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Ms. Savitri, I am leaving my child...
...a piece of my heart and going.
The woman whose husband cannot accept her, even...
...after marrying her in a temple, how...
...can she keep her child with her?
How will the world allow such a child to lead his life?
Now his future is in your hands - Yashodara.
Ms. Savitri Devi, why is this child crying so much?
What else can he do? Can such a small...
...small child live without his mother?
Without his mother? - Yes, Laxmi Bai, his...
...mother left him here and went away.
The child's father betrayed her.
What fault is of the child in this?
I am happy even you feel the child is not guilty, like me.
He is of the same age of your child.
If you feed him, it will be a great favor.
You have done a favor on me by giving... place in your hermitage.
Who would give support to the poor widower of a policeman?
Give me. I'll feed him. This is a noble cause.
Come in. - Good morning. I am Kailashnath Gupta.
You have given shelter to a woman named...
...Yashodara here, she is my wife.
Is she your wife? - Yes, see our snap.
So you are the one who spoilt her life.
And now you have come to make her your wife.
Your anger is understood. I am that timid one...
...who did not accept Yashodara afraid of my family.
And that poor one had to come here.
Today I have come to ask for forgiveness and accept her.
You have come very late. - Why? Is she fine?
No, read this letter. You will understand everything.
Oh my God! What has happened?
Don't know how she will lead her life and in what condition?
I will search her wherever she might be.
Even though I may have to spend... entire life searching for her.
Take your child. - My son.
Thank you, Savitri Devi. Thank you very much.
It doesn't matter.
I have written my address.
My child, my child. Where did my child go?
What happened, sister?
I had kept my child here. Where did it go?
What happened, Laxmi Bai?
Savitri Devi, I had kept my child here.
Your child is here.
No, this is not my child. This is Yashodara's child.
I had kept my child here and taken this child for a bath.
Oh my God! What mistake I have committed.
This child's father had come to take him.
I gave him your child by mistake...
...thinking it to be his child.
What have you done, Savitri Devi?
Come. Come with me.
I had kept the paper here. Where did it go?
I am lost. I don't know anything.
I will take my child from you.
I am so wretched. First, God took my husband away.
And now you have given my son to someone else.
Laxmi Bai, I am your culprit.
Destiny had to do this with my hands.
I will search that man, who has taken...
...your son by a mistake of mine.
And left his child to be reared by you.
Where are you going like thieves in the morning?
Good morning, Dad. I was going for morning walk.
You only said that morning walk is good for health.
Did I say that you should return from morning walk... 9 in the night or after mid night or the next morning?
Son, what kind of live you have made like thieves?
Dad, now a days I run behind the thieves.
What do you mean? - I have taken up a job.
What did you say? Job?
Yes, daddy. I have joined the C.I. D
Have you gone mad?
You have taken up a job that too in C.I.D.
Since the past seven generations our... is into business. My business is spread... each and every corner of India.
And you have taken up a job. What foolishness?
Let me know how much you'll be getting?
I will be getting 300 per month. - Don't you feel ashamed? I give...
...this much salary to my driver.
What will the society say? Kailashnath Gupta's son... working for a mere 300 rupees.
Daddy, it's not a question of money.
It's a question of doing work of your choice.
And I want to arrest people robbing money from this... To destroy smugglers and thieves forever.
Daddy, that day you will feel proud, that I am your son.
What dreams I had for you, what plans I made for you?
You have broken my heart.
What happened? - Sir, I think the battery is down.
You come and sit in another car.
Sir, this one's battery is also down. Sit in that car.
Come sir. - Gogo.
Sorry, sir. Let me start the car first. Just a minute.
Sir, even this car's battery is down.
Strange, all the three car's batteries...
...are down at the same time.
Sir, the three car's batteries are of the same company.
Why don't you get it charged?
Now, how will I go to the office?
Gogo, if you commit this...
...mistake again, you will be fired.
What happened, Kailash nath? Why are you scolding Gogo?
Ramesh Lama good you have come, otherwise...
...I would have had to go in taxi. See the condition here.
There are three cars and all the batteries are down.
Don't be so angry. Come sit in my car. I will drop you office.
Gogo. - Yes, uncle.
Be careful in future. Don't commit such a mistake again.
Fine uncle. Uncle, I want to touch your feet.
May God give you a long life, son.
I am saved. I am saved.
You are saved by luck, otherwise...
...Dad was ready to fire you today.
Brother Vijay, today I had to kill the dog.
That's why I made the batteries down.
But why did you fix a program...
...with Chamcham during work time?
There is no control on love, it is such a thing a firework...
...which cannot be put off nor burnt.
Brother Vijay, don't talk now. Come with me immediately.
You know what you have to do today.
Today you are my driver and I am your boss.
Help me impress, Chamcham.
Don't worry. I will do that.
My girl friend is there. Chamcham, Chamcham.
Vijay my baby. - Chamcham, my darling. Chamcham.
Wait. You can't hug him.
Who is this? - He is my driver.
You have hugged my master, now hug me also.
What bullshit. I should hug you.
You will hug her?
Did you forget those days?
What was decided in childhood? - What?
That whatever we'll do, we'll do it together.
Darling, you hug him once, this is just child's play.
You can hug her once but the wall of decency in between.
What are you doing? Where are you? Come here.
Who asked you hug her so tightly?
Remove him from job immediately...
...or else I will not marry you.
Get lost from the job. - What are you saying?
Driver sir, can I request you to leave my job at once.
What? - My dear, try to understand.
For the first time a girl is trapped.
I beg you holding your feet.
You even touch your driver's feet.
No. Darling, actually the thing is I am a real tomb.
What? - I mean I am a socialist.
I don't believe there is any difference between a master...
...and a worker, between a human and an animal.
If I have the right to give him a slap then...
Even he slapped me.
Even he has to right to kick me.
You call him a driver?
Actually darling, the thing is when my grandfather was...
...dying his grandmother told me...
...that you should take care of Gogo.
Since then I have looked after him so well...
...that he behaves like this.
I am unable to understand any thing.
Sorry Madam. I don't want to be involved in your fight.
We have forgiven you. Fine, fine.
I have not seen such a driver before.
You will neither see it in future.
I will clear his account tomorrow.
Darling, even you clear my account.
I mean introduce me to your father, Jatadhari.
Mr. Jatadhari, greetings. - May God bless you.
If you were so fond of message...
...then why didn't you tell me?
I would have given you such a message...
...that I would have made you Champakali.
What? - I mean I would have made... light like a magnolia flower.
I don't believe that a rich person like... has come to the house of a poor man like me.
What, hut? The corner of the earth where a noble person... you and a beauty like Chamcham resides.
It is just like the latest model of the car.
I had decided that after marriage even...
...I would come and stay in this model.
I was thinking after marriage I would stay... some corner of your palace.
Vijay, we will keep father with us. - Oh yes, why not?
Anyways you would like back seat or front seat?
I don't want front seat or back seat either.
I would be happy even in the dickey.
Jatadhari, by the way who is this old box I mean...
...who is this old model? - Shut up.
Have control on your tongue.
If you're a rich person it must be in your house.
My name is Dindayal.
Then Mr. Dindayal, do one merciful thing.
Take out a ten rupee note because we...
...driver union are In need of donation. - We driver?
I mean my driver's union is in need of donation.
What help he will extend for a noble cause.
Mr. Jatahdari, Chamcham and me have already...
...done that which people do before marriage.
What all you have done?
We came near to each other, understood each other.
Now we should end this series here.
Should we end this series here?
Only when this series end can we start a new series.
Which other series? - I mean new model. Family planning.
The one which is said on the transistor.
Son, you should delay for a good cause.
Mr. Jatadhari, listen to me. - I don't have time.
It's a very important matter. - I don't have time.
What are you doing?
Mr. Jatadhari, it is clear from this person's words that...
...he is not the son of Kailashnath Gupta.
He appears to be his driver.
I hope you are not drunk.
You just tell him to introduce you... his father before marriage. The truth will come out.
Father is coming. Let go of me.
Come in. - Vijay, When will you take me to your house?
House, for what? - To introduce me to your father.
And to show Chamcham to him.
I am dead. - You're dead.
There is a village in Maharashtra by name...
...'Maregaye'. My father has gone to 'Maregaye'.
Oh he has gone there.
But do you know my father. - No.
Did you ever see him? - No, I have not seen him anytime.
You will not see him. - Why?
Because I have still not introduced him to you.
Vijay, I and father will come to your place on Wednesday.
Wednesday and everything pure.
Wednesday and everything pure. But...
...Wednesday is fast approaching.
My mind is not working. But you come on Wednesday.
And come a little late. - Why?
Because my father wakes up a little late.
I will have to wake him up. I will have to make him.
Make him? - I mean I will have to convince him.
You come on Wednesday, please. Come on Wednesday.
Forgive me.
Vijay, I am very happy to see your work.
You are proving to be a very good C.I.D. Officer.
The case which I am going to give... today is very difficult. I am unable to find its truth.
Sir, truth is like diamond. And more the bigger a diamond..., the more bigger stone you have to cut to get it.
Since the last two years we are unable to solve this case.
Many of my officers have lost hopes.
Vijay was not among them. Tell me, what the case is?
Two years back, a very big business man...
...suddenly went missing. He is still missing.
Don't whether the earth has eaten him...
...or the sky has swallowed him?
Or someone has murdered him? - It's possible.
This is the case file and this is his snap.
Is Kavita ready? - Yes almost.
Listen, take out the car first. - Fine.
Kavita, daughter Kavita. - Coming aunty.
Ok aunty. Bless me. - Don't make me...
...ashamed touching my feet.
Feet are touched only of relatives.
I am only your governess.
If you'll call yourself a governess again I will not...
...speak to you. You have given me motherly affection.
What more can be more important for...
...a girl with no mother. - But child?
I accept it. Father kept you in this house as a governess.
But I always considered you equal to my mother.
And today even after two years when there... no news about father, you are everything to me.
Father, where have you gone?
I promise, I will not sit peacefully unless I find you.
Kavita. - Yes aunty. - Nothing, just leave it.
What's the matter, aunty?
Tell me. Is it something related to father?
It is something about him, but...
But what? Tell me what's the matter?
Why have you become quiet?
I am thinking whether to tell you or not?
I am in a dilemma since so many days.
Tell me, aunty. I am ready to hear even the most bad news.
You are under my oath.
Recently your uncle Diwan Saab was here.
He got a call the day he was leaving.
