ACROBATICA - Come fare la ruota Tutorial 1/2 (Sub ENG)

Uploaded by RiflessiCondizionati on 05.03.2010

Hi, guys! Today, in this beautiful sunny day here in Milan, I've decided to do a new acrobatic tutorial.
But before we begin, I would like to thank all the people, the friends who subscribed to my channel,
comment on it and write emails to ask me questions. I really, really want to thank you.
So, today I'll show you a cartwheel tutorial.
What's a cartwheel? It's a 360 degrees rotation in which you touch the ground with every one of your limbs in succession,
starting upright and finishing upright. The rotation is around the sagittal axis, the one who passes here, by the center of the body.
Before we begin, for those who don't know what it is, let's first see the technique and how it's done.
Start standing, dig while doing a step with your right leg, put you hands on the ground rotated 90 degrees
push with your shoulders and your legs, which are in a straight line.
After jumping, pass by the handstand position with the legs spread, the head between the arms, looking at your hands.
Rotate your hips 90 degrees and land with the first leg you launched up. Keep pulling with
your shoulders while landing with the second leg, which stays straight, while the first bends.
Ok, now I'll show you some exercises to learn the cartwheel. From the easiest to the most difficult.
If you can already cartwheel you may skip this part of the video, but I suggest you to watch it anyway.
Since in the cartwheel you put your limbs on the ground in succession, this 1st exercise will teach you to do just that.
In this 2nd exercise, unlike the 1st, you arrive in standing position.
So, once you have your right hand, left hand and left leg on the ground, the right leg is still straight and it's descending.
There, you push with your shoulders so that your torso goes back up. Like a scale.
The leg goes down, the torso goes up and you arrive in standing position. So, here's the 2nd exercise.
The 3rd exercise is the same as the 2nd, but while moving.
You will see I drew a square on the ground and a diamond with some ropes.
Repeat the 2nd exercise while moving, without going out of the borders.
This exercise you've just seen, with the square and the diamond is very funny. It can be used both with children and adults.
Maybe with children you can make a game out of it, like who falls out of the bor- ders loses points and gets eliminated...
Once you are comfortable doing it, you can shrink the square or the diamond into a straight line,
so you will do the cartwheel on the ropes, on a line.
The next exercise is a cartwheel, but going downhill, so that it's a little bit easier.
If you don't have the luxury (or maybe the disgrace?) of frequenting a gym,
you can find some slope going slightly downhill in a park or something like that and try the cartwheel there.
Once you can cartwheel this way, try doing it on a flat plane. The technique is the same I explained at the beginning..
I'll show it from 3 different angles, so maybe you can observe it better.
This is the last exercise: a cartwheel going uphill.
It will require a stronger lift and push from the legs and a faster execution.
All the exercises showed here had a standing start, because this is how you should learn to cartwheel at first.
Only then you can start to add a walk and then a run-up with a pre-jump. Maybe I'll show you that in some following tutorial.
Hope you liked the video. Ciao!