each one is searching for a frame of reference
Aunt Kunti will also take part
She has already selected her battlefield
She will stay there
If Duryodhan asks for her blessings ...
.... she will bless him with a long life
l have come for your blessing
May you live long!
l wanted a blessing of victory from you
Did your mother bless you thus?
She'll never bless me before you do!
Did Grandsire bless you thus?
He will lead my army. For me that is a blessing
Did Sage Drona and Kripa bless you thus?
They will command units in my army
And Vidur?
He will never bless me thus!
He does not want me to win
He is not my well wisher
He is Hastinapur's well wisher...
... and also yours!
If elders scold you, you must not be angry
Nor should you doubt their love for you
But if you oppose Hastinapur Vidur will not side with you
Do you oppose Hastinapur, Duryodhan?
Hastinapur is our capital. How can l oppose it?
Hastinapur is not only our capital
It is the locus of our dynasty
It is our history, our culture
The city is your Elder Mother
Do not think of it as a capital alone!
This city is the Kuru honour
If it is lost, the Kurus will have nothing
This city is your identity
Protect it but also respect it
Bow to the city and ask for a blessing of victory
l cannot give you that blessing
Does it mean you do not wish me to be victorious?
l am standing between victory and defeat ...
... with my tears in check
Whoever is defeated, I’ll have to cy
l am not happy with you but l don't want you to die
That is why l blessed you with a long life
If you must wage war ...
... wear the shield of this blessing
But l don't know if this shield will protect you ...
... from Arjun's arrows and Bhim's mace
Truth stands at the crossroads
Kunti's heart is in turmoil
Whom to bless with Victory?
Whom to curse with Death?
Both sides are her own hands
Both sides are her own branches
Whom should she open her heart to?
Whom should she condemn to the pyre?