By mistake I picked up this phone.
Diwan Saab had already received the phone.
I was about to keep the receiver but...
...listening to something I was really shocked.
Someone named Ashok was speaking to...
...Diwan Saab about your father.
'Remember Diwan Saab, Shyam Kumar knows What...
...what happened to your partner and your step brother'
'Such things are not talked over phone, Ashok.'
'Even walls have ears.'
'I shall come immediately to Bombay and meet you.'
It means my uncle is involved in my father going missing.
And that Shyam Kumar knows where my father is.
Don't know where he must be and in what condition?
I feel your uncle together with Ashok...
...has betrayed your father.
And Shyam Kumar knows about their secret.
If this is true, then as soon as I reach Bombay...
...I will meet Shyam Kumar and find out everything.
You know child, I have not left anything to search brother.
The thing is even the police could not search him.
But don't worry my child. I will try... to search him, till I am alive.
Sir, there's a call for you.
Hello uncle. - Hello girls. - Hi Kavita.
Hi Padma. - Hi Kavita.
Kavita, you are looking great today.
Today you are not looking like an artist but a model.
Whom God himself selected for painting.
Let me kiss you for this.
Don't talk bullshit.
Kavita, just now there was a call.
My friend met with an accident.
I will have to go the hospital immediately.
And here I have called one of my business partner on lunch.
You ask him for forgiveness on my behalf.
And tell him that instead of lunch...
...have dinner with us today.
Uncle, we are going for painting.
And we are already late.
Just wait for 5 minutes. He will be here any moment.
But uncle, you did not tell his name.
His name is Shyam Kumar.
How far do we have wait for him?
I will not go without meeting Shyam Kumar.
It's very important for me to meet him.
Who is this Shyam Kumar?
We are getting late for picnic.
There, Shyam Kumar has come.
Excuse me, Diwan Saab is there at home?
He is not there. He has left a message for you.
Message for me? - He will meet... at dinner and not lunch.
He will meet me at dinner.
I didn't understand what you mean?
He had some important work.
He said if Mr. Shyam Kumar comes...
Oh Shyam Kumar. And you at once recognized...
...that I am Shyam Kumar.
See, how I recognized you.
I really appreciate your recognition.
Moreover I am very happy to see and meet you.
Uncle said. - Leave uncle. Tell me about yourself.
We are going to the lake. If you are...
...not doing anything then join us for picnic.
Even if I would have been something...
...I would have left and come with you.
But one thing is there. I am very scared of water.
I don't know swimming.
We are not going for swimming.
We are going for painting.
Oh that's the matter. Then I am ready. C'mon girls.
Come. Come. Sit in the van.
You recognized my name like this.
But you didn't tell me your name.
I am Kavita. - Very beautiful name.
But whose poem you are, Ghalib or Tagore?
Say of God.
Then it's very much less how much ever I praise God.
What a beautiful poem. - Thank you.
And even you are not less than a beautiful statue.
God sometimes makes such a beautiful statue...
...that you just feel like seeing them.
You are not behind me in praising.
Why are you wearing this charm?
A fortune teller had told me that if I wear this...
...charm then one day, I will meet a beautiful girl suddenly.
When you smile you look very good.
But when you smile it looks as if flowers are falling.
Your eyes are also very beautiful.
Even your eyes are very beautiful.
What is left in this world apart from your eyes?
This was said by Faiz. Yes, Faiz.
You also say something.
I would just say that I have seen... your eyes love, deep love.
Nice. Complete the song.
I have seen in your eyes, love deep love.
I have seen in your eyes, love deep love.
I have found in your words, love, deep love.
I have seen in your eyes.
The angel of spring, this is my destiny.
What ever you think about me, it's your favor.
The angel of spring, this is my destiny.
What ever you think about me, it's your favor.
I have seen in your eyes, love deep love.
I have found in your words, love, deep love.
I have seen in your eyes.
My deeds were good, that's why I met you.
Beauty was merciful, what a strange thing happened.
My deeds were good, that's why I met you.
Beauty was merciful, what a strange thing happened.
I have seen in your eyes, love deep love.
I have found in your words, love, deep love.
I have seen in your eyes.
I never imagined that I would get you.
Like the flame flutters, you would flutter like that.
I never imagined that I would get you.
Like the flame flutters, you would flutter like that.
I have seen in your eyes, love deep love.
I have found in your words, love, deep love.
I have seen in your eyes.
The car is here. It means uncle has come.
Uncle has come. You go. I shall change and come.
Maybe I am not be able to meet you later as you...
...would become busy talking to uncle.
That's why promise me that you would...
...come on Sunday to my birthday party.
I think you are correct. We may meet or not on dinner.
But I will definitely come on your birthday party.
I promise.
Uncle, Mr. Shyam Kumar is a very interesting person.
We took him to the picnic with us.
It was really fun. We even listened to his song.
He will be here at dinner time. I shall just go and change.
Just listen, daughter. Meet him. He is my... partner Mr. Shyam Kumar. - Greetings.
Mr. Shyam Kumar? - Yes. He is waiting here...
...since morning because he didn't get my message.
Then who he was? - He must be an impostor.
He betrayed you taking my name.
Oh my God! How did I commit such a mistake?
Anyways, let him come now. - Why will he come now?
You go and have a change. Be careful next time.
Who can it be? - Even I don't understand...
...why he had to do like this?
Ask Miss. Kavita about his appearance properly.
I will keep C.I.D. After him.
Anyways, Diwan Saab your niece is very beautiful.
Why she shouldn't be? After all she is my niece.
What's the matter?
Uncle should be like you.
And a niece should be like Kavita.
If that Romeo meets me again, do you know what I'll do?
What? - Dilailala had only cut the hair of Samsung, .
...but I will slit that lier's tongue.
You will get that opportunity.
As he is coming to your party on Sunday.
Are you sure that you don't know...
...anything else about your brother.
I told you whatever I knew.
We didn't come to know what happened to brother?
He did not have enmity with anyone.
Sometimes it happens that whom we believe... be our friend, turns out to be a secret enemy.
What do you mean?
It's possible that...
...someone has kidnapped your brother forcibly
Forcibly? But why? Who will do this?
Even I want to know this, Diwan Saab.
You do have doubt on anyone?
Yes, I doubt everyone. - What?
Diwan Saab like everyone is not guilty in the eyes...
...of the judge until he is found guilty.
Like wise for we C.I.D. People everyone is guilty...
...until he is found to be not guilty.
The way of court of correct.
Otherwise justice cannot be done.
But even our procedure is not wrong.
Otherwise no criminal will be caught.
Only you can understand this intricate points of law.
I only want you to search my brother.
Till today whatever cases I have taken, I have solved.
I shall even find out about your brother.
Thank you. Thank you.
Ashok. Ashok.
Diwan Saab. Come.
People say, don't play with fire.
But I say, don't play with smoke.
Because when smoke touches the eyes, nothing is visible.
Diwan Saab, you are my eyes. What have they seen?
C.I.D. Office.
Who is the C.I.D. Officer?
His name is Vijay.
I am scared he might win in this case.
He was saying he would find out Kavita's father.
Ashok, that man seems to be stern in what ever he says.
Diwan Saab, till today no C.I.D. Officer is born...
...who can find out what happened to your step brother.
I am only afraid of Shyam Kumar...
...whose eyes have seen a lot.
Even his mouth is opening.
He was saying now 3,000 is not sufficient. I need 5,000.
Then? - Just then my niece passed by.
After seeing her, his eyes were full of sparkles.
Looks like, your niece is more beautiful than required.
Ashok, I have not come here to discuss Kavita's beauty.
Close this. Why did you suddenly get afraid of light?
After that wretched night, I can't...
...bear any strong light in the eyes.
Do you remember that night?
Who is it? - I am your servant, Diwan Saab.
I have been eating your salt since years.
I just want to take one photograph.
Where will I get such a photograph?
Diwan Saab and Mr. Ashok are...
...burying the body of Diwan Bihari lal.
How did you reach here?
I have been following you like shadow, from...
...the place you killed your brother.
Shall we also send you there?
If you move forward, then along with this...
...dead body, I will make you sleep in this grave.
Shyam, nobody should come to know about this.
Diwan Saab, if you keep my mouth shut... dare someone comes to know of it.
Fine, I shall leave. Good night.
That's it. After that night I am frightened of strong light.
Sometimes I feel that I should parcel this Shyam Kumar...
...and send him to where we sent your brother.
Don't forget that he has written our...
...secret and kept it with someone.
And he has informed him that if something happens to...
...him, then to give that paper to police immediately.
Then no power can save us from gallows.
They are dead who can take us to gallows.
Don't worry, Diwan Saab.
The day this Shyam Kumar really becomes a...
...danger for us, that very day I will kill him.
All your guests have come. Now let me go.
Where are you going, uncle?
Moreover an oldie like me doesn't...
...looks good between youngsters like you.
And moreover child, I have some important work too.
You all enjoy. I shall go.
Happy birthday to you, Kavita. Happy birthday, Kavita.
Thank you. Thank you.
Be careful. Be careful.
Excuse me.
Who is Kavita Diwan? - It's me.
Hello madam. Happy birthday to you.
I am very glad to meet you. I am sorry.
You had called for monkey's band. We have come.
Excuse me, my hand. - Your hand is very beautiful.
Let go my hand please. - I am sorry.
Did you say monkey band? - Yes.
This is monkey's band leader, Mr. Capston Burkley.
Captain Burkley. - No captain, Capston Burkley.
Bina elephant's gold flake younger brother.
He was going to America to compete...
...with Elvis Presley and Beetles.
And he got hurt in the way and became blind.
I am sorry. What a tragedy to lose one's eyes in youth.
You're right. - Thanks for your sympathy.
It appears from your voice, that you are very beautiful.
Because I am seeing you with the eyes of my heart.
Happy birthday to you.
What soft hands. - This is my hand.
Miss. Kavita, he is saying happy birthday to you.
Just give your hand. This is her hand. - Thank you.
What delicate fingers? You are definitely related to some arts.
Are you also a musician like me?
I am a painter. - See, my guess was not wrong.
Can you just take me till the band? - Sure, come.
What's this? - Poor man, he is blind.
See dear, till here I supported you.
But when it comes to the question of being...
...hit, I can't do that. My stomach is already full.
I feel I have heard this Burkley's voice somewhere.
Is he the same impostor Shyam Kumar?
You have got the habit of recognizing people by voice.
