7 Fatty Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Uploaded by OneMinuteSixPack on 12.07.2012

Hi I'm Nick and welcome to One Minute Six Pack. Today’s video is about 7 “fatty”
foods that actually burn belly fat, and help you get a flat stomach. Before I get to those
7 foods specifically, first I’d like to say a few things about eating “fat” in
general. Lots of claims have been made about how the best way to lose weight is to avoid
eating fat altogether. This just isn’t true.
In fact, it’s absolutely necessary to have a certain amount of fat in your diet. The
fat you eat, however, must come from healthy sources, not crap. This is where the confusion
comes from. The true is, not all fat is made equal. If all, or most, of the fats you eat
come from healthy sources, you’ll keep your (1) hormones balanced, (2) your blood sugar
under control, and (3) you’ll prevent food cravings. On the other hand, if all or most
of the fat you eat comes from crap, then you’re going to gain weight and stomach fat.
With that said, here’s a list of 7 super foods that have a lot of healthy fats: (1)
Number one is super Dark Chocolate. By “super dark” I mean at least 72% cacao content).
(2) Second is coconut milk, coconut flour, and coconut oil. (3) Third is grass-fed butter.
(4) Fourth is organic whole eggs, including the yolks. (5) Fifth is grass fed beef or
grass fed bison. (6) Sixth is avocados. And (7) Seventh is Nuts, including (a) Walnuts,
(b) Almonds, (c) Pistachios, (d) Pecans, (e) Brazil Nuts, and (f) Macadamias. That's all
for today's video. To learn more foods that burn belly fat and help build six pack abs,
visit UniqueAbsVideo.com. Take Care, and thanks for watching.