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Pottery barn Nathan Turner's Top Ten Holiday Gifts
Hi, I'm style expert Nathan Turner and I'm here at Pottery Barn
to pick my top ten favorites for holiday. Come on!
So a great
impact and change for the holiday season
with little effort and not a lot of money are these the pillows. These are great winter holiday pillows,
I love love love these cable knit ones.
My favorite is the super-chic winter white
it literally feels like a big cozy sweater wrapped around your body.
The thing I love about Pottery Barn christmas ornaments are you can do an entire collection
like this is the peace and sparkle collection which I love,
or you can just add some really great decorative pieces like this globe,
into your existing collection,
so I'm stocking up on these.
These faux sheepskin throws are one of my favorites. They are
so unbelievably soft,
really cozy, I think it's an amazing gift, I would love to get one of these,
and the great thing is it's it's obviously screams holiday and makes you want to wrap
yourself up in it in front of a fire, but it's it's simple and it's a classic and it's gonna look great,
and you're gonna use it all year round.
So the holidays are about decorating too, so you really want to kind of step it up
at home whether you're entertaining
or if it's a small touch,
I love love these
mercury glass cachepots and votives, put in a paper white, drop it in the pot,
throw it on the counter, call it a day.
Or you can step it up and do tons on top of the table and be super decorative,
it could even take you all all the way to New Year's.
The caterer's box is my must have practical pick
for the holidays.
They're boxed dishes, glasses, cutlery, candles, literally everything one would need for party
or a dinner.
And these are easy storage - you're gonna use them all year round. Super reasonably priced, they're great!
The holidays are
packed with parties and
we all like to kind of bring something, a hostess gift, when we go, it's nice,
and Pottery Barn's taken the guest's work out of it.
Napkin rings are great, these are really fun, big numbers,
pair them up with napkin, or not, either way it's great, but look how smart that looks like that on the table,
and your hostess would love to give these.
Pottery Barn candles are always a pick of mine because of their quality.
They burned clean, they have lead-free wicks, which means they won't smoke
and when they burn they tunnel down so it's an even burn and they're gonna last really long,
There won't be any spillage
and these are hand-painted and hand-poured with these great Holiday finishes.
These heirloom frames are a great gift to give.
I think they're super elegant-looking,
a lot of great detail for your money,
personalize them, put pictures in them, everybody loves that.
These are great gift and stocking stuffer ideas especially for guys, this is a fantastic travel
alarm clock,
it closes up, protected,
but when it's opened I think it looks really handsome on a desk or a night stand.
This is a win-win gift
idea as far as I'm concerned.
It's a fantastic smelling candle, it smells like paper whites which is one of my favorite holiday scents,
in their super attractive mercury glass dish, but the best part is ten dollars
off the purchase price goes to Saint Jude's Hospital.
So in the spirit of giving this is my favorite gift.
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