You always keep thinking...
...whose voice I have heard where?
See there, who has come?
Many happy returns of the day. - Thank you.
Where was the necessity to bring all this?
I have come to your birthday party for the first time.
How I could have come empty handed?
What's the matter? Are you waiting for a special guest?
I am waiting for that impostor.
Let him come today. I will mince him.
Excuse me, butcher. - What did you say? - Brother.
Madam, Bye-Bye. - Bye-Bye.
Excuse me, my hand. - Your hand, yes.
You are mine, I am yours, let the world feel jealous.
You are mine, I am yours, let the world feel jealous.
No, no. The heart is yours, the life... yours, let the world feel jealous.
The heart is yours, the life is...
...yours, let the world feel jealous.
My heart full of love dances... heart full of agreement sings.
My eyes met you, and my heart bloomed like a flower.
My heart full of love dances... heart full of agreement sings.
My eyes met you, and my heart bloomed like a flower.
This season of youth is full of love...
...let the world feel jealous.
No, no. The heart is yours, the life... yours, let the world feel jealous.
You are mine, I am yours, let the world feel jealous.
No, no. The heart is yours, the life... yours, let the world feel jealous.
See dear, I have come to fulfill my promise.
I have brought blessings for you on my tongue.
I have given you my heart, then why to feel sorry.
I die on you, I am under my oath.
See dear, I have come to fulfill my promise.
I have brought blessings for you on my tongue.
I have given you my heart, then why to feel sorry.
I die on you, I am under my oath.
You are mine, oh my angel of water...
...let the world feel jealous.
You are mine, I am yours, let the world feel jealous.
No, no. The heart is yours, the life... yours, let the world feel jealous.
You are mine, I am yours, let the world feel jealous.
All this beauty is for you, all this scenery is for you.
The gestures of eyes are for you...
...and the support of my hug is for you.
All this beauty is for you, all this scenery is for you.
The gestures of eyes are for you...
...and the support of my hug is for you.
I died on you, let the world feel jealous.
No, no. The heart is yours, the life... yours, let the world feel jealous.
You are mine, I am yours, let the world feel jealous.
No, no. The heart is yours, the life... yours, let the world feel jealous.
You shameless. How did you get the courage to come here?
Miss. Kavita, I had promised you that...
...I would definitely come on your birthday.
If I would not come, then I could never forgive myself.
Now that I have come, give whatever punishment you feel like.
I don't want to spoil my hands touching you.
Who is this? - This is that impostor...
...who cheated us that day taking your name.
Show him properly. - See it right now.
Mr. Shyam, see. I am very afraid of fights.
I believe in peace. I only know how to love.
I hate all other types of fights. - You son of hatred.
Mr. Shyam, looks like you got more hurt.
Miss. Kavita, you will have to spoil your hands to lift him.
Get out. - I'll go, I'll go. First tell your...
...friend not to come in the way of lovers.
Get out.
What attitude, what decency, what love.
You hit me that too with flowers. Jai Hind, Jai Hind.
Sen. - Coming sir. Ask Gogo to take out the car. - Ok sir.
Sir. - What happened to your hand?
Sir, the merchant who stays besides our house...
...his factory workers had surrounded him.
The rights of the workers were legitimate.
Even I raised my voice against the...
...merchant being carried away.
That's it. After that the first stick of police fell on my hands
And then I went immediately to my... doctor, doctor 'Bandook' 'Pistolwala'.
I am coming after a hand massage.
It means you can't drive today. - Impossible sir.
How high can you lift your hand?
About 1.5 or 1.75 inches.
How high you could lift it before?
Before I could lift it up fully.
What non-sense. Now, I'll have to go in taxi.
Gogo. - Yes, sir. Which hand did you raise? - Left hand, sir.
And this hand. - I can lift it only up to 1.75 inches.
I am saved. I am saved. Otherwise this...
...oldie would have caught me today.
Fernandes, assistant, Sitaram, all of you come here.
Come here. Come here.
Three of you open your ears and listen to me.
From this time to the next two hours you all will think that...
...I am your boss Kailashnath Gupta's only son Vijay Gupta.
It means? - It means Oshi dada, my father-in-law... coming here with her daughter to see me.
I need some help of yours in this situation.
How can we do that? If our boss comes to...
Job? Oshi da, your job is already in danger.
Because I have come to know that the grocer from where... bring grocery, you also take 20% commission.
If I tell this to sir, then what will happen... you and your family in Calcutta?
No, no. I'll do whatever you say. - You'll do everything.
See, Sitaram. I know where your Sita stays.
She stays in Jogeshwari, in the stable of buffaloes.
I shall go and tell him that Sitaram is not a Brahmin.
He is a non-vegetarian.
He eats mutton, chicken and fish.
Then you think how will your marriage take place?
Don't be so cruel. I will do as you say, brother Gogo.
Who Gogo?
Call me Vijay Babu.
Vijay Babu. - Fine.
Fernandes. - Yes sir.
Fernandes, even I have something for you. took out a snap and sent it to your father-in-law.
I have a copy of that photo and its negative with me.
If I give that to sir, then you think what will happen to you?
No, Vijay Babu. No. Sir I will do as you say.
Just a minute. I think they have come.
Our junior sir, Mr. Vijay is waiting for you.
Come and have a seat.
Wow! What a nice hall.
I am seeing the hall and the objects in it.
Vijay, plays in hundred thousands, father...
You were doubting him for no reason.
I am not doubting, Chamcham. I am clarifying everything.
Greetings, Mr. Jatadhari.
- Blessings, blessings.
Vijay, now Jatadhari doesn't looks good from your mouth.
Then what Dhari shall I call you?
You also call me father like Chamcham.
...great person like you has come to my hut.
Hut? If this is called a hut then what is a palace?
Fine, leave it. Where's your father?
Daddy is in the bathroom. He will just come.
Till then have this cigar.
Son, my handsome son. Your guests have come.
Welcome, welcome.
Handsome daddy. Meet them. He is Mr. Jatadhari.
I mean father. And she is his daughter, Miss. Chamcham.
And I have told you what I am going to do with them.
With such a beautiful girl who would not like to do?
Touch his feet, touch his feet, daughter.
Live long. Live long.
Father, even say daughter along with live long.
What a face beautiful. Beautiful.
I wanted to bring such a beautiful daughter-in-law.
What? - 36-22-38 or 37.
Nothing. Daddy was asking your phone no.
We don't have a telephone at home. But our neighbors do.
Their number is 906868.
Note it. - I remember dad.
Whose photo is that?
That. He is my father's father. My grandfather.
Grandfather, grandpa.
Daddy. Daddy.
Chamcham, this is my grandfather's..., who is no more alive. - What happened?
Your face resembles him a lot.
Yes after all he is my father.
But Vijay's face does not resembles your face.
His face resembles our driver. - What happened?
I mean when his mother got labor pains we were taking...
...her in the car, but he didn't have patience. He was...
born in the car, that's why his face resembles our driver.
But your daughter's face doesn't resemble your face.
Her face resembles her mother.
Looks like her mother has eaten Chinese food a lot. - Very much.
Vijay, did you tell your father that we are very poor.
What are you saying, Mr. Jatadhari?
It's only a game of clothes. Otherwise there is... difference between rich and poor.
All the children of one God.
Your words are good but it takes time to understand them.
Vijay, you are so lucky that you have... a father of such high thinking.
I didn't get him so easily.
I had to beg him, touch his feet.
Only then he became my father. - What?
What did you say? He became your daddy.
It means you had to convince him to become your father.
Father, I am sorry. I mean when I was small...
...I convinced God that he should become my father.
Now the marriage should take place soon.
I want to see my grandchildren.
Daddy, it is our duty to fulfill your order.
But this auspicious thing should not be delayed.
Where is the delay? Daddy you keep coming here.
Come Chamcham. - What Chamcham, daddy?
I will put the garland. - Fine son.
Whether you put or I put it's the same thing.
There should be music on this auspicious occasion.
Daddy, I think Chamcham didn't...
...tell you that she dances very well.
I shall just play the music. - Play it son. Play it.
Chamcham, come, come.
Daddy, don't dance with Chamcham.
You son of a dad, leave my hand. - Why?
My moustache has come onto your face. - My face?
I shall bring sweets for you.
Dad has gone to bring sweets. Till then we'll dance. C'mon.
Gogo, what's all this? Where is Mr. Kailashnath?
Uncle, you are here again.
What are you saying? Who are all these people?
And why are you wearing this suit?
Uncle, whenever you come, you ask the same things.
Son, who is this? - Father he is my grandfather's friend.
Grandfather is no more, but his friends are still there.
He has gone mad after grandfather's death.
We are planning to send him to Agra.
Uncle how are Ragini and Padmini?
Who Ragini, who Padmini?
See, he doesn't even knows his daughters.
Fine, tell me how is Ramesh?
Ramesh? I am Ramesh. I am Mr. Ramesh Lama.
Ramesh Lama is your son's name.
Your name is Suresh Lama.
Vijay, why have you left this mad one open?
Father, because if he bites we don't have...
Wait, I will just bring Mr. Kailashnath.
And I will breathe only after getting you fired from the job.
Uncle Lama, now you go. - Ok. I am going.
He had come to bore us.
Who was it, Son? Was it the mad Suresh Lama?
Yes father, it was Lama. He got stuck like magnet.
Did you remove him? - I removed him.
Take, have sweet. - First we shall bow in front of...
...Vijay's grandfather and take his blessings.
Grandpa, grandfather, you are no more in this world.
But your soul must be in this hall.
Bless me and Chamcham with...
...the blessing, to be happy always.
You son of a blessing. I will hit you...
...with shoes and make you bald.
Who is it?
Gogo, you are doing drama here.
I will just flap both of your skin.
My dear Vijay, what has happened to me?
It's only a few days we have come to know each other.
We have met only a few times which can be counted.
Then why is that, everything seems to have changed.
Now the heart always wishes that you should be near...
...and I should keep listening to you sitting in front of you.
Is this only called love?
Today we are going to that side of the lake for a picnic.
I would like this program only when you would be with us.
Now I don't like anything without you.
I have told Ramu boatman to bring you to that...
...side of the lake at 4:00 this evening.
Don't let me down. I will be waiting for you.
Only yours, Kavita.
He will go mad after reading this love letter.
I can bet he will come at 3:00 for your sake.
Take this. It is your duty to take this letter.
I shall take this letter, Kavita.
But think again. If something happens to him...
