Just Dance - SNL 100th Digital Short, Will Ferrell, Usher Today Show, Madonna Tour 2012 Setlist

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NICK LAZZARINI: Madonna makes a huge announcement about her
world tour.
Rihanna takes over American Idol.
And why is Michael Bolton dressed like
Captain Jack Sparrow?
This is Just Dance for May 18, 2012.
Hey, guys.
It's Nick Lazzarini, and I've missed you all so much since
our Earth Day Extravaganza.
So let's do it.
Madonna's MDNA tour is just days away.
And there was a huge announcement last week that
she'll be filming the first show in Tel Aviv Do I smell a
concert DVD?
Let's see what our pal Joseph Birdsong thinks Madonna fans
can expect on the tour.
JOSEPH BIRDSONG: So there's this leaked "official" set
list and this leaked "official"
tour trailer for Madonna.
Now, I don't know anything about the authenticity, but
the set list looks pretty awesome, with a mix of new
songs with some really awesome old songs.
I don't think there's any question that there's gonna be
a lot of dancing in this concert because based on the
Super Bowl and her last two music videos, Madonna has
still got it.
The question here is, what is gonna be next?
And I think Madonna is ready to step up her game again, and
it will happen in this concert.
As Madonna once apparently said, better to live one year
as a tiger than a 100 as a sheep.
Now, I don't know what the hell that means, but I think
it's safe to say the Madonna will be a
tiger in this concert.
NICK LAZZARINI: Will Ferrell was back hosting Saturday
Night Live last weekend, and it was packed with cameos.
To start, they brought back Ana Gasteyer for a Marty and
Bobbi Mohan-Culp sketch, where they
performed at an LGBT prom.
Then in the 100th SNL Digital Short, there were even more
familiar faces.
There were the Justins, Bieber and Timberlake, Natalie
Portman, plus Michael Bolton dressed as Jack Sparrow.
And I'm pretty sure Jon Hamm was humping a fish.
Usher worked double duty as the musical guest while also
appearing in the digital short and in the Funkytown debate.
Yes, the Funkytown debate.
It's exactly what it sounds like.
After doing his thing in Studio 8H on Saturday night,
Usher decided to stick around NBC all week.
This morning, he kicked off the summer concert series on
the Today Show.
Upcoming acts include Maroon 5, Chris
Brown, and Justin Bieber.
But this was actually Usher's first time performing in
Rockefeller Plaza.
Would you brave the midtown crowds for a chance to see
Usher or the Biebs at a Today Show taping?
Let us know in the comments.
The 2012 Billboard Music Awards are this Sunday on ABC,
and they're gonna be putting on a huge
concert of their own.
Carrie Underwood, LMFAO, Cee Lo Green and, just announced,
Chris Brown will all be performing.
Let's check in with Meghan to see who she thinks will bring
home Billboard gold, platinum, rainbows, whatever.
Just roll the video.
MEGHAN: This is Baby Margo.
She helps me make predictions.
For top artist, I have to say Adele.
I think that this past year and a half solid has been all
about Adele, and just on two songs.
Top dance artist, David Guetta, just because I feel
like he's worked with all of the other finalists in this
category and his music is kind of everywhere when
you go into a club.
Top streaming song, video, I'm gonna say LMFAO, "Sexy and I
Know It" because that song plays everywhere.
"Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
Yeah." Genius lyrics.
Done and done.
NICK LAZZARINI: Ever since her video for "Where Have You
Been" came out, where have you been is the one question you
don't need to ask Rihanna.
She's been everywhere promoting her new album with
tons of TV performances.
And her next stop is going to be at the American
Idol season 11 finale.
She'll be performing "Where Have You Been" yet again.
I've seen this so many times now I feel like I can do
Hi-Hat's choreography in my living room.

America's Got Talent premiered their new season on Monday.
And yes, that means America's favorite freak
show is finally back.
They've added Howard Stern as a judge this season, so we
decided to bring in our own person to give a truly
professional opinion about the AGT contestants.
We present to you Miranda Sings, our resident expert in
all things singing, dancing, and performing, in her first
FYI recap of America's Got Talent.
We're down to only four crews that are still in the running
for the ABDC championship.
This week was a Pitbull challenge, and Just Dance was
backstage to capture all the action.
MALE SPEAKER 1: We have Pitbull this week.
Fortunately, our song is "Give Me
Everything," featuring Ne-Yo.
MALE SPEAKER 1: Our challenge is to incorporate
international style with our style, which is?
MALE SPEAKER 2: Barynya from Russia.
MALE SPEAKER 1: We're gonna flip it, change it up, make it
Mos Wanted style, and bring it [RUSSIAN].
NICK LAZZARINI: The Glee season three finale is on this
Tuesday night, and that means school's out forever for some
of our favorite cast members.
Unlike in real life, sometimes on TV, I wish high school
never ended.
If you missed the drama, Perez Hilton and Lindsay Lohan at
nationals, Mia's got a Glee-cap.
Smash's season finale on Monday night was so good, but
how am I supposed to get my weekly Broadway fix between
now and season two?
To check out everything that happened on Smash's
uber-dramatic season one finale, check out
Luan's Smash recap.
We're heading into the second round of
performances on Dance Showdown.
Yesterday's episode showed us all the backstage jitters 30
minutes before show time.
SEANANNERS: Rehearsing, we had these lavalier packs on our
back, and Lauren did one of these Star Fox barrel roles
and actually landed on the thing.
And it dug into her back, and I was like,
woah, that looks dangerous.
LAUREN: Gonna be icing tonight.
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: I don't have a bra on right now.
MALE SPEAKER 3: Put one on.
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: I don't want to.
MALE SPEAKER 3: All right.
Have your nipples all pshoo.
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: I have a hoodie on.
You can't see.
MALE SPEAKER 3: All right, nipple girl.
FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Nipple girl.
NICK LAZZARINI: We are finally about to cross the finish line
on Dancing With the Stars, and very soon we will find out who
will be the season 14 champion.
Check out my recap to see who made it into the top three in
case you missed it.
If nothing else, Todrick Hall's recaps of Dance Moms
Miami are totally worth watching just to hear his
impressions of Lucas and Kimmy.
Check out this week's FYI recap in case you missed it.
That's it for me this week.
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