...then you will be sent to prison for 10 years.
I am ready to go for lifetime to teach him a lesson.
Gogo. Gogo. - Yes.
Is the car ready? - The car is ready but where...
...are you going dressed up like a Romeo?
Is some Juliet waiting for you in balcony?
I am going to meet such a girl whom even if Juliet sees...
...she would feel giddy and fall down from the balcony.
Juliet will fall later, but first you will drown... the middle of lake.
What are you saying? - Miss. Kavita. - Kavita.
Kavita Diwan who... waiting for you on the other side of the lake saying...
...that he will come, he will come who has to come.
And Ramu boatsman will take you... the other side of the lake.
But how do you know all this?
No secret is hidden from Gogo.
Brother Vijay, listen to me.
Forget about today's program.
Even if God says I will not stop today.
Even death cannot stop my way.
With great difficulty my life has called me.
Not call, the last salutation has come.
The road on which you are walking, directly goes to death.
Kavita is not death. She is life. Life.
This is your thinking. But your life is...
...making a plan for your death.
She wants to drown you in the middle of the lake...
...with the help of Ramu boatman. - What are you saying?
He has told me. He is a good friend of mine.
And you have even told that girl...
...that you don't know swimming.
Oh yes. But swear and say that...
...whatever you are saying is true.
I swear on you and say whatever I am saying is true.
Cent percent 24 carat gold.
Oh! That's why she has written such a sweet letter to me.
She is a sweet-coated tablet. Sweet from up...
...and bitter from inside. Taste it and see.
Gogo. - Yes! - You will have to two work of mine.
Not two, I will do four.
First thing, bring such a solution by which I can erase... name and write Shyam Kumar's name.
And second thing you will have to take...
...that letter to Shyam Kumar.
The letter will reach Shyam Kumar.
Vijay, you are very clever. You want to trap Shyam Kumar.
This game is taking a lot of time.
Throw the card fast.
It's time. But Vijay is not to be seen.
Did he understand that it is a plan?
You had given time of 4:00. and...
...there are two minutes left for 4:00.
I think your letter very romantic.
That's why he understood that something is wrong somewhere.
Who is Ramu boatsman amongst you?
It's me. Come. You are going to madam Kavita. Isn't it?
Come fast. - Sit, quickly.
Be a little careful.
The bird is trapped. See there, Vijay is coming in red shirt.
Move little more quickly. I will give you 5 rupee note.
We are just reaching.
Sir, Miss. Kavita is not to be seen.
You will find her. Stand and see.
See there.
Help. Help. Help. Help.
O my God, this is Shyam Kumar.
Love, love, love, love.
I am still safe and alive, your servant.
In your service with love and more love.
With love and more love.
I am still safe and alive, your servant.
In your service with love and more love.
With love and more love.
Give love, take love, give love, take love.
Love, love, love, love.
What I thought, and what happened.
It was a welfare of an enemy.
What I thought, and what happened.
It was a welfare of an enemy.
This cruel and your view point.
My heart is burnt, my heart is burnt.
I am still safe and alive, your servant.
In your service, with love and more love.
With love and more love.
Give love, take love, give love, take love.
Love, love, love, love.
Don't make a stranger sit near to you.
Have mercy on this mad one.
Don't make a stranger sit near to you.
Have mercy on this mad one.
Don't bring the enemy to consciousness...
...with this gentle, gentle hands.
Don't bring the enemy to consciousness.
I am still safe and alive, your servant.
In your service with love and more love.
With love and more love.
Give love, take love, give love, take love.
Love, love, love, love.
Love, love, love, love.
Love, love, love, love.
Father, the pain in your back has not yet gone.
That Dindayal has gone to bring the masseur.
He still didn't return.
You must be in a hurry to go to the theatre.
I shall give you support and make you sit in a taxi.
I am dying here with pain and you want me to go.
But father you will to go to the theatre.
Without you the whole work will stop there.
Call them and tell that I won't be coming.
That's the use of having a new phone.
Morning theatres. - Morning theatres.
Dear, are you drunk?
I am Gogo. Gogo. - This is Chamcham.
Today father will not come to the theatre.
Did you understand? He is having pain in his back.
That's why Dindayal has gone to call the masseur.
If his pain is ok then I will go out of the house.
I mean father will go out of the house.
Even If I feel better, I will not go out of the house.
I will take rest.
What are you saying, Chamcham?
You are likely to get backache in old age.
Darling, you come immediately. Otherwise my back...
...will be broken to pieces in youth.
I am helpless. Why don't you understand?
See dear, I have borrowed 200 rupees from Vijay...
. and spent the entire amount for our marriage.
Even the priest has been arranged for.
And according to the stars, we should...
...become double from single today itself.
Who is talking so lengthy on the phone?
Ask his name. I will remove him from the job.
Father is shouting. Now I will keep the phone.
Did you understand?
My dear, don't keep the phone. Let the oldie shout.
Listen to me. My dear, my dear Chamcham.
That Dindayal has not yet come.
You have called and I have come.
I have brought my life on my palm.
Who is it?
Father, I am not a beggar.
I am Buddhu Ram's son Chalak Ram masseur.
My mother gave with a stick to my father in the...
...night because of which today he could not come.
I have come in his place.
But I had sent Dindayal to call your father.
Why have you come?
You don't get angry, sir. Whether you hold.
...your nose this way or this way it's the same.
Instead of father son has come.
Tell me, what's your problem?
Here, he is having a backache.
I will break this waist in just 5 minutes.
I mean I will join it.
You just lie down.
Are you blind? The ache is here. What's there?
You have an ache. No problem.
You should be given a massage of Khote Nawab.
Hail Bajrangbali! - Hail Bajrangbali!
I am dead. I am dead. - Hail Bajrangbali!
O my God, I am dead. I am dead.
How does your Khote Nawab bears this?
This is nothing. I give such a massage to Khote Nawab...
...that after the massage he runs so fast that...
...he leaves everyone behind.
You also take one massage. Then...
...even you would run with your tail up.
Does Khote Nawab has a tail?
Madam, every horse has a tail.
It means you are giving father horse's massage.
Yes madam. When I do massage I see the waist.
But this is not waist, this is a room.
If he'll not get horse's massage, then what?
Horse's massage, Horse's massage... - Slowly, Slowly.
I am dead. I am dead. I am dead.
Father, I will even give you I am dead massage.
I don't need massage.
My father has told me what all massage should be given you to.
I don't need massage.
What are you doing? - This is called finger massage.
This finger massage is very popular in Japan. I learnt it.
See this finger massage.
Now are you feeling better? Are you feeling better?
Now I will give you African massage.
Bhago-Bhago massage. - I had heard of mow-mow...
...where did this Bhago-Bhago come from?
Madam, that I will explain you after 5 minutes. Bring hot water.
Bhago-Bhago massage.
Father, you will become... until this water becomes hot.
So shall I go and get it fast.
Sure, go and get it fast.
Tell me, madam. Did the water become hot?
Take this. - You have heated it very fast.
Bless you.
You son of my life.
What are you doing? I am your Gogo.
Gogo? - Yes! - How come you are here?
I will tell that later. But first try to elope from here.
But how? - I will tell you how?
Do it fast. - I will put this towel on oldie, come.
Father, here is hot, hot towel.
Now don't make any noise.
Shut your mouth for 15 minutes, your...
...nose and everything. After that see...
...what will be the miracle of Bhago-Bhago massage.
Who are you? - He is the masseur, for father.
Buddhu Ram, your son has done very good...
...Bhago-Bhago massage. You never did it.
I am a celibate, Mr. Jatadhari. From where did my son come?
Then who is this? - I will tell you who is this.
Give back my moustache to me.
Did you not listen, moustaches are men's pride.
And me, I am a man. - I am a man.
You son of a man.
Catch him. Catch him.
Somebody catch him.
You have broken my back.
What will happen to my back now? - Mine is broken.
Hello. - Hello, Kavita. - Who's it?
I am Vijay. Please don't put down the phone.
I will not disconnect the line. Then you will not...
...get anyone's call nor will you be able to call someone.
You are not only an impostor, but you even blackmail.
Black means black. I am not black, I am fair.
And male means man, I am definitely a man.
What is the measurement?
My height is 5'11, chest 40 inches...
...and weight 162 pounds.
Because you are very good painter, you...
...should definitely make my painting.
I swear on you, I will look like Lord Krishna.
I am Lord Krishna's devotee.
Stop all this non-sense. Tell me why did you call?
What do you want?
Love, love and more love.
I hate you. - Darling, at least don't talk that...
...which hurts my heart. Today is my birthday.
Come to wish me. This is my only desire.
Then you desire will not be fulfilled because today...
...evening I am going to Shyam Kumar's birthday party.
Kavita, you are mine. You can't go there.
Will you keep the phone or not?
I will not come to your party. I won't, I won't, I won't.
That's the thing. Then I will not allow you to...
...go to his party. I won't, I won't, I won't.
Did you understand? - I've understood everything, sir.
Why did the lift stop?
Madam, I think there is a power failure.
It's so hot. Even the fan is switched off.
You? You impostor. You have even reached here.
I had told you, I will not allow you... go to Shyam Kumar's party.
That way you don't give lift. So I thought...
...why not take lift in the lift.
Will you stop following me or not?
Stop this nonsense and start the lift.
I have to go to the party.
You have just come. Wait for sometime, then you can go.
It will take time for me to express my feelings.
Start the lift or else I will shout and call the police.
Any body is there?
Just a minute, I will repair it.
I am dead. There's a current. - What happened? - I got a shock.
It's coming to form, it's coming to form.
That is one current which takes life and...
...this is one current which gives life.
Let go my hand. Let go my hand.
Your hand came to my hands. Lights are lighted in the way.
Don't try to become a poet.
I may become a poet in your love, Kavita.
I may become a poet in your love, Kavita.
I may become a poet.
I have seen you in the mirror of my heart, very often.
I have seen you in the mirror of my heart, very often.
I have seen in your eyes, that blooming love.
I have seen your arrow, beyond the heart.
I may become a poet in your love, Kavita.
I may become a poet.
Your color is charming, and there is a curve in your body.
Your color is charming, and there is a curve in your body.
Your words are magical and there is music in your voice.
Each of your act is full of love, you are a treasure of earth.
I may become a poet in your love, Kavita.
I may become a poet.
My heart is pleased by your simple beauty.
My heart is pleased by your simple beauty.
These bowed eyes makes my heart love more and more.
I will die for you, this is my intention.
I may become a poet in your love, Kavita.
I may become a poet in your love, Kavita.
I may become a poet.
The power has come. Shall I leave you upstairs?
Do you remember this place, Vijay?
I can never forget this place.
...I had seen love, deep love in your eyes.
And that day by mistake I thought... were Shyam Kumar.
Kavita, your name is so beautiful.
Who kept your name? Your father or your mother?
Kavita, what's the matter?
Why have you become so quiet?
If it would have been something about...
...happiness I would have told you.
Why should I make you sad with my sorrow?
If happiness is increased by sharing...
...then even sorrow is reduced by sharing.
Tell me, what's your complication?
Tell me, Kavita.
My father is suddenly...
...missing since the past two years.
Only Shyam Kumar knows about him.
I want to know this secret from Shyam Kumar.
Why didn't you take the help of police?
Police have tried their best.
But they could not find father.
One of my friend is an inspector in C.I.D.
May be he can find about your father.
Really. Introduce me to him.
I shall meet him today evening...
You do one thing. Go to C.I. D. Office tomorrow...
...and meet inspector Gupta.
Inspector Gupta.
Where is inspector sir?
Excuse me.
You? What are you doing here?
Are you blind or what? Don't you see I am sitting on a chair.
What's all this? Where is C.I.D. Officer?
Miss. Kavita, meet C.I.D. Officer...
...Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta.
Your servant, your slave.
Never. You are not that Vijay who is C.I.D. Officer.
Do you doubt me?
Sir, big sir has sent this file. - Fine, go.
Oh Vijay!
Vijay Kumar Gupta, C.I.D. Officer.
But you are a son of such a rich man and a C.I.D. Officer.
Why, are sons of rich men useless and loafers?
They are sons of this country.
Even they can serve the country and become big.
That is there. But even then?
But even then I am an impostor.
You were thinking this, weren't you?
That day you thought that I was Shyam Kumar...
...when I had come to ask your uncle about this case.
I was myself confused. What to do Kavita?
You are very beautiful. I am ready to become an...
...impostor for you not only once, but a hundred times.
But how could I know that this is a business of loss?
Business of loss? - Yes, because I have lost it.
What did you lose? - Heart.
But I have not lost my brains because with...
...its support now I have to search your father.
Because now even he is like my father.
Till today I was thinking that I am alone in this world.
Now my courage has increased with your support.
Please, find my father.
Don't worry. Trust me. But you'll have to do as I say.
I am ready to do anything for father.
Really. - Yes. - Then, come sit here.
Now write a love letter for Shyam Kumar.
Shyam Kumar, love letter? Never.
I can never imagine like this.
Do as I say now.
Take this and write.
My dear Shyam Kumar. Please write down.
Miss. Kavita, your letter is in my hand.
I have read it ten times, but still I...
...can't believe that you love me so much.
Kavita, I am so lucky.
I am lucky that you thought me worthy of it.
I have to talk to you many things.
But not on the phone.
Meet me at National park tomorrow night at 8.
I will definitely come. I have to ask... many things about my father.
Whatever I know about your father...
...even the police doesn't know of it.
I am ready to tell you all that but I have a condition.
You should come alone.
I will be there by 8:00.
And no one will accompany me.
Hello. - Hello. Diwan Saab is there?
Who are you?
I am Ashok.
Hello, hello, who's speaking?
This is Kavita, Diwan Saab's niece.
Miss. Kavita I want to speak to Diwan Saab urgently.
Kavita, I have got it.
Thank you. Call for you.
Hello Diwan Saab. Diwan Saab, the danger from...
...Shyam Kumar's side is increasing beyond control.
What should I do for it?
Do whatever you think is ok.
Hello, Mr. Shyam Kumar.
See I have reached exactly at 8:00.
What is it about father which even police doesn't know?
And only you know it.
Tell me. Why are you quiet?
Tell, Mr. Shyam Kumar. Speak up.
So Shyam Kumar was found...
...murdered under these circumstances.
We could have known many things from Shyam Kumar.
But even he was murdered.
And in this case we have reached...
...back to the point where we started.
Don't worry. You only told me one day, that, however clever...
...a criminal might be, he leaves behind some evidence.
Right. Right. - You don't worry.
I will definitely arrest those people.
Sir, one madam has come to see you.
Could you not have attended her?
Is it important that I should meet her?
That's very difficult to tell, sir.
Maybe some minister must have sent her.
Fine, send her here.
Greetings. - Greetings.
I know your time is very precious.
Many organizations of the city have come together...
...and decided to open an Ashram.
Even I used to run Urvashi Women's Ashram... the past and now we want to open a new ashram.
Urvashi women's Ashram. - Yes.
Are you Ms. Savitri Devi? - Yes.
And you are Mr. Kailashnath? - Yes.
Sorry, I could not recognize you. It's been such a long time
Come. Come inside. - Thank you.
I left no stone unturned to search for Yashodara.
I even went to police, published in newspapers...
...I even promised for a reward but there was no result.
Till today my son thinks that his mother is dead.
Your son? - Yes, my son, Vijay.
The one whom I got from your Ashram.
He is now grown up.
Bye-Bye, daddy.
Vijay, come here, child.
Come, meet my son, Vijay.
Son Vijay, she is Ms. Savitri Devi.
We are obliged to her since years.
And even your mother used to respect her a lot.
I am very glad to see you. - Ok, dad. Shall I go?
Are you going to J.J. School of arts?
I've heard there is some function over there?
What's my work in J.J. School of arts? I am going on my duty.
God bless you, my son.
Now allow me to leave.
My dear friends - Yes, yes.
My eyes have met - Yes, yes.
With a magician, with a magician.
My dear friends - Yes, yes.
My eyes have met - Yes, yes.
With a magician, with a magician.
My dear friends.
A pain rises, every now and then in the heart.
That cruel is always in my eyes.
His memories keeps me awake in the night.
My complicated breath makes me mad.
My dear friends - Yes, yes.
My eyes have met - Yes, yes.
With a magician, with a magician.
My dear friends - Yes, yes.
My eyes have met - Yes, yes.
With a magician, with a magician.
My dear friends.
It is a sweet attraction - Yes, yes.
Every nerve is shining - Yes, yes.
My desires have risen - Yes, yes.
But there is a beat in the heart - Yes, yes.
With just one glance he made me drink that...
...that the world calls me a drunkard.
My dear friends - Yes, yes.
My eyes have met - Yes, yes.
With a magician, with a magician.
My dear friends - Yes, yes.
My eyes have met - Yes, yes.
With a magician, with a magician.
My dear friends.
This love has changed my destiny.
The acceptance has changed my condition.
Till this not happened, the ways were deserted.
Since the day it happened, the days are full of joy.
My dear friends - Yes, yes.
My eyes have met - Yes, yes.
With a magician, with a magician.
My dear friends - Yes, yes.
My eyes have met - Yes, yes.
With a magician, with a magician.
My dear friends - Yes, yes.
My eyes have met - Yes, yes.
With a magician, with a magician.
With a magician.
Kavita dear, today you have danced so well that...
...even if Vishwamitra would have seen it...
...he would have forgot Menaka's dance.
Tell me, whether Vishwamitra's...
...penance was disturbed or not?
It got so disturbed that this Vishwamitra is...
...ready to marry her Menaka immediately.
So that Shakuntala Gupta plays in your lap.
Shameless. You really don't feel shy at all.
Who? - A bone in Kebab.
Who are you? - For him a bone in Kebab and...
...for the rest of the world a very big businessman.
What work you have with me?
Me, and my son, were both watching your dance.
He not only liked your dance, but even you.
And till today whatever my son liked, I have given him.
If you won't marry her, he will go mad.
Mad? - Yes, mad.
See, you go from here and get your son...
...admitted in a mental asylum. Just go.
If this is your decision then fine.
Come son. Let me take you to a mental asylum.
Son? - He is my father. He was seeing your dance.
Daddy? Forgive me.
May God give you a long life.
See, how I fooled you both.
If I would have been an actor I would have worked...
...even better than that, what's his name-Anand Dev.
Dev Anand. Dev Anand, dad.
It's one and the same whether you...
...put Anand in the front of at the back.
Child, I liked my son's liking. - Even I liked it.
You shut up. Daughter, I want to speak to you alone.
Vijay, you go out. Get out.
Sit. - Thank you.
Child, I want to talk about your relationship with your parents.
Father, I had forgotten to...
If you are a C.I.D. I am C.I. D's father.
I know what you had forgotten. Get out. Get out.
Child, whom should I speak about the relation?
My mother died when I was a child.
And my father is missing since the past two years.
How sad? - The one who looked after me like...
...a mother, I call her aunty. She is my everything.
You will have to meet him. - What's her name?
Yashodara Devi. - Yashodara devi? - Yes.
Even her life has been full of sorrows.
Her husband had left her and since then...
...she has been staying with us.
Tell me. Have you come to meet me?
Yashodara. - Yashodara, who Yashodara.
The Yashodara you knew has died. Just go from here.
Yashodara. Wait Yashodara.
Yashodara, I know you don't even want to see my face.
But I have the realization of my mistake.
Because I left you in such a condition...
...when you needed me the most.
I don't want to listen to any thing.
Just go from here and don't come again.
After searching you everywhere I...
...reached Urvashi women's asylum, but... had already gone from there.
I got our child from there.
I reared him up... both father's and mothers love.
If you'll see him, you will be really proud of him.
He is so handsome.
I don't believe that what you are saying is true.
Yashodara, I touch your feet and swear, all this is true.
What are you doing? Get up.
No, first say that you will come home.
Yashodara, my life will change with one Yes of you.
A child will get his mother.
Fernandes, Oshoda, sitaram, see, sir's telegram has come.
He is coming today. He will be here any moment.
He went single. But he is coming becoming double.
Since a long time sir was in search of his wife.
Madam, is coming for the first to this house.
Nobody will talk nonsense.
I though that Vijay Babu's mother was dead.
Shut up. I told you no non-sense.
Come Yashodara.
Till today this house used... appear deserted without you.
Now that you have come take the keys of your house.
Have a long life son. - Yashodara, what are you doing?
He is my driver, Gogo. Since childhood...
...he was brought up in this house.
Gogo. Very strange name. Which religion you belong to?
Mother, by religion I am a human being.
But my name is Gogo because in this world each one... an enemy of the other. Everyone does go go.
Nobody says come, come. That's why till God...
...doesn't says come come, I am Gogo for this world.
Where is my son?
He has gone out with...
...some official work. He will be back by tomorrow.
I am very anxious to see him.
It's just a matter of one day. He will come tomorrow.
Then see him and talk to him till your heart is full.
Mother, this is brother Vijay's photo.
Vijay. My Vijay.
Will he recognize me?
Will he be happy to see me?
Mother, he will be so happy that...
...he will shed tears of happiness.
If a motherless child gets a mother he will be happy...
...just like a gambler gets three aces in his game.
That way mother, I don't play cards and I even talk less.
Shut your mouth and go from here.
Oh my God!
Oh my God! I hope this is not a bad omen.
I hope nothing happens to my son.
Breaking of glass is considered a good omen.
It means the coming trouble has turned and went back.
Hello. - I want to speak to Mr. Kailashnath.
Yeah, Kailashnath Gupta speaking.
Who is it?
Even if I tell my name, will you recognize me?
Anyways I am Satish Raj.
Tell me, did it make any difference.
When you'll know who I am, then your entire life will change
And the life of dreams in which you had...
...been living till today, will be shattered.
What do you mean?
It's obvious such things can't be told on the phone.
Come to room no.303 of Ajanta palace.
You will understand everything.
Fine, I will be there by 4:00. - Thank you.
Come in.
Are you Mr. Satish Raj? - Yes.
I am Kailashnath. Tell me what's that about me...
...which you can't tell on the phone.
You have simply put me in complications.
Tell me quickly. I have very less time.
I am sorry for the trouble which you...
...had to take for coming here.
Actually I wanted to see that person...
...who betrayed my mother.
And who eloped before I was born.
What do you mean? - It means this is that...
...reality, with which you are unfamiliar.
You got the punishment for your deeds, but very less.
Because you don't know what...
...punishment destiny gave you.
Don't speak in riddles? Tell me quickly, what's the matter?
Is it not true that you played with the honor...
...of a woman and then later went to take...
...that child from Urvashi women's asylum.
Which you had given her as a sign of your love.
But, how do you know this?
You took that child from there. But that child was not yours.
That child was of another woman who had...
...come to the same asylum to give birth to her child.
No, this is wrong.
This is wrong.
This is never possible.
Even, I said the same thing when my blind mother told this
I used to believe she is my mother.
But last month in Nagpur when she was dying she told...
...this secret to me, that, I am not her child, but yours.
Because you were rearing her child thinking it to be yours.
This is a lie. Absolutely lie.
It's God's grace that the matron of...
...Urvashi women's asylum Savitri Devi is still alive.
She will prove that this is not reality, but a story.
Then take this. This is that poor widowers picture...
...whose son you thought to be yours and took with you.
And left your child to be reared by her.
If Savitri Devi is alive then this will be proved...
...that this is not a story, but reality.
I am very sorry to tell you...
...that this is not a story, but reality.
Savitri Devi, think again. Think again maybe you are mistaken
Mr. Gupta, I am your culprit.
All this happened because of me.
Why didn't you tell me this when... came to my house that day.
You have reared Vijay like a piece of your heart.
I didn't want to ruin your happiness... letting out this secret.
But today when you want to know the truth... can I make reality a story? How do I?
Yashodara, I know, what you are thinking?
But Vijay has become a part of my heart.
Where I was giving a motherless child...
...his mother's love and where I am taking even...
...father's shadow away from him.
Good that I didn't meet Vijay.
Otherwise my heart would have got one more blow.
But I want to hear mother from my son's mouth.
Take me to my son.
Fine, Yashodara. Come.
Tell me. Whether it turned out to be reality or a story?
If this would have been a story then... would have not come here again.
Even I have come with him, my son.
Son? When did I give you the right to call me son?
What you, not even God can take this right from me.
I have given you birth from my own womb. I am your mother.
Mother? Wow! What father and mother I have?
This, my father, left my mother betraying her.
And I should call you mother, who left me...
...thinking it to be burden as soon as I was born.
Don't humiliate me anymore.
Forgive us once.
We will prove that there are no better...
...parents than us in the whole universe.
But if you keep hating us then we would...
...feel someone has pushed us in hell.
I beg for the sake of love.
Don't make me feel more ashamed, mother.
Till today I had heard that mother gives... and more love to his child.
But today I have seen it for the first time that a mother... asking his child for love. Forgive me, mother.
Son, now we three will make our home a heaven.
Not three, say four Yashodara. Vijay will also live with us.
Vijay? Who Vijay? Who took my place... your heart and in your house.
Who lead a happy life becoming your son.
And who made me helpless to lead a life of poverty.
Why don't you think Satish that in your absence...
...Vijay has given me the love of a son.
Now if you want your real son's love...
...then, you will have to remove Vijay from your house.
This is my last decision.
You don't know Vijay.
May God give him power to bear...
...all this after listening to it.
You would see Satish, that he himself will leave...
...everything and get separated for your sake.
But I will not separate him.
Then even I can't step into that house. You can go.
If you don't want to remove him, don't remove.
Stay with him. I will live with my son.
I will lead my life seeing him.
Son, you don't go. I shall just go and bring my baggage.
Gogo, if whatever you said is true, then...
...take me to Satish Babu's hotel.
I accept that Satish is my real son.
But how do I remove Vijay from the house, for his sake.
By which mouth should I say go away from this house?
What me, every servant of the house loves him.
You keep praising him. I am going to my son.
No, mother.
You will not have to leave this house and go.
So, you are Vijay.
Mother I am Vijay.
And I had taken your sons place in this house.
Father, Gogo has told me everything.
I am leaving this house and going. Bless me.
No Vijay, no. You cannot go my son. You cannot go.
This house will be deserted without you.
I am only going from this house...
...not away from your heart.
Can I ever pay for your obligations?
What not did you give me. Money and comfort.
You have given me your name, the respect...
...of your name. Father, I will never be able to pay this debt.
But one who truly deserves your love is your...
...real son, Satish. I have brought him with me.
Satish Babu.
Son Satish, you have come.
Mother, now you will not leave this house and go.
Son Satish, now you only stop him.
Why are you so stubborn. Let him stay in this house.
I beg you touching your feet. - Father
what are you doing?
You only taught that a man should bow his head...
...only in front of God. Not in front of humans.
Fine, son.
Now Satish is only God for me.
Only he can give me a life full of happiness or sorrow.
I am not God.
I am myself a person who is sad.
Who has been in search of love all his life.
I had thought, now finally I would get my parents love.
But this happiness is not in my destiny.
Even after reaching my house today I am...
...seeing, that you don't want to give me this happiness.
That's why I am going.
Son Satish, where are you going? Even I'll come with you.
No mother. None of you will go from here.
This house belongs to you.
Satish Babu...
...I am highly obligated to you.
You looked after blind and helpless mother.
Just do me one more favor.
Give me my mother's snap.
How can I give this to you?
That's the only memory of her left with me.
Even her memories are lovable to me.
Even I considered her to be my mother.
Just wait a minute.
I don't feel like parting it from me.
But anyways.
Take it and keep it safely. Only one copy is left.
Vijay, at least take your things and go.
I had come empty handed in this house and... I am going with love and more love.
Oshi dada, Fernandes, Sitaram forgive... if have said anything to you.
Maybe something would have come out of my...
...mouth by mistake which might have hurt you.
You are giving us sorrow by leaving us, and going.
Now even we won't stay in this house.
No Sitaram. If you really love me then you are under...
...the oath of that love, that you will look after...
...father, mother and Satish Babu.
Why are you crying like kids?
Where am I crying? I am not crying.
Brother Vijay, though we don't have blood relation...
...between us, we do have a relation of love.
Even I have a small house which although...
...doesn't has all these comforts.
But there won't be any one to remove you...
...from the poor man's hut. You come and stay there.
Gogo, I know you love me very much and...
...that you'll keep me in your house with all the love.
After all house is that where a man gets love.
Gogo, the way I dwell in your heart, similarly...
...I will definitely come to your house one day.
But not today. Let me go today.
Let me go today.
Come mother, sit. - The scheme is set perfectly.
Nobody doubted anything.
You had made such...
...a good scheme. What brains you have got?
Even the American Syndicates cannot make such a plan.
Neither I would have met Kailashnath suddenly.
Nor I would have got the greed seeing his money.
I thought this is not fair. Even though Vijay is not...
...Kailashnath's son, he still plays in hundred thousands.
And my own son does cheating for small amounts.
My mother cares so much about me.
Mother, tell me something.
What happened to that Laxmi Bai? - Vijay's mother? - Yes.
That I don't know. She must be dead.
Otherwise would she not have come to ask...
...about her son to me in all these years?
Brother, can you tell me this address?
Yes. Yes, tell her, tell her.
I'll tell the address later. But first give me this bag.
No. - No.
Help. - Quiet.
Help. Help. - Quit.
What's all this happening?
Go son. Do your work. Go. - My work.
Take your chain.
May god keep you happy.
You risked your life and helped a poor woman.
Have a long life. Have a long life.
Mother, with so much love you called me son...
...that anybody would risk his life to get so much love.
Where do you have to go?
My son stays here. I had even given a...
...telegram that I am coming.
Don't know why he didn't come to pick me?
Here? What's the address and name?
Tell me, I'll drop you there.
I had kept his name Ram Vilas. But he...
...changed and kept his name Gogo.
You are Gogo's mother.
Do you know my son?
Yes. Gogo and I stay together.
If I'll take you along with me Gogo will go mad with joy.
Come with me.
Mother you just wait here. I'll call Gogo.
I have told you that I will pay all...
...your money from next months salary.
Income tax has taken this month's salary.
Let me sleep. Don't disturb.
Open the door.
...breadman, and grocer.
I am familiar with all of their voices.
Where did this fourth voice come from?
Who is it? - Police.
I had never taken debt from police.
Maybe by mistake I had taken from a constable.
I'll go and hold his feet.
Sir, sir, forgive me sir.
I do take debt from people.
If I take I repay it back. It became late this time.
Because both my horse and cards turned out to be wrong.
Give me some more time. I will pay everyone's... washing in milk.
Get up, get up. It's me, Vijay.
Brother Vijay, I don't like this mischief.
I am a sick person. My three things are...
...damaged, heart, kidneys and liver.
See what gift I have bought for you. - This mattress.
No, see here.
Mother. Mother. Mother. - How are you?
When did you come mother?
Son, did you not receive the telegram?
Why are you hitting me?
Mother you have come by train.
These postmen come on cycle.
These telegram people should collect all the telegrams...
...make them sitar and export it to America.
Those people play it there. And even...
...our government will get foreign exchange.
Sit mother.
Brother Vijay, how did you reach the station?
Your friend saved me from cheaters.
Your friend is really nice.
Mother we are not friends we are like brothers.
Consider me as your son.
This is a thing of joy.
Mother's love is like the water of a well.
The more you drink it, the more it increases.
Where is your mother?
Mother's love is not written in my destiny.
You should not say like this, son.
From today, consider me as your mother. - Yes mother.
Yes brother Vijay, from today consider my...
...mother as your mother. Will you consider? - Yes Gogo.
And on the first of every month you will give your...
...entire salary in the hands of my mother so...
...that the burden of my debts is reduced.
Gogo, order tea. - Yes.
Bring three tea. Less water, more milk and with cream.
Listen, do you bring food from outside?
Yes, but now you have come we will have... cooked by your hands.
Do you have money for tea? - Yes I do.
And mother, shall I bring some sweets?
Lipton tea means best, best means Lipton tea.
This is that tea which gives warmth in winter...
...and gives cool feeling in summer.
Why Gogo sir, today I will get cash.
Why are you letting out secrets in front of mother.
Give regards to mother. - Jai hind, mother.
Very sweet boy. What's your name child.
My mother had given me the name of Mansabh Ali.
After reaching here I have become Mahmood Ali.
My destiny is so bad that I always have... listen to the scolding. That's why my brains are empty.
I'll sit and sing a 'Qawwali' and you all sit and clap.
If you keep creating poetries like this... will become a poet.
Vijay Babu, only this profession was left.
I have tried all other professions.
What do you mean? - Mother, none...
...of the professions suited me.
When I started begging, people used to say are you...
...blind or what that you are begging, do shoes polishing...
...sell newspapers. When I used to beg as a blind man...
...people used to give me hollow coins.
There is no honesty even in works of religion and welfare.
And then? - I started doing shoe polishing...
...and it started raining. People started wearing rubber... which can be worn out but not torn. - Then?
Then I started selling tickets in black in the theatres.
Rs. 2 ticket for Rs.3.50. But these film industry...
...started making such bogus movies that...
...I had to sell ticket worth Rs.3.50 for Rs.2.
So I had to leave even that profession.
Mother, I did the business of liquor.
The very next day these police people gave me... badly that I am still having pain in my back.
But mother there is no profit left in this profession.
Because the government has given permit.
Hope you are happy in this work.
I am happy because I learnt a trick from cab men.
If the meter shows 1.70 and the passenger gives a...
...2 rupee note, they say they don't have change.
And it is pocketed.
Even I do the same thing. If I see a note, I say no change.
And if the customer is in a hurry...
...he leaves the change and gives me profit.
Coming sir. Take out the money fast.
Take 60 paise for tea and give 40 paise back.
I don't have change, sir.
Our cat and it mews at us.
Where do you get change in Bombay city, Gogo sir? - .
Lipton means best and best means lipton.
Dindayal did you give complaint in the police.
Chamcham had just received a call from Gogo...
...that after the show he will elope with her.
I heard it with my own ears.
Jatadhari, if Gogo will come today, he will go to prison.
Inspector must be coming for Chamcham's safety.
Ok. Go and do the make up fast.
Till now you didn't style your hair, wear your dress.
It's time for the show.
Father, I will not dance. I won't. I won't. I won't.
You will have to dance. You will have to.
Remove Gogo from your mind.
My daughter cannot get married to a driver.
He might be a driver or a butler...
...but if I'll marry, I'll marry only Gogo.
May I come in? - Come in.
Who is Jatadhari? - It's me. Who are you?
You are only looking Jata, where is Dhari?
I am Jata and I am Dhari. Who are you?
Secret agent 4,2,0.
4,2,0 means a thief.
Not thief, 4,2,0.
Commissioner sir has sent me. For one girl's safety.
But I had called an inspector.
Of course, I am an expert in eloping with girls. - What?
I mean, I am an expert in stopping the girls who...
. elope and the boys who want to elope... away after listening to my name.
Leave alone girl, not even a mosquito and...
...a fly can escape from my sight.
Just a minute. Just a minute.
What's this? - A housefly, who is dead.
Who is this Girl? - She is my daughter, Chamcham.
Your daughter? Lmpossible. I can't believe it.
She is so fair. As beautiful as Taj Mahal.
And you so dark just like coal.
What are you saying?
I was saying is this your daughter? - Yes.
Can Gogo come here now? - Gogo can definitely come here
No. How can Gogo come when I am here.
Girl, get ready to elope. - What did you say?
I mean get ready for the dance.
And you also come with me. - Where? - Outside. Come on.
Now I fully believe if Gogo comes here...
...he cannot escape from your hands.
Don't worry at all. Who's room is that? - Dindayal.
Dindayal. Then I will first look after Dindayal because...
...his bad days have come. You go. Get out.
Dindayal, you are not yet ready.
Who are you?
I am secret agent 4,2,0.
But what are you doing here?
Did anyone hit me? - Yes.
But how? - I'll just show you. Like this.
Dindayal, you are not yet ready.
You are changing your clothes. No problem.
But you have sent a very good secret agent.
Now leave alone Gogo, not even Gogo's father can...
...elope with my Chamcham neither in this...
...birth nor in the next birth.
Ok. Get ready fast and come.
Gogo has come. Gogo has come. Gogo has come.
Gogo has come. Gogo has come.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
Those you are jealous, will feel jealous.
Those who are dying, will die, we will marry.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
Those you are jealous, will feel jealous.
Those who are dying, will die, we will marry.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
If a crow imprisons my dear nightingale, I will not...
...leave him, I will give him punishment of death.
If a crow imprisons my dear nightingale, I will not...
...leave him, I will give him punishment of death.
I will give him punishment of death.
I will punish him, I will punish him.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
Those you are jealous, will feel jealous.
Those who are dying, will die, we will marry.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
Your father is cruel, your mother is criminal.
I will save you my dear, oh my red fairy.
Your father is cruel, your mother is criminal.
I will save you my dear, oh my red fairy.
Oh my red fairy, red fairy, red fairy.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
Those you are jealous, will feel jealous.
Those who are dying, will die, we will marry.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
You have killed me oh my dear.
You have killed me oh my dear.
Oh my dear, oh my dear, oh my dear.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
Those you are jealous, will feel jealous.
Those who are dying, will die, we will marry.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
I have come, then why are you afraid.
God has given me everything.
A home, a son and husband's love.
You are anyways mine. I have even got my son.
But still there is one thing missing.
My son doesn't love me.
But why?
Because I had left him in his childhood.
That's why he is upset with his mother.
Mother, don't wait for me at dinner. I will come late.
Son Satish...
...she is Kavita. And he is my son Satish...
. about whom I was speaking just now.
Miss. Kavita, It was nice meeting you.
Mother, often speaks about you.
She only told me you are also a painter.
'Do you really make such beautiful pictures... the way you are beautiful?
It means you want to say that when Yashodara introduced...
...Satish to Kavita, she recognized that he is the...
...person whose voice she had listened to on telephone once.
Yes sir. Because Kavita herself told me that the day...
...Shyam Kumar had asked her to meet her at 8, that same..., she had received a call by a person named Ashok...
...on behalf of her uncle.
But after listening to the voice on phone she is sure...
...that Ashok and Satish are not two different persons.
They are two names of the same person.
Sir, why are we believing that whatever...
...Savitri Devi is saying, is true.
On her saying I had to leave Mr. Kailashnath's house.
On her saying they believed Satish to be their son.
When it is proved from Kavita's phone test...
...that Satish and Ashok are two names of one person.
I doubt there is some motive of Savitri Devi behind it.
It's possible that she is speaking lies.
It's possible that what you are thinking is correct.
Sir, I think we should meet Savitri Devi at the earliest.
Not a bad idea. Go ahead. - Thank you, sir.
Son, you say that Kavita had heard Ashok's voice...
...only once, and that too on the phone.
And now hearing Satish voice she recognized...
...that he is the same person.
Kavita is sure that Ashok and Satish...
...are two names of one person.
Mother, see this picture and recognize whether...
...she is the same woman with whom...
...Yashodara's child got exchanged.
If it is not the picture of that lady then...
Then what?
Then it's possible that the person...
...who has taken my place in Kailashnath's home... the murderer of Kavita's father.
My eyes can never be deceived.
She's only your mother.
May be you are doing a mistake in recognizing.
My eyes can never be deceived, son.
Sorry mother, I gave you trouble.
No problem, son. It's good that you cleared your doubt.
I hope there is no doubt on Satish now.
I am in C.I.D. To doubt people, is our profession.
Greetings. - Greetings, son.
Mother, Mother...
What happened? You appeared tensed on the phone
Ashok, the thing which I was scared of, happened.
Sir, my doubt turned out to be true.
Savitri and Satish Raj are together internally.
Now Vijay will come and wear both of us handcuffs.
You are scared being my mother.
Don't worry. I'll set everything right. Come with me.
That's why we'll have to keep a watch on Satish Raj.
You mean Ashok. - Of course. Of course.
I will have to tape this person's telephone. - Go ahead.
Doctor, put a break to my mother's fever.
Whenever she gets fever, it is very severe.
It looks as if someone has stepped on to the accelerator.
And her fever runs with a speed...
...of 100 just like lmpala car.
And doctor, I am very scared at night.
Her eyes are full of light because of fever.
It shines very bright. Do something doctor.
I am giving these tablets. - What are you giving?
Tablets. This red tablet before breakfast.
And the green one before sleeping with milk at night.
And after eating the green tablet the fever will disappear.
What mischief are you doing doctor? That too with a driver.
Doctor, after seeing the green signal the car moves ahead.
And after seeing the red comes, it halts.
If you say shall I give the red tablet in the...
...morning so that there is a break to the fever.
Shut up. Give money to the doctor. - Yes, money.
Doctor, do you have five rupees.
Yes, why? - Just show it.
This five and the five for this medicine...
...I will give you next month on the day of salary.
What? - My account is there. Don't worry. Come mother.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Red tablet in the morning and green at night.
No, green in the morning and red at night.
Mother I forgot. Just wait here, I'll ask and come.
It's done, mother. Come.
Mother, take rest at home. I will go and give a round to sir.
Yes. - I want to speak to Ashok.
Ashok, wrong number. No Ashok stays here.
If not Ashok, at least Satish Raj is there.
Who are you? I am Satish Raj.
I am unable to contact Diwan Saab.
Good, at least I could contact you.
Tell me, what you have to say.
Mr. I have evidence. I wanted to talk about that.
Evidence, what evidence?
That evidence which Shyam Kumar had left with me.
And he had informed me that if something happens... him, I should hand over this evidence to police.
You have already killed Shyam Kumar.
Now if you accept, then together with...
...the police, I shall put you to your place.
Tell me, what you want?
You seem to be a clever person.
The deal can be done in a hundred thousand.
Get a hundred thousand and take that evidence.
Tell me the place.
In Juhu, behind the colony, at Sagar Tarang.
Exactly at 9 in the night and listen the amount...
...should be in cash, in the form of hundreds.
Hello. - Diwan Saab, the same thing...
...happened which we were afraid of.
The person with whom Shyam Kumar left our secret in...
...written, he is black mailing us.
He is asking for a hundred thousand.
This is a calamity. What shall we do now?
You know Vijay has a watch on me.
It's possible that he has kept his men behind me.
That's why you send the money before 9.
You be tension free, Ashok, I mean Satish.
If he really has evidence then I will do this dealing.
Fine. - But where do I have to go?
Sagar Tarang.
Fine. - But be a little careful.
See, if you don't receive my call by 9:30...
...come down for my help.
The door is open. Come in.
Why have you kept it so dark? Switch on the light.
Diwan Saab, you have come instead of Ashok.
Why not? After all you he is your partner...
...and that too in crime. Did you bring the money?
At least I should see his face whom I have to handover.
Such things happen in darkness, Diwan Saab.
And you have not come to see my face, but that evidence.
Where is that evidence?
It is present in the drawer of the table...
...besides which you are standing.
Open it and see.
Why? Are you satisfied now?
Along with the photo, the letter of Shyam...
Kumar is there. Read that also.
He has revealed the secret of your crime.
As to how you along with Ashok killed your...
...step brother, Bihari lal.
This letter is not of Shyam Kumar.
I recognize his handwriting.
And where is the negative of this photograph?
The actual letter written by Shyam Kumar...
...and the negative, both are with me.
Because the money is still with you.
Ten thousand.
Twenty thousand.
How dare you.
I'll shoot you.
You wanted to black mail me.
Take out that letter and negative.
At least you should have thought, that if I could...
...kill that Shyam kumar and my brother Bihari, then I...
You scoundrel, cheater, murderer... have killed my father. - Throw away the weapons.
You have murdered my father.
You have murdered my father, I will not leave you alive.
No, Kavita. - Move. Leave me. Let go of me.
I will not allow you to take law into your hands.
Why didn't you tell this to him when he was killing my father.
Where were you that time? Where was your law?
I will not leave him alive. - Kavita.
Kavita, come to consciousness.
Trust me, I will get him the punishment of death.
Because he himself accepted his...
...crime which we have recorded.
Vijay. - Kavita, brace yourself.
Where are you going, you rascal?
Get up Diwan.
Call up Ashok.
Tell him that the deal is finalized.
And you are coming to meet him. Call him.
Satish, the deal is done.
Very good. Congrats.
Don't worry. I am coming to you.
Sir, take care of Kavita. I shall meet this Satish and come.
Ok. Best of luck. - Thank you, sir.
Diwan, bad deeds have bad result. Take him.
Chhh..., bring the car here immediately.
Did you not listen? I am telling it to you.
I thought you are scaring away cats and dogs.
Even my not is not chhh...
My name is Gogo and you know it very well.
I think you don't know me. Maybe if you remain... this house for three or four days more, you will know it.
Do you know whom you are speaking to?
Yes, Satish Bhalla, I mean to Satish Raj.
I think this is the name you told to everyone.
I've heard you are the only child of sir.
That way your face doesn't resembles him.
Only God knows. - You ill mannered.
Mr. Satish, just touch my muscles and see.
They are very strong. I've built them in wrestling arena.
Your wrist may get hurt. Otherwise people may call you names.
Get lost from here. From today you are fired.
The house in which you have come, who will work there?
Take the keys and become a driver of this house.
Son of an owl.
Mother, I have left the job. - Why? What happened?
I had a fight with that Satish. Don't know what...
...that one eyed thinks of himself.
I feel like crying on the destruction of that house.
I feel like throwing a bomb on Urvashi women's asylum.
Urvashi women's asylum? - Yes, and I feel... killing that Savitri Devi.
Urvashi women's asylum, Savitri devi, do you know her?
Yes, she is the one behind all this complications.
Don't know from where she came after so many years?
And she says that Satish is Mr. Kailashnath's son...
...which was exchanged by a mistake of her.
And sir had brought Vijay in his place.
Vijay is that boy whom Mr. Kailashnath...
...had brought from the asylum.
Yes mother, but why are you so tensed?
Vijay is my son.
It's a thing of past.
Mr. Kailashnath had taken my child from Urvashi...
...women's asylum thinking it to be his child.
What are you saying mother? - I am speaking truth, my son.
Vijay is my son.
Brother Vijay, brother Vijay is your son.
I am not your son.
Mother, you are not my mother.
Till today I considered you as my mother.
And today you are saying you are not my mother.
You are not my anything.
Though you are not born from my womb...
...I have fed you on my milk.
You are not less than a son to me, my dear. - Mother.
Where are you going?
I'll go and bring brother Vijay. He will be very happy.
She is Laxmi Bai.
Who? Savitri Devi. - You are correct.
This is my son, Satish Raj.
Come with us. - Where? - I say come with us.
Where? - Come or else I will shoot you.
Leave me. Leave me. I say leave me.
Come on.
Leave me. Leave me. For God sake leave me.
Raju, lock this woman and keep a strict watch on her.
Mother, you also keep a watch on him.
I will do the settlement with his son and come.
No. Have pity on my son.
Take my life buy spare my son.
Savitri, you made me long for my son for my entire life.
But even then I had no complaints against you.
Today I have got my son in this age.
I beg in front of you, give my son back to me.
Shut up. Who asked you to come to Bombay?
Take her. - No, Savitri, Savitri.
I beg of you.
I am sorry to enter your house without permission.
Gogo is correct. Laxmi Bai is your mother.
Hands up. You are under arrest.
Diwan has accepted everything.
I know you are a very capable police officer.
But now, I have to see how much you love your mother.
It's a sin to hear the pure word of mother from your mouth.
Mother, mother. - Gogo, don't shout so loudly.
Where is she in this house, that she'll listen to you?
Where is my mother? Tell me, where is my mother?
I am happy you care so much about your mother.
Now we can speak about business.
My life is in your hands.
And your mother's life is in my hands.
My mother is in your possession? - Yes.
I know you C.I.D. People will not take rest...
...unless the rope of death is in my neck.
That's why I need only 24hrs from you.
During this period I being the only son of...
...Mr. Kailashnath Gupta, will take some... from his vast property.
And then me and my mother will go to a place...
...where the long hands of law cannot reach me.
Even if you hide under the earth, I will... you and take you to the plank of hanging.
I am present here for that, right now.
Take this. Put the handcuffs and along...
...with it ready your mother's funeral pyre.
You scoundrel. Get out of the way. - No.
Brother Vijay agree to what he says?
Listen to me. She is not only your mother, but even mine.
Even, I drank her milk, brother Vijay.
I don't understand why you both are fighting?
I'll do one thing. I'll do two pieces of Laxmi Bai.
And send one to you and the other to Gogo.
I will break you to pieces.
Brother Vijay, agree to what this dog says.
Give me the time of 24 hours.
Gogo, it's a question of my duty.
It's duty, I will hand him to law.
You also have some duty towards your mother.
Why don't you understand? He wants to take your money.
What more big a property can be than mother.
Accept what he says and save mother.
Gogo, you can understand this because... got the love of a mother.
Vijay's destiny had... - Get out.
Thank you. After 24 hours your mother will be sent here.
Lipton means best tea.
Come with me. I'll show you where mother is.
Good junior. Come fast.
Come fast.
This is that door.
Mother, mother.
Son, I am here.
These people have locked me. - Shut up.
Don't step further.
I am C.I.D. Officer Vijay Gupta. I have come to take my mother
If somebody tries to come in my way...
...then, the result will be very bad.
What have you done?
I've heard you are bald.
Lipton means best tea.
Where are you going old lady? Come, come.
Vijay Babu, what has to be done to this old lady?
Shut her in a room. Go and call the police soon.
Gogo. Gogo.
Mother. - Son. Son.
How dare you.
Throw the revolver. Throw it.
I had only asked you 24 hours time. Come.
Now I will send both you and your mother to hell.
Vijay. Vijay, Save. Help. Vijay.
Son Vijay. Son Vijay, save me.
Son. Vijay. - Mother.
My child. My child.
Mother. - My child. - Mother.
Gogo, my son.
My child.
Today I am so happy. I have got two sons.
Son Gogo, now you have become a son of millionaire.
Hope you will not forget this poor mother of yours.
No mother. I will consider you as... mother for my entire life.
But brother Vijay, I don't understand one thing.
How did I become Mr. Kailashnath's son.
Duffer, this is such a simple thing.
My mother and Mr. Kailashnath's wife...
...Yashodhara, means your mother gave birth... two sons in Urvashi women's asylum.
Means you and me.
And when Mr. Kailashnath reached...
...the asylum to take you, then Savitri Devi...
...gave you instead of me.
I had been enjoying all the comforts in this house.
And you became a driver.
It means you were artificial. And I was real.
I am not a driver. I am the son of millionaire Kailashnath.
Inspector, arrest him.
Daughter, come here. Come here.
I want to stand in between my two daughter-in-law's.
And you both stand with both of my sons.
Just a minute. Where is Gogo? - Gogo.
Son gogo, come fast. - Yes, sir.
What's this? Why are you wearing this driver's uniform?
Sir after the photo, I have to drive the motorcar.
Idiot. Now you are not a driver. You are now the son of...
...millionaire, Kailashnath Gupta, Gogo Kumar Gupta.
Sir, I don't understand whether I have become the son...
...of a millionaire or you have become the father of a driver?
Inspector, Here Is the son of driver. He told... the son of millionaire and cheated on me.
He eloped with my daughter.
Mr. Now he is not the son of a driver.
Now he is the son of millionaire Kailashnath Gupta.
Yes, leave your anger and stand with me for a snap.
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